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 For now I'm gonna keep on watching this show.

What if I get beat up ? What if I throw up ? .. Dude chill

What's nice with this sitcom is the continuity between episodes. In the first episodes, Michael was afraid of talking to strangers. So in this episode the assignment the Doc gives him is to engage a long conversation with a stranger.

Poor Michael freaks out when the clerk's gay French Canadian boyfriend gets a little jealous. Quite frankly I don't blame him !

He calls the Doc right away (aaaw !), still shaken up, I think, but apparently just mainly stoned thanks to the pills he took ! Ativan I think ?

Why do I have a phone in my hand ? Again ?
But then of course the hysterical jealous gay guy starts "stalking" him ! Granted it's just to give him his phone back, but it can be stressful for a paranoid/phobic/anxious guy !

"I'm sorry" Don't be goddammit !
That scene made me wanna cry. With some nice and slow piano music I would've cried. This is the first time we see Michael having a panic attack. And I'm sorry but Carlos, yes I liked him because he's got this attitude with a touch of metrosexuality to it that just cracked me up, but who would react like that to a "sensitive" guy having a goddamn panic attack ! And the fact that Michael managed to say "sorry" to the scared old people ... Couldn't anyone say "No it's okay we love and support you !" ?! God !

And here's the show precious new creation ... I don't even remember her name and I'm not gonna try to fix that because first, she's obsessed with children books and second, she's not coming back ! So why bother ?
She made Sammy sound a lot more tolerable ! And that says it all ...

Talk about the devil ... I ended up being glad to see her after the dragon freak ! But I still have nothing really nice to say about her, she's going back to being the Doc's editor and they had sex. There it wasn't exactly nice but at least I didn't chatty neurotic queen !

Of course there's the final twist : Michael asking out the annoyingly brainless secretary, Claire. She's an idiot okay but she looks like a really nice girl. This better work out !

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