Teen Wolf : Derek Is A Total Badass

It has finally happened, Derek is officially the Alpha, he made his dominance and superiority very clear. He's also officially the bad guy but hey, shit happens. Derek-wise this episode was good because it was sort of a turning point but if Derek becomes the bad guy, eventually he's either gonna die or repent and become a werewolf version of Stefan, and that is so not badass.

So this episode introduced Erica Reyes, a teenage girl who suffers from epilepsy and has consequently become the laughingstock of the school. Derek comes to her, at the hospital after she had a seizure and offers her (in a very creepy way) to become a werewolf and never have to have a seizure, or piss herself, or have acne, or diarrhea ever again. So she says *drumroll* yes ! 

So then she has a little fun, acting like she wants to get laid asap, and she's the baddest bitch in town. She's actually kind of cute. I mean her entire life she's been laughed at and disrespected and now, finally, she's got everything going for her and she enjoys it a little too much.

But Scott doesn't like that, so when he realizes Derek's made an offer to yet another student he tries to convince the guy to say no.

But then Derek shows up. Oh Derek.

He tries to show he's doing a good thing, by interviewing both Erica and Isaac. Basically they say they love it. Isaac really cracked me up.  Calling himself a fugitive ... So adorable. Okay tough guy, calm down.

The 3 of them (Scotty, Tough guy and Scarlett Johansson wannabe) fight and it's ridiculous because they're literally walking on thin (or not) ice. And they're slipping and skidding while Derek's just standing there watching them.

I love this look. Scott just beat down his two sidekicks but he's proud. He's happy that Scott is strong. Awww.

Even when he hits him in the face with the elbow he still manages to smile.

But then of course he beat him. A few scratches and punches really just for good measure. He couldn't let Scott make a fool of him now that he's a badass.

Oh I almost forgot him !

As always what's-his-face got the ending scene. And oh surprise he lifted a car. So after assaulting his ex girlfriend because he thought he wasn't a werewolf because of her. Turns out he's not a werewolf thanks to her but he can still lift cars.

I'm liking this show more and more although I'm not at a stage where I can't wait to see the next episode. But who knows, maybe one day ... Until then, all of you have a marvelous day.

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