Revolution : Obsessive Rambling

   Just a few thoughts on Revolution*Charloe, before I fully enter the depression stage of my Revolution*CHARLOE withdrawal. Yes, I'm obsessively rewatching Charloe scenes looking for clues and signs of the universe, don't judge okay.

   I'm still worried about the Duncan/Connor coalition, don't deny it we all are, mostly because I'm not sure of how Monroe feels about Charlie. Or, like, how he sees her.. Does he still see her as a kid ? And what exactly is the dynamic of their relationship ? I think he feels very protective of her when he's the only one with her, like he feels responsible for her safety. He would feel super guilty if anything happened to her when she was with him. I'm sure even he doesn't know why that is. Unless he does and it's just pure paternal concern.. Urgh, revolting.

   I think they understand each other. Charlie understands his relationship with Miles (love, resentment and wariness) and maybe even how he came to be a psychotic dictator ! Or not, I don't know.. But she does understand him to some extent and he understands her hate towards him, or used to since there's not much of that going on anymore.. And he's the only one who seems not to take her help and tolerance for granted : Rachel's not getting as much reproach now so she's like 'everything's good again yay, Miles is Miles so if he needs something Charlie's expected to oblige, and Gene and Aaron don't really count.. (sorry Aaron.. f#ck you Gene). It's actually the same for Bass. Miles expects him to help. Somewhere around episode 7 or 8, Monroe was supposed to protect Aaron for a while, Miles expected him to like, take every risk necessary to save him. With the whole Charloe "you came back" thing, Charlie expected him not to give a f#ck. And was pleasantly surprised when he did. And he expects her to dislike him and not want to do anything for him.  

   They're basically the same. They don't expect too much from each other. They're both pretty damn helpful and obliging all the freaking time. Other similarity? Huge abandonment issues. Have lost their entire family. They still have Miles though, both of them yes, and I guess Charlie kind of has Rachel but I'm not entirely convinced that's better than no mom. Okay I feel terrible for saying that, long live all the mamas in the world ! Anyway, they're both tanned and pretty, what more do you need ??

And when they're looking at one another they can't seem to stop.. Didn't even intend to make it sound poetic but it just happened ! Coincidence you say ?! Ha ! B!tch pleeease !
   They're both good at killing. Great cause for bonding. Charlie's getting better at fighting so there's also that. And they're sassy, which is our greatest selling point so please do keep it up ! That's pretty much it I guess but hey, it's not that bad ! We got helpfulness, (HUGE) abandonment issues, no family, Miles, tan, prettiness, killing, the looks and dat sass ! That's pretty goddamn good if you ask me !

   Anyway this is all I've come up with so far.. There's not really much else to add since I've already been over pretty much everything remotely interesting to the Charloe persuasion. And, as you know, we have to wait another 2 weeks for new obsession material stuff. And yes I'm gonna leave you on that note because I'm an awful person !*evil laugh (arms raising and all)*


  1. Always funny posts. I finally got my login working by the way. No more anonymous for me. It's pathetic, I know, that it took that long for me to figure out.
    I was hoping you would have had a comment about Rockne s. O Bannon saying not to give up hop about Charlie and Monroe cause they have history. Unsure exactly what history he is meaning, whether he means their chemistry history, or the Ben/Danny issues, but one can hope he means it in the chemistry way. Doubtful, probably just another carrot for us Charloe fans....

    1. Good for you ! I guess we all have temporarily diminished mental faculties every once in a while ! It actually took me a couple tries to figure out I had to click Reply to actually reply to a comment and sometimes I still forget.. Anyway, yes, I actually saw what O'Bannon said not long after I published this post so thanks for mentioning it ! I have to say it REALLY eased my mind, I felt like whatever happened there would always be some Charloe content on Revolution, but this is actual confirmation ! They obviously consider what's already happened between the two of them "history" like, maybe something you might base a story line on ?? I feel pretty confident in my love of Charloe right now ! Thanks for the comment and support I really appreciate it :)

  2. Superman and the boyscouts like him have their place in the universe, but give me an anti-hero/redemption story any day of the week. Love your post. Completely agree with it. It's not just the fireworks of their relationship that intrigue me (though they are pretty awesome). It's not even the fact that I think Charlie deserves to be well and masterfully fucked (though that would be stratospherically awesome). It's that they just make sense. The awe he had when she had that gun staring at her in the face. The combination of strength and vulnerability is just what Monroe needs. Someone that will make him their whole world and kill anyone that fucks with their family...and she could be that for him. I don't know what is going on with these writers though. They seem determined not to make it happen. In fact, they're actually pulling further and further away from any sort of Charlie ship. You probably picked up on the change in their dynamic when the "amigos" returned from their trip to bring back that puling brat. In a recent interview, Vairo let slip that he thought a Charloe pairing would be "gross" and that he's seen nothing to indicate they were going in that direction. I figure this pretty much tells us that there's nothing going on between them in at least the next three episodes (as that's how far they were filming into when he was blabbing away). As for the occasional "wait and see" and "never give up hope"...I hate to say it, but I think that's just a ratings carrot they're using to prevent Charloe shippers from bailing. I want these two together so bad (and got pretty tired of the whole rescue rangers act) that I simply stopped watching after the whole Connor thing, but I'd be willing to jump onboard again as soon as the forums start buzzing with any glimmer of hope for these two. They're pretty much the only draw for me towards this show.


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