The Walking Dead : Beth And Daryl

   The Walking Dead is one of those shows that make me believe if there were to be a zombie apocalypse (or any kind of apocalypse) here, in the real world, it would be awesome. *COUGH*New Vegas*cough*

   I was actually about to give up on this show. This season, I've been bored. A LOT. And the Daryl moments were just not that good. But then the big bad they'd gotten rid of, came back ! And then he died. Pathetically. But anyway, their whole group got shooed away from the prison they'd been living in by zombies. And so the prison story was no more.

   And then it was even more boring ! Bordering on depressing. It was horrible, a really hard time for us all just me.. BUT THEN! They did a Beth&Daryl centered episode. And it was awesome. Let me walk you through it.

    For those of you who don't know, there's this whole group of people that they got separated from and so now it's just the two of them. Daryl's been really broody, not his usual chatty self. But Beth's been trying to get him to go look for the others and he ain't hearing any of it. So they're kind of at a standstill, hence the title of the episode ("Still").

Anyway, this week on TWD, Daryl teaches you how to stab a snake through the head and then skin it ! YAAAAAYYY !!!

   In order to eat it. Yes, 'cause nothing says "nutritious breakfast" like a crawling reptile. Anyway, Beth is trying to talk him into.. doing something.. finding the others I guess. But Daryl's like f#ck you I'm eating my snake.

   So now Beth wants a drink. I like her thinking. Like 'FINE!! but if I'm gonna put up with this, Imma be drunk !

   So she goes, there's a bunch of walkers, so she hides, Daryl finds her and brings her back to camp. She's not happy about that. They argue. This is not the interesting part of the episodes but I have pictures for it so..

   Anyway, they find themselves inside the Capitol building I guess ?? At first I thought it was just a golf club with cheesy silverware. It could still be that.

   They look around for stuff to steal and alcohol. Basic Tuesday activity in a post-apocalyptic world.

At some point Beth does find a bottle but then she has to use it to stab a zombie in the eye. She ends up killing him just when Daryl arrives and she's like thanks for the help and he gives her the best answer there is : "You said you could take of yourself, you did." Yep, simple as that. So stop bitching !

   A little later, there's a whole bunch of zombie and Daryl knifes and golf clubs his way through all of them. But when he gets to the last one he starts beating him, and it's an old man, which makes it even more depressing.

   And in the end he just swings his brains out. Onto Beth's brand new sweater. Now, this made me laugh my ass off. She's just so cute and precious and shocked at the side of her beautiful white sweater with brains on it.

   And Daryl's just like 'oh, got carried away.. He was just blowing off some steam, projecting his anger and frustration and expressing it in a "healthy"/safe way.

   Anyway, they finally do get to a place with drinkable booze. But there's only peach schnapps. And Daryl's like 'that's piss. I have to admit I've never had it on its own, but come on it's gotta be at least okay ! It's peach ! But anyway, Beth's got her bottle and no glass but indeed, who the hell needs a glass ? But she's not drinking. She's getting emotional. This is super awkward. I was so not expecting this, I was like 'go on girl you got your drink now drink ! But when I rewatched it I was like okay, it is kind of sad. Her dad just died like a few days ago, right in front of her, she has no idea where her sister is, the rest of her family died before they even made it to the prison, and now she's having her first drink.

Meanwhile, Daryl's playing darts. And constantly turning around to check on her.

   This is so perfect I can't even describe it. By that point he's 100% sure she's crying, but yeah, just because it's sad doesn't mean it's not awkward anymore ! But above the awkwardness, the fact that she's so sad actually affects him. And that is just so damn sweet.

   So he takes the unworthy bottle, smashes it and off they go.

   And the drink he's getting her for her first time drinking EVER is moonshine. Thanks to Daryl, that girl will always be able to say her very first drink was freaking moonshine.

   And damn, she can drink ! Where's all the coughing and crying and pathetic wheezing ?? I don't understand how this is possible. She's like 'gross'*takes a sip*'Mmmhhh it grows on you!! Yeah I'm not buying that.

And since they're barricaded in anyway, Daryl can drink too !

And then they play I never. And you just know fun time's over.

   For me it got really uncomfortable really fast. This is just not a game for her and Daryl. This is a game you play with good friends. Not Daryl. Unless Daryl is your friend but he ain't her friend yet.

  And then she says this thing about jail and he's offended. Well duh of course, it's insulting and what the hell do you care anyway ?! Let's say he did go to prison, he'll tell you about it when he feels like it !

As it is, he wasn't feeling like it, so he starts smashing stuff and taking a piss.

And then he continues the game just basically saying he's never had a f#cking fairy tale childhood *implied* like she did.

   And then he brings up the wrist cutting. And I'm back on Beth's side. It's an absolutely true and legitimate argument but you just don't bring that up, it's like her and the jail thing, it's offensive so you just don't. *whispers*Even though you had every right my little baby, I'm totally still on your side.

   And I think, on some level, he realizes he's gone just a little too far.

   But he's still pissed so when the zombie just outside keeps making too much noise, he takes her out, pins the guy to a pole and basically forces her to shoot him or just, like, stand close to the crossbow while he shoots anywhere but the head.

So she stabs it in the eye and now they can actually argue !

Again I have a lot of screen caps for it.. They're pissed and she wants him to stop acting like he doesn't care and he's saying something back it's all very argue-y.

And finally Beth is fighting back not just backing down like a hurt little neutralized puppy -except not even as cute.

   At some point she says he's afraid and he is so freaking adorable when he says he's not afraid of anything. It's so childish and inaccurate and kind of dumb but so damn cute !

   Then she brings up Carol's daughter whatever her name was.. Little girl who got lost and died and turned and then walked out of Hershel's barn, which was how they found out about her new eating habits. The point being that Daryl felt something for her and she died and now "God forbid he ever let anybody get to close"

Which he throws right back at her.

Her name was SOPHIA !! Anyway, then he finally says what he's been thinking all along, that they're just all dead. And then it gets interesting !

She tries a first contact but he just turns away from her.

But then he loosens up and starts really getting into it. And it turns out his problem is simply that he's guilty. And that was very much expected, and deeply appreciated.

Finally, she can't take it anymore, so she hug-attacks him.

Now let's have a look at the assortment of emotions we got here. First we have, uuuuuh wtf? right here.

Then we have, this isn't so bad after all.

And finally, we have this. I don't want to give it a name because I feel it would tamper the heartwrenchingness and cuteness of it.

   And so he cries in her arms and it's the first time Daryl's cried in front of anyone, hell, it's the first time he's had a conversation this long with anyone ! It's really sad and frustrating 'cause of course you're gonna find them and every single one of them is gonna be alive, you should really know how this works by now..!

   So after that they just sit and talk, while drinking. and Daryl does something really weird.

   He tells her a personal traumatizing story without her asking. One dude put a gun to his head one time over a cartoon his son loved and Merle, Daryl's brother, had been bashing. Anyway, all this to say, he's nobody, he's got nobody, he's a redneck asshole and all that. And it's sad because it's true and not at the same time. Little baby..

   And then Beth is like how 'bout we make this about me?? So it's her turn to talk. About how she misses her sister, her brother and her dad, and how she thought they'd have a great life. And she gets emotional but it's okay, it's subtle and measured, so it's sweet. I forgive her for interrupting.

   Also, once again, Daryl is really affected by it. Like her pain actually hurts him. I don't know where they're going with this. Whatever it is, I ship it, but I really have no idea what on earth this is the beginning of.

   And then it gets sweet again. She's going on about how she needs to change and he tells her she did [change] (Awwwwww), but she wants to be more like him. Cause he's not where he was before all this started, he's stronger somehow, or so she thinks. Daryl thinks he's just used to things being ugly because that was his life but she says he got out of it to which he says "maybe you gotta keep on reminding me sometimes." HOW. SWEET. IS. THAT??? This is like him saying, "you know what kid? You're actually okay."

   To which she responds "Nooooo. Can't depend on anybody for anything." OK, all right. Not what I would have said. Then again I would've scared him away like 'sure, of course, whatever you want, I'll remind you of it everyday until I die.*creepy/crazy eyes*

   But then it makes sense, 'cause she says she's gonna be gone some day and he's like "stahp" -oh little baby.. but what she means to say is that he's gonna be the last one standing. And it's true, I agree with this statement with all of my soul. He's the survivor, he's the best equipped to deal with all of this, physically and mentally. And Beth can see that, and she can also see herself in comparison to that, and so, she knows she's not as likely to make it out alive as he is. And then she says "you're gonna miss me so bad when I'm gone Daryl Dixon." And that made me question everything. Because he is gonna miss her, and the simple fact of mentioning it gets him down. But in what way is he gonna miss her ?? And more importantly, what is he gonna feel for her that would make him miss her in the eventuality of her death ? I'm just trying to understand what I'm shipping here.

   And then it's over. They've said everything that needed to be said. So now Beth wants to burn down the house.

And Daryl's like hell yeah.

So they burn it down and Beth is kind of a cute idiot.

   So, whatever it is, I love it and I am all for it, it's the sweetest thing. I did a whole post of "this is so nice"/"sweet"/"adorable"/"freaking cute" just to say this ! But I want to know where this is headed, like I really need to know. 'Cause they're holding hands in next week's episode. Holding hands. Yep. Then again this isn't any other show so it doesn't necessarily mean that's what they're going with. But if they are.. I don't know about that.. It's like, are we really going down that road ? Am I gonna end up with another unshippable ship of doom (see Charloe) ?? I'm not sure I'm okay with it. I don't see how they could make it not weird. But honestly, if anything happens all I need to be on board is for it to make sense. And to not be right now, it's waaaay too early to even think about it. So just keep up the cuteness, that'll do for now !

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  1. you need to do one on Alone!!! LOVE UR BLOG. I ship Charloe too.. and LOVE Hannibal.


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