Revolution : SAVE IT !!!!!!

   Hey guys, as many of you may know, Revolution made it to the top 5 in the E! Save One Show tournament. And we weren't even last, we were 4th !! Sadly only the first 3 made it to the next round. Link for current round : NOTE: Every single link from here on out will take you to a wonderful little place called THE PLACE WHERE YOU CAN SAVE REVOLUTION OR AT LEAST HELP A LITTLE.

   But anyway, let us not dwell on the past for it's the wild card round now, yay ! And we can vote one show back in for the final rounds. Only one out of all the 17 that were eliminated. And guess what ? The round ends in a few hours and we're f#cking first, that's right, first. With like, 18%. Here's the link again.

   So if you wanna see more of this face next year, and more Charlie hair porn, and more Miles and even Rachel, please go vote. Now. And then vote again. Vote as many times as you can, please, we can do this !

   And when we make it, and we will, go vote again in the next round ! Basically don't stop voting until it's over and Beauty and the Beast has officially won. BTW, how is this show first ? I watched the first 2 episodes and I was bored out of my mind. I hate this show, hate everything about it, hate the actress (for this character), hate said character, hate that it's got such an enormous fan base compared to us poor revolutionaries..

   Anyway, that was all. Go vote so you can enjoy Dreamcatcher knowing it's NOT one of the last times you'll ever watch a new Revolution episode. And once you're done voting, you all have a beautiful day :)

EDIT: We made it ! Or we.. stayed it..? Whatever, we're here now b!tches !!

RE-EDIT : We are now in the final four round. I won't blame you if you're too frustrated to vote, but do it at least once, even if just to find out how bad we're doing. And if you feel like voting 500 times, by all means go ahead !

RE-RE-EDIT : OK PEOPLE, I TAKE IT BACK, IF YOU DON'T VOTE I WILL BLAME YOU. WHY THE SUDDEN CHANGE YOU ASK ?? MY FRIENDS, WE ARE IN THE LEAD. THAT'S RIGHT, IN THE LEAD. Revolution is currently first of the final four round with Beauty and the Beast not far (at all) behind AND CATCHING UP !!! So go vote !! Except don't use that link, use this link and every time you hit refresh or every tab you open, means one more vote for Revolution ! Does this qualify as cheating ?? I'm not sure. What I do know is we're freaking FIRST, so screw being honest, LET'S WIN THIS THING !

EDIT AGAIN : What the hell people, seriously.. BATB's been crawling its way back to the top all morning and now they're here. Where we used to be. We had it all and now we're second.. to f#cking Beauty and the Beast. Where it used to only slightly irritate me, now I'm really starting to hate the show and its fandom and that's stupid but I honestly believe with all of my heart (and with all due respect) that Revolution deserves to win this. More. Keep voting because second place will still get us to the final round, let's not take it for granted. Let's face it, I'll probably edit a few more times. Please excuse my obsessive behavior.

FINAL EDIT : Guys, it's a sad day for us all. We're third. I have nothing more to say about it really just felt like I needed to write it down. Well, KEEP VOTING ANYWAY ! I personally am not giving up hope for second place, we can make it ! This is the final edit 'cause if I have something more to say about it I'll do so on my tumblr. Guys, I have a Tumblr now !! And it was only slightly motivated by my need to talk about this poll.

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