Revolution : Monroe (Prettiness) Appreciation Post

I couldn't wait. The pictures were already there and well.. Charlie hair porn.

   Please give me more group conversations, I love those. Except Charlie barely gets in 4 little words. I hate silent Charlie, I've been waiting patiently for the return of opinionated Charlie, all season, and I'm kinda getting sick of it. And if she could give her opinion and side with Bass, well that'd just be wonderful but let's not get carried away.

    This particular conversation starts off being on the subject of the guy Miles should have killed but didn't because Rachel is exasperating. As a direct consequence, their former safe house has been compromised and their new location is about to be as well. Based on those simple facts, we can all agree that Bass is right. It would have been better -safer for them to just shoot the kid. But since Connor does not yet have the legitimacy to speak up in these kinds of debates, and Charlie chooses not to, it's Monroe vs. the universe. 'Cause that never gets old !

   So Gene suggests going into town and chat people up to get them on their side. I don't see why not, I mean it all went so well the last time he went on an errand. I like how everyone knows he's absolutely incapable of doing this on his own and so they all end up volunteering to cover his stupid ass. Except Bass and Connor 'cause they're objective enough to not give a sh!t. So Rachel volunteers because of course, it's her dad, I get it, I'm not gonna bitch about that. Miles is like 'NO", Bass is like '...*not giving a f#ck* and Charlie's like 'F#ck yeah me too actually" and Bass is SO NOT OK with that.

   But he doesn't say a thing. He's very clearly irritated by Charlie's decision but his only reaction is : looks at her, stares into the distance thinking 'God give me strength', looks down at the ground clutching his shotgun for moral support. And it's adorable. As is everything Bass ever does ever. He's not okay with losing Gene because he's their doctor, or Miles because BAMF. He couldn't care less about Rachel (a freaking scientist genius who's proven to be useful many a few times already) but he's pissed about Charlie going, siding against him once more. So in conclusion, I will go down with ship.

   In the end, Miles sacrifices himself and goes with Gene. And I like how casual Charlie is, 'just standing there, with ma hands on ma hips, lookin' good.." And Bass is like 'goddammit I hate my life!"

What I see here is : Connor and Rachel. CHARLIE AND BASS. And of the 2 pairs, they're the hot one.

    If you're looking for more Miles, scroll down to the end, the whole basement thing was fun (except when it was boring) but that's all I have to contribute on the subject.

So, that night, Charlie figures she'll get in Connor's face for planning to get the Republic back with his dad.

   I'm confused.. These two. What's going on ? Are they friends ? Acquaintances ? Have they slept together more than once ?? Will they ?! Does Charlie have even the tiniest bit of respect for him ? This is all very unclear. I feel like they're comfortable around each other but not exactly friends, and they're physically aware of each other but not in like a passionate, thought-consuming way, no, just in an I-know-what-you-look-like-naked kinda way. Or at least it was that way. Now it's like she's disappointed or something. "Skinny ass nobody" ?? Oh, Charlie.. I'm looking at you with love right now.

  And he's awfully sensitive for a cartel badass. Poor little baby, everyone hates him too..

   Anyway, they see a big bonfire in the distance so they go check it out. When they get there, Charlie's guys recognize their guys and start heading towards them, 'cause logic, and Charlie and Monroe notice it at the exact same moment, before everyone else. I'll take everything I can get..

   I know that some people think that guy and all of them are hiding something. I honestly don't know, it hadn't crossed my mind, watching the episode. But their story makes sense, the patriots destroying the war clan competition?? Yep, sounds legit.

   BUT excuse me ?!! DUNCAN IS DEAD ?! Are you f#cking serious ? Why would you do that ? What the hell is the point of this ?! One puppy look. So far that's all her death has gotten us.

    Oh and incentive, riiight.. Which is pretty useful I guess. If you call getting general Monroe a small army "useful".. which I do. But Duncan would have been on board with everything if she had made it. So NO! Useless character death, bad Kripke, BAD!

After all, you need a leader.. with experience, right ?

And Charloe, here you are again. And it's antagonizing Charloe, we hadn't had that in a while !

That moment is awesome and infuriating. Smug Bass will do that to ya.


Squintin' and head tiltin'. Classic Charloe.

And Connor totally notices. EVERYBODY NOTICES. This ship sails itself !!

   Charlie is very much annoyed. But she doesn't say anything, (then or later) she knows what he's doing, but she'll accept his leadership for now.

And he's back. Yay for psychotic dictator Bass.


Now that Monroe's got his army, he's taking on the boot camp. And Charlie's going because she's a badass.

Not much to say about that, it was nice, really, but except for "they shoot patriots" there is nothing to say about it.

Badass Charlie. She's awesome they can't kill her off.

Patriot guy standing over here...

Patriot guy dying over here.

They take the camp, Monroe's executing the survivors, altogether it was a fun evening !

   And Charlie can't help but talk shit about Bass. Because he's finishing them off. Ummmm, why is that a problem ? They're dying, he's making it quick and painless. BURN THAT MOTHERF#CKER !!!

   And WTF Charlie's tearing up. While watching Monroe put all those men down. I have no idea what it means but it's definitely worth observing. It's either all the killing she's done tonight or talking about how Monroe's not an ideal guy to be following makes her weirdly emotional.

   And what is that face Connor?! What is wrong with you people, sure he's a crazy son of a bitch and suspiciously good at killing but the people he's shooting ARE DYING ANYWAY! He's not being cruel, if anything he's being merciful ! I get that it's not a nice thing to watch but it's not like he's laughing while doing it, then I would understand your reaction ! Or am I just wrong ?!

Of course he waits until she's not standing there anymore to look behind him.

    I don't think Bass is impervious to all the killing. Everyone acts like he's a heartless monster for some reason, like this was the most fun he's had in years ! But the man doesn't look happy he looks worried and exhausted.

But then, sweetest moment ever.

Wordless father-son bottle exchange.

   And then THIS. It's so freaking sweet it breaks my heart ! He's a good dad and he loves his kid. He's happy that he's here and that they're in this together. And Connor's little smile, I can't.. I just can't with these two, my heart is exploding ok?! It's like when you see a puppy or any cute baby animal and it's just so cute you feel like you're gonna cry. That's what they do to me.. MY BABIES YOU ARE THE CUTEST, PLEASE CONNOR DON'T DIE!

   So Charlie's washing up. Understandable. She's covered in blood, she's probably tired, not necessarily in the greatest of moods and oh Rachel there you are, now it's perfect.



   This is boring to review, sorry, it just is.

   I thought it was gonna be interesting when they started talking about Monroe but no. We already know Charlie's opinion on their chances of survival. The only thing we learn from this conversation is that Rachel's fighting for her daughter. What. A. Twist.

   Miles finally gets back from his pointless little escapade with Gene and man, it really was completely useless.

Monroe's face makes me laugh my ass off ! He's just so damn proud. It's adorable.

   And Miles punches him. I have no opinion whatsoever on the matter because I was expecting it. I was satisfied that what I thought would happen, happened. But Bass's reaction.. The response in and of itself and the slurring it's just.. I don't know the word for it. I don't know that there is a word for it. It was beautiful, magical, freaking hilarious. That man is f#cking perfect !! Stop punching him and yelling at him !

Connor is shocked. It's so cute like 'ok what do I do? Should I..? I'm so confused.." Don't die my little baby.

    I think he is gonna be the one to die though. It can't be Aaron, Miles, or Bass. It just can't, we know it. I don't think it could be Rachel, I wish it could.. But she's the female equivalent of Aaron. Smart people don't simply just die on this show, no they're here to suffer. Sure once in a while one of them gets stabbed with a screwdriver by Rachel, but otherwise they are here to solve problems, be sad and feel guilty. Anyway, it won't be Charlie either and if it is, it'll be irrelevant because then the whole show will be dead.

   So we're left with the Nevilles, Gene, Connor and Priscilla as viable candidates. I don't consider Priscilla, Gene or Julia as "favorite" material. They don't exist to me. So if it's one of them, whatever, it makes room. But if it really is "one of our favorites" then it's between Tom, Jason and Connor. Except not Jason, I don't know how to explain it, I don't even know if this is coming from a rational part of my brain but it's not gonna be him, it doesn't make sense ! And Tom is a character with morals that enable him to pick literally any and every side =>> endless possibilities. Connor and Monroe have gotten to a point where if he dies, it's sad, but they've had their moment. They've met, worked through their issues and now they're okay. I'm not ok with it, I don't want Connor to die, but it makes a lot of sense. And it would get Bass so much sympathy from everyone. If he doesn't go crazy (or once he gets it out) it could be what redeems him in the eyes of everyone else.

   Goddammit, that promo.. I'm obsessed with it. I think Neville's definitely the one strangling Charlie. I can't tell who's yelling her name, but it could be Bass. Or Miles or Jason or Connor. Except it kind of sounded like Aaron. So basically I don't have a clue. Anyway, in the end, Monroe did good, he saved the government of Texas. How's that huh?! You're welcome Miles. Connor don't die, please. This show, man.. If it gets canceled, I'm not responsible for my own actions. You've been warned.


  1. I love your Bass appreciation posts! Theses last 2 posts have been awesome. Its great how you pick up the nuances of Bass' character and his interactions with Charlie and the other characters. I've been obsessed over who is going to die as well, unfortunately the internet has not yielded any spoilers! Though I was annoyed about Connor coming along and sleeping with Charlie, getting in the way of the Charloe ship, he's grown on me, and now I definitely don't want to see him die! How could a person not love baby-Bass? I also don't think they'll kill Tom, so maybe it'll be Jason. A lot of people like him and want him to get back with Charlie (blah!). Anyway, enough rambling, I'll probably re-read these posts twenty times just to get me through the next week and a half until the next episode. And I agree, if Revolution doesn't get renewed for next year, it'll hurt forever! How can people not be watching this show?!?!? Does Beauty and the Beast really rate better? *shudder* its the stuff of nightmares.

  2. Love all these Monroe appreciation posts. And that you are a charloe shipper like me.
    So thank you!


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