Revolution : Whose Happy Ending Is This ?! Sure As Hell Ain't Mine..

   Okay, no introductions, we all know what we're here for. First of all, Charlie is a character that gets scenes again ! So yay for that !

Connor really makes me laugh and I like his interactions with Charlie, mainly because he's such an arrogant idiot, and she's always laughing at him like 'man you dumb! Not shippin' dat shit tho, don't you worry.

So Bass and Miles unanimously decided they needed to buy mercenaries, and can you think of a better place to do that than hundreds of miles away ? Don't bother, there isn't. By the way, Bass is totally not looking/looking at her in that shot.

Ah, New Vegas. I hope they stay there forever. It's not that Willoughby wasn't fun (yes it is), but booze and sex everywhere, survival of the fittest style is just way better. So they get to New Vegas, a city full of memories of shirtless fighting, and what do you know, someone's pissed at Monroe. Enters Charloe.

   Dick guy is interpreting the situation like this : Charloe+Connor (third wheel), earning Charlie an appraising look. Love that reaction by the way, just "Really ?"

    And Bass got all like 'don't you look at my girl!' *finger snaps everywhere long live the finger snaps*, because he's awesome and because Charloe will go down fighting goddammit ! Okay so he really just snapped his fingers but hey, best part anyway ! Let's be serious here for a sec, he could've just moved on and be like 'Yeah yeah great talking to you where's Duncan?' But no he chose to establish himself as the protecting alpha male. Interesting choice Bass, I like the way you think.

Anyway, then they find Duncan and oh surprise surprise she's a girl and I hate her already.

   I consider this a Charloe friendly moment. Charlie pulls out her gun and points it at smiley's face and Bass has to talk her down. A first meeting like that between two women means it's freaking on. And I will bet you anything that their next interaction will start off being about Bass or end up like it, you'll see.

Anyway everybody's calmed down, Duncan is now very aware/convinced that Charlie is her competition. Good. Cuz she is.

Let's talk about Duncan some more. I hate her for existing but I have to admit I actually like her. She's got balls, ironically that's really all I need in a female character. She agrees to sell him some of her guys and then they start to negotiate. Well Bass tried to negotiate, and failed miserably, which was actually awesome. I'm sorry, I know all of this goes against everything that I believe in, but I like her !

   However, touch Bass and you're dead to me. That's the extent of my love for the character. Would like to point out that he looks more annoyed than impressed or even worse, respectful.

   So it had to come up at some point.. No, absolutely not, go to hell and die if that's fun for you but not this ! I can't even begin to describe my feels when my screen dissolved into this crime against all of humanity, a mix between are you f#cking kidding me, why would you do this to me, and just kill me now my life has no meaning anymore. Hysteric crying and ironic laughing were involved. All right fine, they're the same age so it's not creepy and all, but I hate to break it to you, it makes up for it by being boring. I believe it really means something that they showed absolutely no kissing, or actual sex or even sexual tension. Just a they-did-it scene. There was nothing, perfect illustration to what this was : nothing. She was bored, he's "cute", 2+2 = ... That's all this is, and excuse me but, if she finds him cute, what the hell does she think of Monroe ? Huh ??

   It was still the most betrayed I have ever felt by this show. But then, the only good thing that could have happened, happened. Sebastian Monroe. And he was rightfully pissed that his moronic son got it on with the one single acceptable female character on this show.

   And so he got pissed at Connor. Serves you right Connor, you're on super thin ice right now.. My question is : would he really be that pissed just because of Miles and Rachel's reaction ? I mean, they wouldn't be thrilled about it but so what she slept with a cute guy her own age, who happens to be Monroe's son but wasn't raised by him, it's not like she slept with Monroe himself. That, they would have been pissed about ! Projecting a little, aren't we ?

    And when Connor walks away, Charlie comes up to Monroe, in a super weird and suggestive way, I might add. She actually looked him up and down.

   I cannot, for the life of me, decipher that look. I'd like to think it's a little hurt and little longing. Yup, gonna go with that.

CHARLOE AHEAD. From the moment he surprised them in the dirt (getting dirty) his eyes have not left Charlie a single time when she was around. I'm not kidding, even when he walked in on them naked, he just stared at Charlie. Seriously go back up and check it out for yourselves. And sure enough when she walks away, like every single time she's walked away from him, his eyes just follow.

Yes, like I said, Charloe. A little more eye sex because, that's actually what we're really here for.

Eye sex and "Charlotte, try not to get yourself killed."

Follow her every move, not very subtle but not too obvious either !
Anyway, there was actually a plot developing between all the sex and crushed hopes. So Monroe's fighting the hulk and he's supposed to drag it out for Charlie and Connor to get the diamonds they need to pay for the mercenaries. And at some point during the fight, some dude comes and alert Ghoul or whatever his name is that there's a slight problem he might want to help with.

Once he's gone, Monroe goes into full badass mode. And ends the fight in like 10 seconds. 'Cause that's just how it's done.

Of course, that scene was absolutely not screencappable so we're gonna skip to the end which is a cliffhanger : Monroe and Connor are screwed. I hope Charlie's gonna be the one to rescue them, if it's Duncan I'm writing a letter to Kripke. Seriously, if he needs help finding ways to make Charloe acceptable to the larger public I'd be more than happy to help him with that.

Argh shit..

   All in all this was not such a bad episode for Charloe, I think we're setting things up for something greater than any of us can imagine. That's faith bitches. I'm actually terrified that this was Kripke's way of saying 'screw you Charloe fanatics, this is the era of Channor and Duncroe' which both sound terrible by the way. Charloe 'til the end. This ain't over. The ship may not be canon before a while but it will come in time, and we will wait, and the wait will make it that much more delicious. Believe fellas, believe.


  1. You are awesome!! I want to marry this post.

  2. Ever since I saw the ep, I'd been waiting to see what you had to say about it! I was SOOO unimpressed, but am also choosing to look on the bright side with the fact there was nothing romantic about the Charlie/Connor thing, and in fact she barely respects him (seriously, Charlie?!?! Because sleeping with a guy you think is kind of a moron just screams self esteem...) I'm hoping that Charlie's current actions are due to the fallout we're finally seeing from Danny and Ben's deaths, plus fighting and killing with Miles... PTSD or something... it was going to have to get to her eventually, yes? She's not the terminator. Kripke will bring this we're-all-going-to-die-anyway attitude thing to a head, right? RIGHT?
    And what the hell was the point of NBC promoting the whole #Charloe thing if they knew this was coming? I agree with you that Duncan might be the one that rescues Bass and Connor, I think she's slated to become a regular character for the rest of the season. Also, I'd heard rumors Bass might be getting a love interest, and now I'm worried Duncan is going to be it.
    I thought all these weeks without Revolution while the Olympics were on would be hard to bear, but now I'm so scared about where they're going to take things, part of me really doesn't want to see it!
    Great post like always :)

    1. Thanks :) And I gotta say I'm not sure what Kripke is doing and I'm having a hard time not worrying myself.. However like you said there is this whole thing with NBC actually kind of shipping them !! So yeah, I don't really see him ignoring the opinion of his network entirely, that doesn't sound like a great idea to me, I'm sure it won't to him either ! Anyway, keep on shipping !

  3. I love your posts. From the interviews I've seen, I do think Duncan is coming on board as an ally for Bass. I think the writers had the whole Connor-Charlie-Jason thing planned out and never really expected the whole Charlie-Monroe dynamic to take on a life of its own. I got back into the show because of this ship and I agree with what you said - that scene was the most betrayed I have felt by this show. And I'm afraid that despite the NBC push for Charloe, the writers are going to go their own way. The sad thing is that if they had just left things alone and had Charlie and Monroe interacting, it would have been ok. There was no need for them to go there with Connor this way. Really served no real purpose other than to deliberately screw the fans. :-(

    1. I agree with every word of what you just said. However I think the Connor thing might be useful in changing the way Monroe sees Charlie, make him realize she's a real person who was a kid at one point and just isn't anymore. The woman has needs damn it ! So yeah at least now he knows she's an actual woman. Thanks for all the love ;)

  4. I love your posts. Hilarious! As for Kripke, I'm hoping O'Bannon will be at the helm in these matters b/c he never disappoints with the ships. Whereas Kripke must be a woman hater or on some weird "only men" kick b/c women, in his world, serve only two purposes: 1. sex (usually in a way that makes the guy out to be some he-man) 2. to screw over the lead guy or die tragically...either way furthering his character development. Look at Supernatural. The brother/buddy thing is forever. Any woman that gets in the way of that bites the dust...sometimes with fire and lots of exploding. I don't think NBC is pushing for Charloe. That bit that they hosted on their site was done with their permission but not created by them. Plus, recently, their twitterings have been more about Connor and Charlie and retweeting shit that gush about those two than anything else. In fact, I haven't seen a single Charloe retweet since I've been visiting the site. Oh well, when their asses get cancelled, maybe they'll think to listen to their fans. Not just with the Charloe thing either. Lots of complaints about the direction of the storylines and the rehash of capture-rescue every single damn episode.

    1. Yes about those tweets ! I think/HOPE with all of my being that it's just about promoting the new "twist" in the character combination department, you know, not so much encouraging it as just saying "hey look that happened that was interesting right ?" My perspective on this is the writers have acknowledged the chemistry between the two characters (and several of them actually ship it), so they've agreed it's part of the story their writing. Kripke does have issues with writing a good durable female character but he's not the only one writing stuff. I think we're still in the early stages of whatever Charloe will come to be and they're gonna take their time setting it up. I refuse to believe this show won't be renewed it's really not doing that bad in the ratings and it really could get better ! Anyway, we'll see soon enough how that all turns out.. Thank you so much for your support and for the Charloe love, of course !

  5. Hi,

    when are going to write about episode 2x16? It was a great charloe episode

  6. I am soooo ready for another review after this jaw dropping episode


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