Teen Wolf : Finally Some Action !

I've been longing for action for a while now and none of my summer shows could provide that, except for Teen Wolf. Yes it can be a little sketchy and there's always a lot going on at the same time but at least there's something going on !

Plus, I don't care if it's sketchy I love this show ! So, in last week's episode everybody was looking for Jackson. Again. But it's always fun so I don't mind. Since Scott joined Derek's pack there's only 2 rival groups : the wolves and the hunters. (I'm on Derek's side)

I love that they're together now ! I love Derek and I .. don't really care about Scott, but I love the way Derek feels protective of him.

This newfound friendship (yes that's what we're calling it) also includes Erica and Isaac. I used to find Isaac ridiculous and uninteresting but I'm really starting to like this bad-guy-but-in-a-fun-way thing.

It was sweet that Scott cared about Isaac's safety, a little premature but sweet.

Before we get back to the action -and the actual plot, I want to talk about Stiles. I really do want to give him his own post but well, I didn't. Yet. 

Anyway, Stiles had a very sad moment in that episode, in a scene with his dad, the sheriff. Throughout the show we've gotten to see that they're pretty close, their relationship isn't based on a power struggle like most parent-teen relationships. They're more like friends. But Daddy lost his job because of all the stuff (illegal stuff) his son's been doing.

Stiles is probably the nicest kid on the planet and he's also always looking to please others. He feels for people more than any other character in the show, so getting his dad fired and not even being yelled at for it, seeing his father that desperate really got to him. 

That's it there wasn't really any point to this but I don't talk about Stiles enough ! Luckily he had a moment of joy when the magic dust worked. But of course, that happiness was short-lived.

After securing the building and the kanima they got to the interrogation part. Jackson was so creepy as a possessed tortured creature. So I don't really remember what they did, but they wanted to talk to Jackson's master by luring him out, but he ended up fooling them by coming and talk to them. Through Jackson.

Basically the thing only kills murderers, turns out all the people that were killed were at the same high school, the same year, so it's safe to say they all knew each other. And they killed someone. Now I'm not entirely sure I got the next part right, but I don't see what else it could be so here 'comes : the person controlling Jackson is dead and he's having his revenge through Jackson. But that story has got so many holes I'm not really sure that's it. I think there's more to it. Isn't there always ?

Now the most adorable moment since the beginning of this show, yes, it involves Derek.

At some point, for some reason, Scott decided to go outside to, I don't know, get some fresh air ?? Anyway, Alison's psychotic sharpener freak of a mother decided to kill him because she saw him kissing his daughter. Passionately. But Scott's got a pack now ! So he called out to Derek who came to his rescue in an instant. Awww.

He even looked after him. I love Derek, I still don't know why. I can't put my finger on it but there's something about him that makes him the greatest character.

Also he bit the bitch. Ha ! Okay it's horrible for them, and I actually felt sorry for them, well for him mostly, she's a bitch, she can die I don't give a damn but it's sad for him..

I can't wait for the next episode ! Luckily I don't have to 'cause it's on in just a couple hours ! I want to know who's controlling Jackson, I want to know if it's Grandpa Argent, I want to know what the hell is wrong with Grandpa Argent ! Maybe he's actually dead, and controlling the kanima. That'd be interesting. But I'm guessing it won't be that, since I managed to think of it.

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