Michael : Tuesdays & Thursdays

 For now I'm gonna keep on watching this show.

What if I get beat up ? What if I throw up ? .. Dude chill

What's nice with this sitcom is the continuity between episodes. In the first episodes, Michael was afraid of talking to strangers. So in this episode the assignment the Doc gives him is to engage a long conversation with a stranger.

Poor Michael freaks out when the clerk's gay French Canadian boyfriend gets a little jealous. Quite frankly I don't blame him !

He calls the Doc right away (aaaw !), still shaken up, I think, but apparently just mainly stoned thanks to the pills he took ! Ativan I think ?

Why do I have a phone in my hand ? Again ?
But then of course the hysterical jealous gay guy starts "stalking" him ! Granted it's just to give him his phone back, but it can be stressful for a paranoid/phobic/anxious guy !

"I'm sorry" Don't be goddammit !
That scene made me wanna cry. With some nice and slow piano music I would've cried. This is the first time we see Michael having a panic attack. And I'm sorry but Carlos, yes I liked him because he's got this attitude with a touch of metrosexuality to it that just cracked me up, but who would react like that to a "sensitive" guy having a goddamn panic attack ! And the fact that Michael managed to say "sorry" to the scared old people ... Couldn't anyone say "No it's okay we love and support you !" ?! God !

And here's the show precious new creation ... I don't even remember her name and I'm not gonna try to fix that because first, she's obsessed with children books and second, she's not coming back ! So why bother ?
She made Sammy sound a lot more tolerable ! And that says it all ...

Talk about the devil ... I ended up being glad to see her after the dragon freak ! But I still have nothing really nice to say about her, she's going back to being the Doc's editor and they had sex. There it wasn't exactly nice but at least I didn't chatty neurotic queen !

Of course there's the final twist : Michael asking out the annoyingly brainless secretary, Claire. She's an idiot okay but she looks like a really nice girl. This better work out !

HIMYM : A new beginning, I guess ...

I don't know why but the past week all my favorite TV shows decided to take a break. So I have to recycle ! "46 minutes", 14th episode of How I Met Your Mother's 7th season aired 2 weeks ago.
Marshall and Lily finally move into their new house. So the rest of the group has to adjust.

Guys ! I'm the new leader of the gang !
For this episode I think they got a few great and fun ideas. Barney always in his own little bubble, where everybody thinks he's awesome. That was actually pretty sweet. And the remastered credits of "How I met your barney", that was cute.

I'm sorry but I just can't stand Kevin. I've tried but it just doesn't work for me. Sure he's nice, and very sweet to Robin even though to me that could translate into pathetic, desperate for affection and gullible. And that "Soooooooooooo ... Yeeaaah !" thing really just pissed me off. Especially considering that it didn't involve brilliant acting. Plus he's not funny.

The new gang with stripper-Lily and New Marshall was a fun idea but kinda creepy and sad too. But I'll admit it turned out to be a good idea because it led to this fun poker scene and of course Drunk-Ted !

I truly love drunk Ted and added to that unlikely scene with Russian mob guys playing poker, it was great !

Meanwhile, in the suburbs, Marshall had to find the fuse box to get the lights back up in their house. That Rec (horror movie) reference was really fun and they did a really good job at it. Close-up Marshall probably had to do something with it ...

And I gotta say that Adventure movie ending with Mickey, Lily's dad, helping Marshall out was heartwarming. Also I like him 'cause HE's funny !

Lately HIMYM has gotten more serious, since season 6 actually. And although I think season 6 was the best, and so far season 7 is a close second, I'd miss the first season's lightness .. Because the show, the situations, by god even the characters have gotten much much heavier ! Sure there's that sweet thing at the end like no matter what we're still together, we adapt. But what the hell does that mean ? Will we never see McLaren's again ? God I hope not ..

Michael : Tuesdays and Thursdays

Just discovered this Canadian sitcom with great potential, it's called Michael : Tuesdays and Thursdays. It's all about this guy (Michael) and his therapist.

Michael is this pathologically anxious guy who's been in a therapy for 15 years. Everything in his life, everything that happens to him, what people do around him .. he analyzes every single part of it and just assumes that other people (normal people) will draw the same conclusions as him. His doctor looks like a really sweet guy, the kind of guy who notices his patient first came to him exactly 15 years ago and wants to say "Happy anniversary bro !"

Yeah, if you don't tell her the time she'll think you wanna rape her, sure dude ..
 Michael's character is actually really moving : his life is a constant fight because of the way he sees things and the poor guy just can't help it.

Like taking the bus. Even something so little and meaningless used to freak him out, he could ride it only with the help of therapy.

Many interesting characters in this show, I gotta say. Like the secretary, what is she in love with the doctor or something ? No one is that retarded. I mean come on ! No you didn't knock on the door, why ? Did you think you had ?

Now my personal favorite of the minor characters, Carlos. He is .. How shall I put this ? Dick-head. His name should be Dick, he's really just a jerk. But he has this little gay thing going on, and i don't know he's just fun !

"He's a urologist. He's my sister's husband. Why would anyone marry a urologist ? Why would anyone be a urologist ? Are you married ?"
 I'm not sure I even need to talk about Sammy .. That girl is a pain. She talks a lot, everything she says makes me want to pull my brains out ! Or hers ... Guess we'll see how that turns out !

 Michael and his doctor have a really weird relationship. The doctor acts kinda like a father would with his kid. He's really protective of him, but at the same time he pushes him to fight off his fears ! (Man that was beautiful ...)

No no I don't drink !
Now what the hell are you doing with her again ? I mean other than the obvious reason : physical contact ;)

Okay one more for the road !
 Yeah right you don't drink, suuuuure !

No it's not that I don't like you it's just ... I'm constipated. And it hurts.
 I thought that was so sweet how he held Michael's hand to the 19th floor because he's afraid of heights.

You're sure ? There's no monster ?
Michael looked so much like a scared little boy. The psychological analysis plays an important part in the show and yet no one said anything about their relationship except of course for my least favorite character : the needy, chatty pain in the ass who wants too "connect professionally" with our doctor, ladies and gentlemen, Sammy ! Maybe she's not entirely useless after all she did point out that he was always there for Michael and that it was touching, sweet and lovely. Yeah okay but it's also kind of creepy if you think about it.

At the end when he asked for five more minutes, and the doctor was like "sure", like he couldn't possibly deny him anything. Plus, Michael never ever lets on anything of what he's feeling when he asks for something. Like is he angry ? Is he disappointed ? Depressed ? It makes me a little bit uncomfortable and at the same time I feel bad for him.
Bottom line : this could be a great show, and although it doesn't seem like it from what I've said it's really funny ! So I might write about the second episode ;)


The Vampire Diaries : Flashbacks, Bonding, Fighting ... A Back-To-Basics Approach

I didn't know wether I should start with an episode I found great or really dull. I went with great :)
This is the 8th episode of the season 3 of the Vampire Diaries called "Ordinary People". I know it's not the most recent, it aired a few months ago but I felt like talking about it !

First I like that the Original family originally (no pun intended) came from Mystic Falls. And to get the whole life story was also pretty amazing. I mean to actually see them as humans ? I gotta say that was a good idea. And we also got to meet Michael in both past and present day, luckily they started with past Michael which gave us a better look at who he was and his relationship with Klaus.

I can't not talk about those two. Let's get one thing straight, I am a Delena fan although I'm starting to like Stefan, but we'll get to that later ... I liked that little "fighting" thing they did in that scene for the obvious reason : physical contact. But it was also really cute how Elena sucked at it. The whole scene turned out pretty good considering how ridiculous it might sound to have them train (more like fooling around imao) while Alaric's talking and actually trying to work on the photos.

Rebekah is such a sweet character. Sure she's tough and deadly but she's also just a girl. I mean, dammit she joined the cheerleading squad ! In this episode we got to see this adorable, fragile side of her for the first time, and that was important for the rest of the story.

My favourite scene in this episode (no it wasn't Elena and Damon in bed talking like the setting's perfectly normal). The whole bonding-over-drinks thing was actually pretty funny, I didn't expect it to be so it was a nice surprise. Michael pushing Stefan just enough to care about his brother was a good thing, sure, but it was only interesting because it really introduced Michael the heartless vampire hunter. Anyway, that scene outside the bar was brilliant ! Damon suddenly answering seriously, Stefan pushing him to the edge, repeating his line : "Your humanity's showing." I think that scene was really a turning point for the two of them. They both got sick of sarcastic comments, Stefan wanted answers and Damon answered. Then Damon lost it. Just another day in the Salvatore family.

In the end, a very good job from the Vampire Diaries' producers. Well played guys :)

What's this ?

So let me explain what the hell this blog is for.
This is just a place to express your opinion without much boundries. I love good TV Shows and of course watching them and talking about them is a thing I love to do. But, let's get it out of the way, I am NOT objective. I can be but most of the time I'm not, and I won't be, here.
I'm still a student so the posts will probably come on a non-regular basis. But hey that's life and anyway there's a fair chance no one will ever read this thing anyway !
I believe that no matter how good a show is there will always be something to bitch about, which means I should always have something to say. You may or may not agree but that's not the point. This is not a serious review so I take it as it is, a way to say what I think about the things I watch and just get it out !
Hopefully the first review will come pretty soon. At least I hope so cause I've got LOTS of things to say !
My friends, get ready ...