The Vampire Diaries : No Exit, No Quality Content, No Nothing..

   Just watched the preview for this week's TVD, and apparently Katherine may or may not die. And Elena may or may not come back.

   I hate this show. You know how they say there's a fine line between love and hate ? Well, I just crossed it, except backwards, I went from absolute unconditional love to extremely conditional love to 'I freaking hate everything about this show.

   First, Caroline and Tyler are on the mend. Even though he basically said he'd never forgive her, they spent the whole day together and they even laughed together. Nope. Not nearly enough drama. Where's all the hate and suffering ? Huh ?? I don't like Tyler and I only like Caroline in regards to the Klaroline story line. And that ship is sailed. So now I'm back to hating her guts.

   Caroline and Stefan are really pissing me off as a team. Why do they always need to stick their nose where it doesn't belong ? Figuring out sire bonds and body thefts, wtf just mind your own damn business ! And is there ever really gonna be a Steroline ship ?? I don't want that. I want to spit in the face of that implication. Caroline and Stefan ?! Gross. Just gross, get outta here.

Intense thinking process

   Taking Elena's body was the dumbest thing Katherine has ever done. I said it before she did it, and again after, and I still stick by it : wrong f#cking move. There's always a way to save Elena when she's dying, there was a way there too, nobody bothered to look for it. Because they all suck. Except Katherine and Damon, I love you my little babies.

   They were bound to find out. How could she even think it would work ? She thought she could fake being Elena for an eternity !! Didn't even make it through 4 episodes. And how is making Stefan fall back in love with her impersonating Elena satisfying in any way ?? Is she really that desperate ? No she's not, the writers are making her like that ! And I hate them for it.


   And her plans are so evil they're doomed to fail. Damon is still a problem for her so she figures she'll just get Stefan to kill him ! My, what a great plan, really it's awesome, can we just stop here for a sec ? She has known them for like 2 centuries, she knows they love each other, she knows Stefan would rather cut his arm open than kill his brother. At least she got to torture Damon a little. Payback's a bitch.

   But in the end she just screwed herself because she forgot that Elena would rather bleed to death than kill anyone she loves. Katherine is smarter than that. So why are the writers making her dumber and dumber. It's just a bad decision on top of another bad decision on top of a massive pile of wtf?!

   I am done with this show. I solemnly vow to never expect good things to come from this show ever again. So, Katherine's gonna die, Elena will come back, be with Damon for a while and then she'll go with Stefan and they'll live happily ever after and be boring together. And I'm fine with that, I no longer have expectations, so go ahead, kill my favorite character, what do I care..

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