Teen Wolf : Grandpa Argent Likes It Rough

I'm having trouble keeping up lately and soon I'm going on a vacation which means no reviews for 2 weeks but we still have a week left, let's enjoy it !

After giving Alison a creepy speech about trust, Grandpa Argent goes with her to a lacrosse game. But sneaky Alison gets his keys from his coat by acting like a damsel in distress. How sweet.

Everything is going great, the family betrayal is working out perfectly until dear old Scott decides to fracture his leg. Of course he heals right away but for an expert eye like Grandpa Argent's it's kind of suspicious. So he invites him to dinner !

At the Argent house, Alison and Scott manage to sneak into Grandpa Argent's bedroom and break into his safe only to find that the old leather-bound notebook they've been searching for all night is actually just a cookbook. Yeah, 'cause Grandpa Argent is a big fan of good food that takes days to prepare, that really fits the character.

And when everything seems to have worked out, Grandpa Argent surprises everyone, particularly Scott, by stabbing said cheesy idiot. A little stabbing and threatening always makes for a nice conclusion.

The only interesting thing Grandpa Argent did was actually just the stabbing and the exaggerated delight at tasting some stupid dish. But luckily we got Derek to be interesting ! Come on, did you really think I wasn't gonna talk about him just because I didn't mention him in the title ?

I don't know if I've said this before but I really like Stiles, he's actually the only character I like, whether it's because Dylan O'Brien can act or just because the character is funny is anyone's guess. And I don't like Derek, I love him so much that I can forgive Tyler Hoechlin for not being that great an actor.

Needless to say, I enjoyed having them fighting for their lives. Together. In a pool. With Derek paralyzed.

So Stiles was carrying Derek because he made him fall in the pool when he bent down to get his phone. That part is ridiculous but I don't care because that way they ended up in the pool, safe from the lizard thingy but with Derek's life on Stiles' shoulders. But they obviously needed help so what did our good friend Stiles do ? He dumped Derek in the water. At least he got the phone but Scott a.k.a. the smartest guy on the planet just hung up on him because it wasn't a good time.

But luckily Stiles went and got Derek back and after a while Scott finally showed up and for some reason threw them out of the water. Like really dude ? Couldn't you just gently get them on the edge of the pool ? Did you have to knock them unconscious ?

So Scott fights with the reptile and at least this whole debacle gets them a key information. The thing is scared of its own reflection. About that lizard, because I think it's time I actually talked about it, if it's Lydia then god could you be more obvious ? Okay Stiles recognized the eyes, they wouldn't have put that out there if it wasn't important so it's safe to assume it's someone they know. Now unless it's Alison or the coach or hey why not Grandpa Argent, it can only be Lydia ! Unless it's what's-his-face.

Oh that reminds me ! If what's-his-face isn't a lizard he's actually probably a full werewolf ! But then who the hell would care enough to erase part of the tape he made ? And here's another question, is he brain damaged ? How did he not see there was 2 hours missing from the video ? And how come all the major characters suddenly appear to be unusually stupid ? Am I only noticing it now or was it always that way ? It's stupid and unrealistic, and yet what do you think I'll be watching tonight ?

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