Revolution : Fear And Loathing. #InventiveTitling Yep. Could Not For The Life Of Me Think Of A Title For This Post. I Wonder How Long You Can Make It. Does It Just Stop At Some Point ?? Or Does It Go On Forever and Ever and Ever ? I Think It Does. Wow. What A Beautiful World We Live In. It's Kinda Hard To Stop. I Just Might Keep Writing Here In The Title. What An Epic Post This Is Gonna Be !

All right, all right, enough of that, sorry, I got a little carried away there. Let's talk Revolution.

   I expected to be super excited to have Revolution writing material again but as it turned out, I wasn't. Not enough Charloe. Too much Miles and Rachel, too much Charlie and Connor (the one look they exchanged really pissed me off) and so much Monroe boys bonding time, which I enjoyed, but there's only so much to say about it before there's nothing left to say about it..

   So Bass and Connor get locked up in a cage and have 24 hours until they need to fight each other to the death. And this less than enjoyable predicament led to lots and lots of father/son scenes. And that was great ! Problem is, that's it, that's the extent of my opinion on the subject, it was great. There's no way out of the cage so Bass immediately goes to plan B which includes him dying to save his son. Awwww. He teaches him to fight better but Connor's pouting because he don't wanna kill his daddy. So Bass tells him he's responsible for his mom's death. Connor is suddenly super pissed off. That I have an opinion about.

   I get that this kind of news must be unnerving, but how can it completely obliterate the fact that the man is actively trying to sacrifice himself for his son. Out of love. All right, it's still Bass'(s?) fault she's dead but it's not like he shot her. "She died in [his] arms". The fact that that was not a happy moment in his life is implied. Considering that and the whole sacrifice thing, just.. chill the f#ck out Connor ! He goes from "I ain't killing my pops #butdaddyIwuvyou" to "DIE MOTHERF#CKER!!!"

   Secondary characters (and whatever comes after secondary) such as Emma, mean so little to me I just don't understand how killing them is a bad thing anymore. Sure, people dying in general is sad, but in this case it makes room for other, new, better characters ! I sound a lot like Randall justifying making millions of people die/explode/whatever.. My point being Bass is awesome and at this point anyone who genuinely wants to kill him has no soul. *cough*RACHEL*cough*

   Anyway, Connor just needed to get it out of his system, he totally loves Bass and can't resist his speeches. And this one was heartbreaking. He basically says he spent half his life wanting power, destroying himself and everything that mattered to him in order to get it and when he finally got it, he'd destroyed it all. Loneliness is the source of half of Sebastian Monroe's angst/suicidal tendencies. The other half is guilt. Poor little baby.

   But anyway, Charloe moment !! Sort of. Shut up, it is! Bass doesn't want his son to be as miserable as he ended up being. So he tells him to do things differently, to not be alone, "find a girl, NOT CHARLIE." David Lyons gave a somewhat controversial interview about that line. I don't know if he ships Charloe --God please let it be..- but he unambiguously admitted there is an unidentified "something" he (Monroe) sees in Charlie. So, my question is : what the hell are you implying here Bass ?! What is this? What does it MEAN??! Is it possessiveness ? As in "not Charlie, because well, MINE" or just like "believe me you don't want that kind of complicated." ?? I guess David Lyons kind of said it's pure paternal concern. I personally hate everything about this outlook which is why I'm going with possessiveness, yay ! Ah sweet sweet denial.  

   This brings me to the Charlie part of the episode because Charlie's a main-ish character again !

So upon finding out the Monroe boys had been taken, she decided to go to Duncan for help. It was really the only sensible thing to do. But Duncan is a bitch (God I love her) and she's not helping.

   She's not helping and she's effectively screwing them even more by giving Charlie up to Gould.

   Which is actually kind of nice 'cause it gets Charlie closer to Monroe. Senior. Unfortunately it also gets her closer to Connor.

   Now, how did this turn into a Connor/Charlie moment ? What the hell, writers ??! She looks like she's sorry she couldn't help which I'm fine with. But why is she not looking at both of them ? Like she somehow feels more guilty about Connor's situation than Bass'(s)-I'm having issues with basic grammar today. Like I did yesterday and everyday of my life..

At least Bass got to see how awesome her hair looked. We find comfort in the little things.

   So, let's recap. The boys are all love and oh shit we have to fight each other, Charlie's got a new job as a New Vegas commercial pleasure worker and she's maiming her first client, Duncan's a bitch and she's there to watch the show and Gould is happy-happy.

   Let's skip the fight because as you can imagine it is 100% not screencappable. But it was very nice and they both looked like adorable puppies the whole time. Anyhow, Charlie manages to escape from her sex jail and stabs the guy Gould sent to kill Duncan.

And Duncan is impressed and even respectful because she's awesome.

   So eventually the fight comes to a point where Connor's got his dad's carotid artery at the tip of his sword, and he looks so sad and Monroe looks so resigned. It's.. Very sad.

   But then Duncan's men start shooting people ! YAAAAY!! SHOOTING AND PANIC INDUCED CHAOS!!!! And of course Charlie ends up being the one literally getting them out. Love. That. With all of my being.

And since this show is epic and I was right to like Duncan, there's more !

   Duncan and Monroe have what qualifies as a sassy exchange and it involves talk of sex soooo.. not good. But who cares? It's not like it's dripping sexual tension or anything and even if it did, she's not even gonna be here anymore ! And anyway, Charlie arrives and Duncan goes into Charlie appreciation mode, God bless her.

    She gives them 5 men FOR FREE, as payment for Charlie saving her life. Monroe's a little greedy but in the end pretty satisfied until they're just standing there like idiots. I love that moment because Bass is like WTF? You coming or.. ??

   And Duncan is like 'oh did you think this was for you ?? My bad, I didn't make myself clear*mwahaha!

   So, the men are for Charlie. Because she's the one Duncan owes a debt to. F#ck yeah !

   About that face. Is it just frustration ? Because it freaking looks like actual pain. Those are ones of the finest puppy dog eyes I've ever seen. But anyway I don't care because the men are hers to boss around so Bass can't do a thing without her consent. Do you know what this means ? Potential. For beautiful things.

   And it's already beautiful ! Because even before he's said a thing she's smiling at how it's gonna piss him off and turning to see the look on his face.

   All the satisfaction and arrogance oh man, I love it ! Finally Charlie's got something going for her !

   And the best part is what makes it feel so good for her is Monroe being unhappy about it. Considering how she just could not help grinning at him like a sassy idiot, I'm hoping she's gonna rub it in every chance she gets.

   When rewatching for like the third time I noticed Connor's reaction. My thoughts exactly. He's like "Ooooouh snap!"

    And then Aaron gives the nano tech a virus and wakes up (to the best song ever, btw) and it's 2014 which makes zero sense since the blackout happened in 2012 and they just picked march 5th 2014 because it's the air date of the episode. But hey, hairsplitting.

   I'm actually really curious to see this week's episode, but I'm not looking forward to it as much as I'm looking forward to real blackout life where Charlie and Monroe actually know each other and sass it out in between all the eye sex they're having. But you know.. Patience, virtue, all that sh!t..

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