The Tomorrow People : Oh, My, How Things DO Fall Apart

   Okay, so there's this show, it's called The Tomorrow People, blah blah blah, Julie Plec, love triangle(s), etc. 


   So Cara and John were kinda sorta together--we're not saying it but it's for f#cking ever bitches kinda relationship. Until she met Stephen and just could not help herself. But it was really just a one time thing (at least that's its current status) and we haven't heard much about it since. And Cara and John have slowly been getting back to that magical little place called "Cara and John together, get your own girl, Stephen".

And finally there was some confirmation to that ! And it started out with her washing him, so..yeah. I think we've established that Cara and John have actual history and as close as we're going to get to chemistry on this show. Moving on to the actual plot.

   Stephen got his BFF, Astrid, in a delicate situation. Since he's a "Tomorrow person"*WORSTNAMEEVERSOMEONEHADTOSAYITTHERE* and Astrid knows about it, that makes her a super serious threat they need to eliminate or it'll be the end of them. Suuuuuuure. So Stephen quits, doesn't make sense but we need it to ensure actual plot progress. And yay we got a solution, a deal with the super big bad, I cannot remember his name and the truth is I just don't care.

   Stephen has to get the big bad's daughter who's been robbing banks and using her powers like there was no tomorrow (no pun intended) in order to get Astrid her shot at a normal life back.

   He gets her to their secret good guys lair and she's actually a decent person. She wants her powers stripped from her so that her dad will leave her alone and not make her work with/for him, maiming people and stuff.

   While all that is happening, John and Cara have a really sweet moment. No they don't, they could have, but they don't. See, John wants to talk about the fact that he kissed her and she kissed him back. Stands to reason, those are things that do need discussing.

   But Cara's not exactly seeing things the same way, 'cause if she's with him she can't be impartial. Okay.. So she rejects any and all possibilities of him and her being anything more than casual partners in saving their race. All right. Well Cara, go die somewhere cold and painful, yeah that's right, somewhere painful, I'm trying to like you but you're nothing but a constant disappointment. #EverybodyHatesCara

   John was probably about to say something really sweet and convincing but, cock block.

Nope, not interrupting anything. Can't you tell how casual this all feels ?

   So they brainstorm through all that's happened so far, and, finally, it does strike them as slightly suspicious that one of the most powerful and (possibly) the worst of their kind asked one little intern to get him his big bad empire's potential heir. Stephen doesn't agree, he wants to help Astrid and get it over with, but Cara unilaterally decides they're keeping Cassie (oh yeah her name is Cassie by the way) until they know what the hell is happening.

   This surprisingly good-ish decision allows Cara to actually go and talk to Cassie. And it appears that Cassie has no memory of her time in Brown, where she supposedly graduated. Interesting.

   Cara delves into the depths of her mind, it's all torture and crazy scientists/DAD, and Cara is too shocked to tell Cassie the truth about what happened to her. Sometimes it's the big decisions, sometimes it's all in the little details, but Cara sucks.

   Anyway at least they know why she'd rather have her powers stripped than be of any interest to her father and I'm guessing Cara's not okay with them just handing her over to the psychotic bastard, which, actually a good decision, good job you little.. I don't even know! So the plan is for Stephen to go to the meeting spot or search the lab where Cassie's brain was chemically and technologically abused or something, clearly I'm not in this for the amazingly sophisticated plot developments !

Don't criticize my amazing plot developments
   Stephen, being the badass that he is, gets captured. Now let's not make fun of Stephen, he tried and failed there's no shame in that.*small evil laugh* I actually like Stephen. I'm not rooting for him regarding the whole Cara's a slut situation, but I like him.

   While Stephen's being sequestrated, the underground people have to do something otherwise Stephen dies and the show's kind of over. So. John defies Cara's authority by taking Cassie and bringing her to Ultra.

   Cassie's basically a sweet British girl who seems like a really good person, but not in an annoying way which is so freaking rare these days, man... So for some reason I guess she's not feeling so hot about going to see her Daddy after all, but luckily this is TV land! Never underestimate the power of a good ol' motivational speech.

   Naturally, Cassie then goes in and saves the day. Stephen's safe, yay great idea perfectly executed except, oops, she's stuck with a psychopath that wants her on his side more than anything (mostly a hypothesis but either way, not a good situation to be in), but yeah great plan anyway !

   Cara is not comfortable with the way things turned out and most importantly she's not happy with John questioning her authority. In front of everyone.

   So she's pissed, her pride is hurt, and she's self-conscious about her ability to keep her troops in line. I understand the feeling, I actually could agree with it, but the way Cara handles things, I mean what the hell are you trying to accomplish here, girl ?! Threatening your years-long love to kick him out of the only place he's really safe because he disrespected you in order to save the guy you cheated on him with's life, well that's never the right way to go about these issues. I'm not even sure that was a real sentence but yeah you're in the wrong Cara. So John gets a little pissed and calls her bluff. Now, I like John and I like everything he does but that was not a smart move. Calling Cara's bluff in front of everyone ?? Didn't we already cover this ?!

   So Cara goes through with her threat and tells him to pack his stuff and go which is of course not the right decision since John was the leader and, basically, father figure of the group for a loooong time before she was put in charge like 2 episodes ago.. If he's not safe, no one is, it's called Survival Instinct Under Dictatorship you idiot ! Girl, I am done with you, this is the last straw I am not gonna force myself to like you anymore !

Disrespect me again ?! You going down mothafucka !

   John is somewhat surprised/revolted by all this but really, we all saw it coming. She was trying to make a statement here, to like, take back control (which she still had, materially) and he freaking tried to rip it away from her, you don't do that man, you just don't my little baby.

But.. I want to decide.

   Anyway, end of the episode, Cassie's screwed but she manages to warn Stephen, that he's a dumb idiot if he believed for a single second that her dad was gonna hold up his end of the deal. Astrid's in danger, but having lunch with Stephen's mom (no idea why, don't ask, plot twist) who luckily has powers to protect everybody, yaaaaay..

   I cannot believe this is Julie Plec's work. Even though the Vampire Diaries has been pretty bad lately *past couple years, no biggie* I still like the tone and (some of) the characters, and I'm actually really enjoying the Originals -even though they're shipping all the wrong ships..but we're not getting into that!- point is, I like Julie Plec's work but this ?! This is a disgrace. It's fun and the character dynamics are -we'll call it interesting. But it's just not good content, I don't know, I feel about this show the same way I used to feel about the Secret Circle.. Except not as bad because never gonna happen but yeah, that's what it reminds me of. Keep it up, I guess ?


  1. I've been watching this show as well, and I have to admit, I mostly watch it for the eye candy. Most weeks I'm yelling at the TV "YOU DID WHAT?!?! YOU IDIOTS!" So yeah, plot definitely isn't this show's strongest point... it's still interesting enough to keep me tuning in every week though! Great post like always :)
    PS, I totally think Stephan should give Astrid a chance, that thing with Cara just won't (and shouldn't) ever work.

    1. Thank you ! And yeah I completely agree, not the smartest people in the world ! I'm not so sure about Stephen and Astrid, I don't really know what they're gonna do with Cassie but clearly she's getting a love interest and since she and Stephen are "connected" might as well be him.. I'm not that involved in what he's doing or who he's with.. as long as he backs the hell off Cara !


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