Teen Wolf : Looking Good

Teen Wolf is back and in my opinion it was a nice premiere.

The first scene was really just a big wtf? What's-his-face is slowly coming out of the water with his shirt half ripped off and I'm like "Yeah you're right you do need to pull it back to look at your sexy wound and show your abs."

All this to say that Derek bit what's-his-face.

And it's not turning out great for him. He's bleeding black goo non-stop.

Judging by the uniqueness of the issue, Derek's reaction to it and the fact that what's-his-face said himself that Derek doesn't have any "outstanding leadership qualities", the most logical explanation is that his body's fighting the bite because he didn't get it from a real Alpha. Meaning that Derek is the Alpha because he killed the previous Alpha but he's not really an Alpha because I don't know, maybe he needs something else to fully become an Alpha. But he did turn another dude in the second episode so I don't know. I'll get back to you on that. But Alpha or no Alpha I want to see more of him, I know he has the potential to be the best character on this show !

But until they find a solution what's-his-face (I'm actually going to have to look up his name if I want to label this article, damn ...) is doomed to eternal spewing and leaking.

Now the doomed love story. So apparently somewhere between season 1 and 2, Scott became Alison's father's nemesis. So they're not allowed to see each other again. So they see each other in secret. How eccentric.

I have nothing to say about that scene I just really like it, for some reason. It was completely unrealistic and ridiculous and worthy of a real teenage show (that only teenagers watch) but I liked it. Then again I was high.

All throughout season 1, the bad guy on the hunter's side was Mr Argent, Alison's father, but evidently he's been replaced by Omega-cutter-in-half grandpa a.k.a. Mr Argent Senior.

That guy was creepy when he first said hello to his granddaughter and he was even creepier when he cut a guy in half. With a sword. Like, an actual motherf#cking sword. Like, okay ...

He basically declared war so I have a feeling he's gonna stay around for some reason. 

It was a nice comeback, and Grandpa Argent looks like he's gonna rough things up a little, and I haven't even talked about episode 2 ! Yet.

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