Teen Wolf : The Plot Thickens

Okay everyone, I really wanted to talk about the second episode so that's what I'm going to do but I missed the 3rd so if something sounds stupid or anything else, please keep in mind that I haven't watched the 3rd.

So the episode starts with Isaac trying to calm his father down because he had a bad grade or something. And his dad is this white trash douche bag and he starts throwing stuff. And at some point Isaac gets cut on the face and since Derek turned him at the end of episode 1, he has the super quick healing thing going on and after his father sees it, he takes off on his bike.

By the way, Isaac is this dude :

Anyway, so his father takes the car and goes after his son. And cue the creepy lizard thingy. He sees it, he realizes it's probably bad but the thing gets him and kills him.

So, now with the high school stuff and the people we actually know ! So when Scott was in the locker room with the rest of the team (which includes Isaac) he smelled something or had a feeling or something and he noticed there was another werewolf in the room. So Stiles had the great idea to have Scott tackle and smell every single player on the team.

After hitting 3 guys he finally got to Isaac and they found themselves face to face staring at each other like idiots with their shiny eyes. Awkwaaaard ...

After that the cops came and took him into custody for his father's murder. Normally that would be a problem but since it's the full moon it's a major life or death crisis. So they're all like "wtf are we gonna do ?" and when it seems like they're screwed, who should show up but the magnificent Derek Hale.

He and Scott go to Isaac's house and see a bunch of scratch marks and for some reason Scott decides to spend the full moon there. So Derek goes with Stile to the police station and is in charge of distracting the officer/receptionist. It was so out of character, it was hilarious. Derek hitting on a police officer. I don't know if it's the character or if it's Tyler Hoechlin but for some reason Derek sometimes looks somewhat naive and inexperienced. He's a very well layered character and like I've already said and will keep on saying, I want to see more of him !

After he got to the receptionist he was able to go help Stile who, was in a bit of a situation. But since he's the alpha and he rocks he totally tamed poor Isaac.

Meanwhile, at the house of doom (I just love saying that) Alison and Scott were having troubles of their own. With the lizard thingy. But apparently werewolf beats lizard. So basically it just ran off. Or crawled or something.

Oh and what's-his-face was shirtless and stupid for a bit, that was fun. Sadly for him he did not turn on the full moon. Poor fella.

I don't know how it happened but Teen Wolf has become a guilty pleasure of mine. I feel like a pre-teen discovering the joys of Young Adult TV shows and literature. And I have to admit I like it.

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