HIMYM : A new beginning, I guess ...

I don't know why but the past week all my favorite TV shows decided to take a break. So I have to recycle ! "46 minutes", 14th episode of How I Met Your Mother's 7th season aired 2 weeks ago.
Marshall and Lily finally move into their new house. So the rest of the group has to adjust.

Guys ! I'm the new leader of the gang !
For this episode I think they got a few great and fun ideas. Barney always in his own little bubble, where everybody thinks he's awesome. That was actually pretty sweet. And the remastered credits of "How I met your barney", that was cute.

I'm sorry but I just can't stand Kevin. I've tried but it just doesn't work for me. Sure he's nice, and very sweet to Robin even though to me that could translate into pathetic, desperate for affection and gullible. And that "Soooooooooooo ... Yeeaaah !" thing really just pissed me off. Especially considering that it didn't involve brilliant acting. Plus he's not funny.

The new gang with stripper-Lily and New Marshall was a fun idea but kinda creepy and sad too. But I'll admit it turned out to be a good idea because it led to this fun poker scene and of course Drunk-Ted !

I truly love drunk Ted and added to that unlikely scene with Russian mob guys playing poker, it was great !

Meanwhile, in the suburbs, Marshall had to find the fuse box to get the lights back up in their house. That Rec (horror movie) reference was really fun and they did a really good job at it. Close-up Marshall probably had to do something with it ...

And I gotta say that Adventure movie ending with Mickey, Lily's dad, helping Marshall out was heartwarming. Also I like him 'cause HE's funny !

Lately HIMYM has gotten more serious, since season 6 actually. And although I think season 6 was the best, and so far season 7 is a close second, I'd miss the first season's lightness .. Because the show, the situations, by god even the characters have gotten much much heavier ! Sure there's that sweet thing at the end like no matter what we're still together, we adapt. But what the hell does that mean ? Will we never see McLaren's again ? God I hope not ..

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