Revolution : Please, Don't Screw It Up

    I'm seriously suffering from Revolution deprivation and I know you are too so I thought I'd rehash everything that could go wrong in the upcoming episodes ! Yay ! So, here goes my worst (irrational and not) fears for Revolution :

  • That the real action, and fighting and basically just the war we've been promised doesn't start until the last episode, which is (you're gonna hate me for making you realize this: ) only 7 episodes away.

  • That Miles and Rachel take up the entire ship time Revolution has to offer. I guess there must be people who ship it, I personally have nothing against it, but do we really need to make such a big deal out of it ? We know it's gonna happen, we've known since always, it's a non-issue really, in my head it's already done. 

  • That they'll never all, every single one of them, be in the same f#cking place at the same f#ucking time ! Aaron, if you mess this up you're dead to me ! #NevillesOnTheWay!!!

  • That Jason and Charlie being near each other will be irrelevant to the Charloe story. Jealousy, when well-executed is a great emotion for a male character to be feeling. Just saying..

  • That Jason and Charlie being near each other will be a little too relevant to the Charloe story. Don't go stealing that girl !

  • Psychotic Bass is a psycho. Everybody loves Bass, those who don't already, will, at some point, it's inevitable just stop fighting it, join us, let it happen .. Okay, enough on the creepiness. What I seriously don't want is for him to revert back to the lonely, paranoid little dictator ! Just be cool, bro..

  • That Bass and Charlie will develop a Miles/Charlie relationship.. Just FYI, I don't condone incest. So don't go there, don't even hint at it and we won't have a problem. Actually, just don't do anything that goes against Charloe as a general rule !

  • That Charlie stays the second class character they've made her into. She's getting less and less lines. Sure she can be like, a quiet strength or something, I could get on board with that but here, it's just sad, she does not get more than 2 or 3 lines per episode. Please change that, she is supposed to be one of the main character if not the main character (like in season 1 for instance, just putting it out there).

Give me lines.. Please ?

  • Connor and Charlie sittin' in a tree... NO! Absolutely not, I refuse, this will not happen, impossible, nay, DENIED!

  • I think my worst fear of all is that they actually do Connor/Charlie (what would that even be ?? Connie ? Channor ??) and that I'd like it. Because Connor would not be another Jason, so it could actually be interesting but then, I mean, what about Bass ?! Just don't even present me with the possibility and it'll all be all right.

   I think that about sums it up ! Most of my fears are actually about Charlie and what they're gonna do with her character.. So! Tell me if I missed anything, which, let's face it, there's a fair chance I did. I also wanted to thank you for the Charloe support, I really love when you people comment on what I have to say, so feel free to do whatever it is you do! *There might be a hint hidden in there somewhere.. ^^


  1. I hope this goes through! I just spent 10 minutes writing another comment under google on here and google wouldn't let it go through for some reason? Anyway, thanks for your posts-they get me thru my Charloe weekly withdrawals. Did you see the Getty images that someone posted on the revolution fan forum website. Monroe shirtless in a mid air punch(looking beautiful I must say) and a good pic of Charloe at the bar in new Vegas. So at least a little hope there! Of course there is also one of Charlie and Connor walking. I really hope they don't go there with Monroe's son. BORING!!!Charloe all the way. You can barely see Duncan in the background of one where Monroe is fighting. Really hope they don't make here a short term love interest for Monroe....

  2. I meant to say Above that I hope Duncan isn't a short term love interest for Bass... Soooo, here is to hoping that we get more than two minutes of some actual Charloe moments, not Charlie, Connor or Charlie, Connor, Monroe moments(unless it's Monroe telling Connor not to touch...)and here is to the writers not taking 30 minutes to get through with last weeks orange mess and Rachel/miles whatever business before they finally get us to New Vegas....Plus, Neville is suppose to show up on Rachel/Miles doorstep this episode too....which means Jason(ugghhh) is not far behind....

    1. Man, what that show is doing to us .. About the new Vegas getty images, I did see them (it was actually the prime motivator for this post), they do look amazing and my expectations are getting higher and higher, I can't control it ! I'm with you all the way on everything else you said, Charloe power ! One thing though, who the hell is Duncan ?! I dislike her already.. Only a "few" hours 'til Charloe, I think I might have actually dreamed about it last night.. With this show, my sanity is just like 'f#ck this shit you're on your own!

    2. Lol, I know right. I can honestly say I don't remember being like this with another show. It's just about ridiculous...I said earlier , this better be a damn good episode cause it isn't going to be on for a few weeks. Katie Aselton is playing the female warlord basically badass, Duncan. She seems to be more in line with what age Monroe is suppose to be. Apparently, she is suppose to help them with the Patriots. I saw a YouTube this a.m. With Brett Michaels, Charlie, Monroe, and Connor, and in it, The 3 are walking and Mr. Hotty Monroe says , we are looking for Duncan Paige, she is dangerous, so do what I say, and Connor says something like, ok I got it. Whatever, I just need the show to start and then I can watch it again tomorrow, and then I will attempt to let it go for a few weeks......Maybe one day I will be able to figure out leaving a comment thru google rather than as anonymous....sorry. Enjoy the show!

    3. Aah man, really hope they won't go there.. And not knowing when the next episode will be IS becoming an issue !
      PS you're supposed to have a little box under your comment box where you can to choose to reply as yourself while you're logged in, if not, I really don't know.. I wish you luck and good Charloe !


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