Once Upon A Time Finale : A Nice Wrap On The Season

So Sunday was the finale of Once Upon A Time's first season. It wasn't exactly thrilling but I got to see a lot of people I've been obsessed with since they left. Or just since last week, for others. First Graham was there. In Fairyland : as a huntsman. I cannot say thanks enough. When he died, I was in denial for like two episodes like "he's gonna come back right ?" but he didn't. At least I guess I got some sort of closure.

Big twist : Emma finally believes. That took a long time coming. I guess she had some sort of a revelation when she held the book she's held like a hundred times before but sure, okay, just go with it.

So she came to see August a.k.a. Pinocchio just in time to see him, well, die. Honestly I wouldn't really care if he was dead but it somewhat bothers me that his character hasn't really done anything great. He didn't get Emma to believe and I don't feel like he's been of much help. But, hey, that's life.

Oh, Robert Carlyle, how good it is to see your face on my screen. Anyway, Emma and Regina decided to team up with Rumpelstiltskin because they're so freaking clever. To be fair it was sort of their only option.

Now that we're on Rumpelstiltskin, let's continue. Jefferson, who I am always happy to see, freed Belle. Finally ! She's been down in her cell for god knows how many years and finally someone had the idea to go get her.

He sent her to Rumpelstiltskin (I'm so tired of writing his whole name) for protection. Which he was more then happy to provide.

Belle was probably Rumpelstiltskin's best storyline of all. With his son, they're the only ones that make Mr Gold a lovable person. He shows a side of himself that combined with his manipulative, impish side makes a perfect character.

But it wasn't perfect until she remembered. I really wanted to see R. get his happy ending and he finally got it. I don't really know how they can be together without it being weird but at least they were happy and reunited for a moment.

Of course there's a reason Belle remembered. So, after he ate The Queen's poisoned apple pie, Henry was in a coma, and then he died. But a kiss born of his mother's true love brought him back and broke the curse.

All the characters remembered who they were, but they're still in Storybrook. So I'm guessing they'll be trying to get back to their land. 

For now, they have Rumpelstiltskin's curse to deal with. Maybe it will send them back, maybe it'll do something else, I don't know. 

It was a nice finale, but I think that the first thing a finale should be is different from all the other episodes in an obvious way. For me, that's not really what happened there, but that doesn't mean it was bad it just means that although I will watch season 2 I'm not dying to see it, waiting 4 months doesn't seem unbearable ! Mainly because nothing was left unfinished. It's like they really wanted to wrap it all up before the end. The only thing that could be called a cliffhanger is this curse and it's not really that interesting to wonder about. Then again OUAT has never been really big on cliffhangers so it sort of fits.

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