True Blood Season 5 Premiere : No Russel Yet ...

Ah finally, after 9 months of waiting, True Blood is back ! First off, let me just say I am extremely frustrated we didn't see Russell Edgington. But that was to be expected I guess. So Tara's still here. Damn. At least, it should be fun seeing her as a vampire ! Or even more annoying ... Didn't know that was possible.

I love Pam, I love every single scene she's in, I find her hilarious. And, as many suspected, she's gonna be Tara's maker. It was extremely convenient that she happened to want to talk to Eric at that exact moment but okay.

Newlin and Jason sittin' in a tree ... Now this was one of the greatest twist I've ever seen. Reverend Newlin is in love with Jason Stackhouse. He actually gave him a speech about how he started developing these feelings, and how he was jealous that his wife got to sleep with him and not him !

Poor Jason was just sitting here, all shocked and flattered. I really really really like Jason but his thing with Jessica, although cute and adorable, is a little pathetic. Maybe that's just because I've never been particularly fond of Jessica but she's getting cocky and it's pissing me off.

Lafayette is probably the unluckiest son of a bitch in the show. Within 2 days he killed his boyfriend, tried to burn two vampires, went home after a long day ready to sleep for a hundred years after a little chat with his deceased lover and then woke up to the sound of a gunshot, found his cousin lying dead in the kitchen, buried her along with her vampire maker and watched her rise the next night after briefly thinking she was completely and irrevocably dead.

Why is all this crap happening to him ? He's one of the greatest characters on the show and they just keep making him miserable.

I'm sorry but I don't dig the bromance thing with Bill and Eric. It's weird, it's not realistic, and mostly, it feels wrong. It feels fake. Plus, so far, it's all just coming from Eric. His ego has seen better days, being rejected is all new to him and since Sookie rejected Bill too he thought "Hey, he's not that much of an asshole when you think about it !" Well, I hate to break this to you but yes, he is.

They didn't start hating each other after Sookie arrived in their lives but way before. Bill despised Eric when he was inferior to him in the hierarchy, he despised him even more when he was inferior to him in Sookie's list of puppy dogs and Eric has always had a loathing for him too. Not everything is about Sookie, their power struggle was never about Sookie, and it's not just because Sookie rejected them both that suddenly they can be best buds ! It doesn't make sense.

Oh and the Authority ! That is finally a good season arc, 'cause the witches were fun for a while but now I want some vampire action ! I want to see the Authority and the evil Roman, I want to see Russell and I want to see him doing something crazy !

All in all, a nice premiere, and hopefully, a far greater season than season 4.

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