Supernatural : "Death Ends A Life, Not A Relationship" (Robert Benchley)

This might be my favorite episode of the season. It's the episode where Bobby dies. Don't get me wrong I loved Bobby and I hated that he died but the episode was just amazing. Plus, I love tortured Dean !

So at the end of the previous episode, Bobby was shot in the head by the big bad Roman. And now he's in a coma. So his reaper comes to fetch him but of course, he refuses.

He's reliving past memories so at some point after talking to his wife for a bit he comes across Rufus. And Rufus tells him that if he wants to wake up he has to go into his darkest memories and only there can he find a door back to the waking world. Awake world ? Awaken ? Anyway !

So Bobby and Rufus go looking for dark memories ! And the first one is about his wife. The one he killed because she was possessed by a demon. And he remembers a fight that happened 3 days before she was possessed. 

She's upset because he doesn't want to have kids and she does, we'll later find out that the reason he doesn't want kids is because he's scared he's gonna turn into his father.

Poor Bobby just stands there and take it it's really hart-breaking but when he goes out the door he doesn't wake up so they have to dig deeper.

So a little while after we finally get the whole scene of his worst memory. And it's about his dad. The infamous.

He's a drunk and an asshole. Basically he beats his wife and his kid, so at first Bobby is sort of overwhelmed and he just stares at the scene. Himself as a little boy dropping a glass of milk and the reaction of his father.

But then Bobby speaks up when his father tells him he's a bad kid. And then sparks fly out.

Adult Bobby stands up for himself, he tells his father everything he's always hated him for and it's amazing. My personal favorite : "Kids ain't supposed to be grateful ! They're supposed to eat your food and break your heart, you selfish dick !" 

And then he tells him he's the reason he never had kids of his own. He father's like "You break everything you touch" and then Bobby talks about Sam and Dean, two boys he adopted and says they grew up heroes. So f#ckin sad.

Luckily little boy Bobby show up and shoots the old man. And his sweet, thoughtful and caring mother basically tells him he's gonna go to hell for doing that. You're welcome bitch.

And so finally, after reliving his worst memory, Bobby wakes up and has time to give Sam and Dean the information he got on the Leviathans. But then he dies.

This false hope thing is really horrible, just look at Dean. 

Yeah ! You're alive !

Hey, you still there ?

And then Bobby. Oh Bobby. The reaper comes again, tells him the bullet in his brain destroyed every memory he'd ever had but this one : movie night with the boys. It's depressing enough but when he says "Glad I saved the best for last" I can literally feel my heart break into a thousand little pieces.

And it's not much of a suspense. The reaper gives Bobby a choice. Come or stay. As we know, Bobby decided to stay as a ghost to help the boys finish the job. Well Jim Beaver thank you for these 7  years of Supernatural. Farewell my friend, you'll be missed.


Teen Wolf : Grandpa Argent Likes It Rough

I'm having trouble keeping up lately and soon I'm going on a vacation which means no reviews for 2 weeks but we still have a week left, let's enjoy it !

After giving Alison a creepy speech about trust, Grandpa Argent goes with her to a lacrosse game. But sneaky Alison gets his keys from his coat by acting like a damsel in distress. How sweet.

Everything is going great, the family betrayal is working out perfectly until dear old Scott decides to fracture his leg. Of course he heals right away but for an expert eye like Grandpa Argent's it's kind of suspicious. So he invites him to dinner !

At the Argent house, Alison and Scott manage to sneak into Grandpa Argent's bedroom and break into his safe only to find that the old leather-bound notebook they've been searching for all night is actually just a cookbook. Yeah, 'cause Grandpa Argent is a big fan of good food that takes days to prepare, that really fits the character.

And when everything seems to have worked out, Grandpa Argent surprises everyone, particularly Scott, by stabbing said cheesy idiot. A little stabbing and threatening always makes for a nice conclusion.

The only interesting thing Grandpa Argent did was actually just the stabbing and the exaggerated delight at tasting some stupid dish. But luckily we got Derek to be interesting ! Come on, did you really think I wasn't gonna talk about him just because I didn't mention him in the title ?

I don't know if I've said this before but I really like Stiles, he's actually the only character I like, whether it's because Dylan O'Brien can act or just because the character is funny is anyone's guess. And I don't like Derek, I love him so much that I can forgive Tyler Hoechlin for not being that great an actor.

Needless to say, I enjoyed having them fighting for their lives. Together. In a pool. With Derek paralyzed.

So Stiles was carrying Derek because he made him fall in the pool when he bent down to get his phone. That part is ridiculous but I don't care because that way they ended up in the pool, safe from the lizard thingy but with Derek's life on Stiles' shoulders. But they obviously needed help so what did our good friend Stiles do ? He dumped Derek in the water. At least he got the phone but Scott a.k.a. the smartest guy on the planet just hung up on him because it wasn't a good time.

But luckily Stiles went and got Derek back and after a while Scott finally showed up and for some reason threw them out of the water. Like really dude ? Couldn't you just gently get them on the edge of the pool ? Did you have to knock them unconscious ?

So Scott fights with the reptile and at least this whole debacle gets them a key information. The thing is scared of its own reflection. About that lizard, because I think it's time I actually talked about it, if it's Lydia then god could you be more obvious ? Okay Stiles recognized the eyes, they wouldn't have put that out there if it wasn't important so it's safe to assume it's someone they know. Now unless it's Alison or the coach or hey why not Grandpa Argent, it can only be Lydia ! Unless it's what's-his-face.

Oh that reminds me ! If what's-his-face isn't a lizard he's actually probably a full werewolf ! But then who the hell would care enough to erase part of the tape he made ? And here's another question, is he brain damaged ? How did he not see there was 2 hours missing from the video ? And how come all the major characters suddenly appear to be unusually stupid ? Am I only noticing it now or was it always that way ? It's stupid and unrealistic, and yet what do you think I'll be watching tonight ?


Hart of Dixie : Zoe And Wade For The Win !

A few days ago was officially the beginning of summer so I've decided to start catching up on all the shows I haven't talked about, starting with the first season of the new cw hit show, Hart of Dixie.
Hart of Dixie is about a young doctor, who inherits her biological father's practice in Bluebell, AL. And of course there's a stupid love triangle where stupid Georges Tucker and magnificent Wade Kinsella fight to win Dr Zoe Hart's favors. The Zoe/Georges thing is placid and boring, it is really and objectively useless. But The Zoe/Wade thing, on the other hand ...

It started out as nothing, just a make out session with the guy she considered to be an "electricity stealing buffoon from next door". Yes, 'cause they're also neighbors. This couple turns me into a girly, sensitive, romantic freak.  

For a while it's just kissing and innuendos and a little more kissing, there's absolutely nothing serious about it and they're not exactly friends at that time but you can feel it coming.

Until the friendship hits it's just a classic cliché good girl/bad boy thing, teasing and yelling and laughing and a whole bunch of "Awww" moments. Good times ...

That's the nice thing about this possible future relationship, it's electric, there's something there, it's a cliché but it works. Wade challenges her, he pushes her and whether she'll admit it or not, she loves it. 

But after a few episodes of meaningless fun you start to learn a little more about the characters, we got to see this heroic side of Wade with his dad and now with Zoe when she's freaking out about a ghost. He thinks she's completely crazy but he sees she's freaking out so he stays with her. Awww !

And of course the sexual tension stays there a little bit longer before feelings ensue.

There's this almost thing during a heat wave, but it starts raining just as they're about to kiss each other and for Zoe that means no free pass.

Zoe has always been very reasonable, she doesn't give into her impulses, not when she's not ready to deal with the consequences. Wade rattled her cage, in that episode she almost slept with him knowing she did not want to face the consequences. Almost. Sigh.

Then things get a little depressing because Wade realizes he likes Zoe and it probably won't lead anywhere. And that's the beginning of a new era in the Zoe/Wade relationship, the hurt-puppy-looks era.

 Zoe starts to move on from Georges except in doing so, she starts to be interested in other guys. Other guys meaning not Wade. Although there are still some sparks it's not the same as in the very beginning of the season.

And then Wade starts acting all "I don't care about her". And that's the beginning of yet another era. The one where they start to pull away from each other. That era is full of fighting and resentment but the end is the achievement of all the developing they've both done throughout the season. Fireworks.

Anyway we have a few other eras left to talk about and an entire summer to do it !


Falling Skies : After Zombies ... Skitters

Falling Skies is basically The Walking Dead but with aliens instead of zombies. And no Daryl Dixon. But it's better written, that makes up for the lack of hot, dirty, cynical, funny and only interesting character in the entire show Daryl. Season 2 started a few days ago, but I've only just started watching so I don't have much to say yet except that I love the irony of that shot.

 So, coming soon : Aliens conquering the earth. Or more like crushing ...


True Blood : The Authority

So far, I am disappointingly underwhelmed by this new season but there were a couple of nice things in this episode. Unfortunately most of the episode was generic power struggle and as fun as I usually find that, I want action for the love of god !

At least in a way the story's progressing because we met two characters that, as far as I know, will be important this season. First, Salome. After being hauled in, both Bill and Eric met her and then she tortured Eric for a bit.

I have to say I do not like her, at least for now. Apparently there should be a new triangle this season. Like the Bill/Sookie/Eric business but with Salome instead of Sookie. Well if that's gonna happen, I don't see it anytime soon 'cause ... well, weird ! But come on, at least that would be something new ! 

Ah that's a character I might like ! Roman. Kudos for choosing Christopher Meloni, he is a good Roman, he gives off this impression of strength and, well, authority. He looks like a high school principal. 

The last scene was really the only one worth watching ; luckily it was the only one that lasted 10 minutes. 

So they have their little Vampire Authority ritual or ceremony or whatever, you know just the usual, prayers, blood, etcetera ...  

Actually the Authority seems like a well built and thought-out entity, they obviously have a rich back story and that is one of the only things I am looking forward to this season. According to them, God is a vampire, he created Lilith who was the mother of vampires. And only then did he create the human race, starting with Adam and Eve. In this story humans were created for sustenance. And the vampires were created in God's image.  

The council is pretty weird. You got a southern borderline redneck lady, a sort of priest guy who used to be on supernatural, a calm and serious black guy (probably one of the nicest on the council). Then you got Salome, the one who's gonna fuck the prisoners and Roman, the leader. Oh and this creepy little dude

They have this little debate, and the final decision is the true death for both Eric and Bill. But luckily they have something to bargain with.

Even if Roman is none too pleased to learn that Russel is still alive, at least he spares the boys. Not that there was any real suspense here but for the purposes of this story, let's say there was.

Ladies and gentlemen here is the first shot of Russel Edgington since season 3. Enjoy !

 In my opinion, things aren't moving fast enough this season. Russel still looks like he's decomposing, I'm guessing it's gonna take a couple more episodes before he's really back. And from what I know, Bill and Eric are gonna stay at the Authority headquarters for a little while longer. I give up on the first few episodes but if things aren't moving any faster after, say, episode 5, I'll write a letter to Alan Ball, or harass him or something ! Please, I want action !