Revolution : Everybody Hates Bass

   Okay, so I'm gonna pick up where I left off. I have watched episode 17 and my oh my.. But first things first ! And no, I'm never doing a post about Dreamcatcher. Too painful.

   David Lyons really needs to dial it down a notch. With the eyes, and the curls and the tan.. We get it you're gorgeous, stop ruining my life !

   So, the New Vegas party is peacefully walking back to Willoughby. The sun is shining, the birds are singing and Monroe figures it's a perfect moment to get in Charlie's face. I love that she looks annoyed when he first speaks to her like 'oh come on, why.. I was just walking, minding my own damn business, wft dude.."

Monroe keeps looking everywhere. At her, at the ground, the trees, the sky, he cannot focus. Nervous little baby.

   I think she's kinda curious where this is going, he never comes up to her like that, hell, I don't think he's ever engaged in a conversation with her since they first got to Willoughby. So she just listens, this might even be interesting.

   But the eyebrow stays up. Then again, he is a condescending jerk. And my favorite merc is eavesdropping and I LOVE his reaction. His face is a perpetual "argh dude nah really?..." Basically Charlie's exact reaction. What is the point of him, is he ever gonna talk ? Interact with Charlie?? F#ck, I'd love that.

My beautiful tanned little babies.. I can't get over how good they look when standing next to each other. Every time.

   But anyway, Bass finally gets it out. His problem is that he doesn't get why Charlie slept with Connor. And even worse, he doesn't know if it's happened since that first time where he found them. So he wants information/confirmation. It bothers him not to know. I'm gonna call that insecurity and be blissfully happy, ok, great !

   Charlie's response is all Matheson, like 'dude what the f#ck are you doing, we don't confront each other in this family, that's not how things work around here, this is NOT Supernatural !" But after the initial shock of 'ok so you're going with agressive..' she's actually kind of relaxed, still can't believe she's having this conversation with that specific person but she sorta has the upper hand.

And then there's the kind of line we've been waiting, nay, yearning for. By that point the beautiful merc is just like 'whoa f#ck this conversation."

"You know it's interesting.. Of all the guys you choose to screw, you choose a Monroe." *TURNS TO WATCH HER REACTION*

   Now, Bass, I completely agree with you, that is interesting. A little too obvious for my taste, but hey, if it gets me Charloe, it's the best damn thing in the universe ! And Charlie's response now is "I'm gonna be sick." This is awesome. She's not denying it. Not really. It's a semblance of denial but not quite as believable as a "NO F#CK YOU, YOU'RE GROSS". And she's also not denying the fact that she knows what he's getting at. She understands the implication and she doesn't seem that surprised. Why is that, huh ? I was surprised ! But Charlie's got her comeback ready, she's not like "WHAT?! What the hell dude?! WHERE DID THAT COME FROM?! NO! Just no.." I'd consider that an acceptable reaction. But she's just "gonna be sick." She doesn't look that horrified to me. Surprised that he went there. OUT LOUD. But otherwise, pretty much okay with how that conversation went.

    So. Miles and Rachel are here, yay. And after being such a pain Monroe actually talks her up with Miles. This is so adorable. He's pissed he didn't get the men, he got caught, he would've died if it wasn't for her. And yet, he can't wait to give her the credit. I'm sorry this is gonna be really cheesy, but she makes him honest. Season 2 is almost at an end and she is still the only person he's been a decent guy with. Except for his son. Which is like your mom telling you you're pretty, it doesn't count.

   And he always looks guilty/sad when he's looking at her. And man I dig that. I dig it so hard. So maybe he feels guilty for kind of ruining her life, but he doesn't look at Rachel or Gene that way, even though he does feel guilty for what he did to them ! That specific look is reserved for the people he cares about, like Miles or his son. Or CHARLIE.

Thank you Tracy for being so beautiful in that exact moment, you show em' girl ! (Also, thank you for giving Miles a glance and Bass a stare)

(almost) Everyone's back together, and Miles and Bass go have breakfast on a bridge overlooking the river. Just the two of them.

You people are adorbs.

They both go on a walk to check out the Patriots' reeducation center, and on their way back they hear a crack. And then ouuuh, damn, that badassery !

   Couple patriots following us around. What are we gonna do with y... OH BUT. You have the face of an angel. AND you look like you're twelve (no Miles, not seven, that's a little over the top, you'll get it right one day).

   So they get them back to camp and of course that's not okay with Gene and of course, Rachel just couldn't help but piss me off, so it's Bass vs. the world. Awesome.

   And Miles is being an ass. I personally would trust Bass to get us to win a hell of a lot more than Rachel or Gene. I don't even wanna talk about it, he's a selfish hypocrite, that's all I have to say about that scene. And that Bass is cute like a glorious little puppy.

And then it's interesting again !

*looks at Gene* Ok, so you're a worthless pain in the ass.

   Gene and Rachel are taking the kids back into town, because it's the right thing to do I guess, I don't know, I don't understand it. My moral compass immediately shuts off whenever Revolution turns on. I don't see why they couldn't just keep them. Maybe they even could have used them ! But when Rachel is being righteous...

*looks to Rachel* Aaaaand so are you, well at least you're consistent about it. 

..Shit goes DOWN. Grandpa Gene stands up to Bass which is annoying because he's not making the right choice (FIRST OF ALL) and he's just an old man version of Rachel. Like we needed that.. *slaps forehead repeatedly*

   So Miles and Charlie intervene. Because they're useful characters. We all know what that second picture is for.. Let's talk about Charlie's hands. First and foremost, she's got BOTH hands on him. Off to a great start ! Second, one hand (on his arm) is definitely restraining. That hand is saying "you calm the f#ck down right f#cking now", which.. awesome, thank you for that. But the other hand, which sadly, we can't really see, does not seem as "agressive". First of all it's on his back, not the ideal spot to stop someone from moving forward. But it's still the spot she instinctively chose. I know that probably wasn't her intention, but it's a soothing spot. So one hand is restraining the other is comforting. Shhhh it's okay, calm down my little baby.

There's also much to be said about Miles's hands. Also restraining but not unnecessarily violent. It's sweet.

   Even though they're constantly being jerks to each other, he still understands him, he knows he's feeling frustrated. His prisoners goddammit ! So he just stops him and that's that, Bass is not putting up a fight against him or Charlie, he's not lashing out at them even though they're siding against him. He's just exasperated at Gene and Rachel. 'Cause they're the real problem. They're the ones always going against everything he says.

   And even if he's not lashing out at Miles (or Charlie) then and there, he's still pissed it's him against everyone else. Again. Miles and Charlie are the people who would side with him if it wasn't for the Porter virtue. They'd  agree with him because they're fighters, soldiers, just like him. They can accept that there are certain things that need to be done and there's no going around that.

   But they're still reasonable. They can tell necessary from plain old murder. If Gene and Rachel could somehow get separated from the group..*hitches a breath and quickly assuages the euphoria that bubbled up at the simple thought**heavy sigh*... ANYHOW. CHARLOE. Yes, again *squee* I love how observant Charlie is, especially when it comes to Monroe. And I guess they confirmed that she sees him in episode 17. She trusts him to help, she knows he's not as bad as she thought but close, just enough to be efficient. And she's highly aware of just how unpredictable he is.

I got my eye on you. See the eyebrow ? Not good for you.

   Anyway Gene, Miles and Rachel get the kids back to the cute patriot's dad. He points a gun on them, they talk, he puts it down, it's all gonna be okay. But she cray.

And now, she dead. *slow clap* Bravo, well f#cking done ! Awesome plan Gene, you awesome.

   Making a list of everything that's good and everything that's not (which is basically what I'm doing here) is really exhausting. This show has so much potential, but even when there's action, it's good but it's not awesome. And there's a very simple explanation for that : side stories. Which turn the characters involved into side characters.

   Take every single one of them, put 'em all in a difficult, action-packed kinda situation and just let the magic happen. Simple, RIGHT? And please for the love of everything that is holy, stop excluding Charlie from conversations like this. Or at least let her speak up in the conversations she is a part of.

   And have Rachel stop being a bitch. "Don't be Monroe" Um, F#ck you?? He's right next to you, and he's hurt by what you're saying, CAN'T YOU SEE THE PAIN?! I hate you Rachel. You used to be interesting, now you're just sad and righteous and a bitch. Characters who constantly make me repeat myself are structurally flawed. And that's just how it is.

Anyway, best way to end that excruciatingly hurtful conversation.. Explosions and gunshots. Ouh yeeeaaaah. 

   Nice action sequence. Very much unscreencappable. SO. Something explodes, everyone runs for cover except Bass (who's shooting), Charlie (who's covering the kid) and Miles (who's covering Rachel). And that says it all doesn't it ? Here you have it : the 3 most awesomest people on this show. Anyway, after the first explosion, they move into position. Bass goes on some bridge and almost runs into Charlie who's going for Connor and leading him away somewhere to get her men. The rest are shooting I guess.

And then, BAM, ex-boyfriend in a patriot uniform, gun pointed at you. Disturbing right ? Nope. Not when you're a badass motherfuckaaa ! 'Out of my way, peasant!!' *knocks him unconscious**gracefully galops away*

But I think she's sort of exasperated with him. Dude, why you always gotta go with the dickbags ??

   Neville finds Monroe. A fight to the death ensues. No not really, they fool around a bit, there are very interesting facial expressions there but that's about it.

Tom, what is that? Wit yo face. WTF ?

And Monroe's a freaking ninja now. 



BADASSES EVERYWHERE.. And Rachel just had to ruin it all by convincing Miles not to shoot the kid. Why Rachel.. Why do you insist on party pooping every time Miles tries to gain back some of his badassery ? Or was I the only one rooting for him to shoot ??


Aaaand incompetent Connor.. Well, you can't all be badasses. It's okay Connor, you're still cute.

And that way Bass gets to humiliate Jason a little and rescue his boy.

   I like that Bass and Connor were the last ones to fall back so that Miles and the others were waiting for them to catch up, and covering them as they did. This makes me feel like they're actually valued members of the group.

   And then Miles ruins it all by being mean to Bass. You and Rachel deserve each other. I'd like to think that it's all her fault, that she rubbed off on him, but he's always been an ass to Bass. That sounded.. inappropriate.

Poor little baby, he doesn't deserve you.

    I'm really getting tired of everyone hatin' on Bass (even Charlie), and not doing anything about it. They observe. They see there's a slight problem. They call him out on it. But that's it, it doesn't even come to mind to help him, be nice to him, accept him, cuddle him and make his recovery as smooth as possible. Instead, all he gets is that he makes Charlie "sick", or that Miles doesn't "trust" him. Gene despises him and Rachel's a bitch.. They antagonize him and constantly reject him. And yet, they demand he act like a decent, morally non-corrupted person. Seriously ? It's called abandonment issues, people, catch the f#ck on !

I'll do episode 17 soon, hopefully. I might do a Hannibal post first. That depends on tonight. TONIGHT *squeeee*

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