Revolution : Sebastian "Bass" Monroe

Happy new year everybody !! Whadaya say we look at pictures of David Lyons today ?

    I'm really happy that there are actually people shipping the unshippable ship of creepiness because let's face it, it's hot and not that creepy. But I honestly believe with all of my being that what makes this ship so hot is Sebastian Monroe. In the form of David Lyons.

    First of all, that face. Second, man, those skills. The character would never have been what it is without the actor. They still would have tried to make him likable but it wouldn't have been the same and there most certainly would not have been a Charloe ship. I can't seem to stop mentioning the ship of doom, I'm sorry it's in my system.

    They've been really obvious in their "Monroe's actually a decent guy" campaign, even in season 1 they did everything to let everyone know that sure, he's a dictator but he's had a rough life. Everything was made so that we could like him when the time came and you know what, it's been so effective it seems pointless even mentioning, but hey, that's what I'm here for.

And so our emotional journey begins.

First of all, the guy lost his entire family before the blackout. In a freaking car accident. Angst ensues. More precisely, survivor's guilt and you know having lost your whole family and all.. He probably would've been normal if it wasn't for that. Or at least not as obsessed with Miles. I mean the guy basically became his savior and volunteered himself as his sole reason for not killing himself.

Maybe I'm blinded by my love for the character, but his obsession's not even that bad ! Not when you think about it : they're brothers in every way that exists. Except in blood, but psychologically speaking there's strictly no difference. And Miles feels the exact same way, it goes both ways, like regular siblings. So yeah he loves his brother, BURN HIM!!!!!!

    Plus, Miles didn't seem to mind too much when he was deciding that since there was no more law enforcement, he was gonna execute people himself. And who was the voice of reason ? The moral compass, who I ask you ??

Well it wasn't Miles. No, he was going crazy with seeing the world end and the most psychologically troubled of the two ended up being the most reasonable one.

Monroe's story is actually really sad. Even after the world went to shit he was still a decent human being with a conscience and all, he'd found a girl, he was going to have a baby, and he could have been so happy if he'd had just a little more luck.

Skills and talent up ahead.

    I honestly have no words to convey the awesomeness of those acting skills. That moment is simply heartbreaking, there's just no other words, you really see a guy who's just lost everything he had. For the second time. The hurt, grief and the disbelief, frustration even, it's all there, all neatly rolled up into one big perfectly portrayed ball of excruciating pain.


And that is how it's done. Bow down bitches.

So yeah after that he kind of went off the rails. Can you blame him ?! So he killed a few people, but did you see the pain ?? Anyone who's been that sad deserves at the very least a shot at salvation.

    So after all that, he built the Republic (and its militia) with his best bud. Then he got crazier and crazier and by the way, no one thought to help him out ?? I'm seriously doubting it happened over night .. Miles has no problem standing up to him now but back then he couldn't sit him down and talk it out ? I'm not saying it would've fixed everything, but damn it, you try ! The normal response to this kind of situation is not first degree murder, damn it Miles how many times do I have to tell you ?!

But anyway, Monroe cray cray, Miles leaves and 5 years later, the confrontation. And Monroe being the adorable idiotic little brother that he is, offers Miles to come back, he offers to forgive him for trying to assassinate him and let his entire family live. I get that saying yes would've kind of ended the show but it would have been the selfless thing to do. Forgive, accept and be damn grateful for the forgiveness that was freely given to you and help your friend. But instead he basically told him to go f#ck himself.

A little while after that, at the Tower, they meet again, fight again and well they have to talk at some point. And they have a really interesting conversation. "Interesting" because I'd forgotten it happened, and it kind of changes my entire perspective on season 2. What's different in this exchange is that Bass actually blames Miles for turning him into what he is. Out loud. Maybe not in so many words but he basically says he doesn't give a flying f#ck about the Republic and he only went along with it for him. And Miles tried to kill him for it. The accusation coming from him was so very important, because no one had ever blamed Miles for Dictator Monroe, it had to come at some point, and it was well-deserved. Set the records straight.

The pain man, the pain ...

And since every word of it was true and any idiot could see it, Miles finally came to his senses and faced reality : that he can't kill him no matter how hard he tries so, might as well try to save him. Years it took him to get to that conclusion. I'd clap for you dude, I would, but I doubt you'd hear it over the sound of  my profound hatred for every decision your stupid ass brain had made up to this point.

And now, all is right with the world, at least that's where we're headed. Monroe's back where he belongs, with Miles (and Charlie) and he's on his way to becoming one of the heroes. With guilt. Is there any other kind, really ?

Had a couple more screen caps that deserve publicity, gotta use them somewhere so here you go !

Two words : tear tracks.

    So in conclusion yeah, Bass is actually a pretty okay guy who's had so much shit happen to him it made him cold but here he is now trying to scoot a little closer to the metaphorical fire, closer to the Mathesons. I swear this family.. It's his freaking salvation, his own little beacon of light in the darkness, damn that's deep. And beautiful. Because, Sebastian Monroe is just a beautiful man who's had an ugly life.
   That would have been a nice way to end this little trip down memory lane, but there's just one more thing I need to say : four days people, *dramatic whispering bordering on creepy*four little days...

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