Teen Wolf : The Badass Is No More

Wow, I really love this show.

How did I not see this ?! That dude (I don't even know his name) was always creepy, and they weren't subtle about it either, I mean the thing with the photos, come on ! It was right here and I didn't see it.

Well I feel better knowing who's controlling Jackson (by the way, I'm just realizing it now but I finally learned his name !), I still thought it was Grandpa Argent - but it's not the most interesting thing on the show or in this episode. So let's move on to Derek.

Derek and Scott had a little conversation at the very beginning of the episode, - they're having less and less scenes together ... Anyway, it was amazing. It's the first time I notice, maybe it was always this way I don't know but I had a revelation : they're a couple.

"You always are keeping something from me !"
"Well maybe I do it to protect you."
"Doesn't me being part of you pack mean no more secrets ?"

I mean come on, what the hell is that ? Scott is suddenly an insecure needy girlfriend and Derek the strong and protective, more experienced boyfriend. They are so gay ... It's adorable !

Another sweet moment was when Derek had to lock up everyone in his pack (except for Scott). Of course the chains didn't hold and he was facing Erica and the black guy, who were out of their freaking mind.

LOVE this shot ...

But Isaac managed to control the power the moon had over him thus following in Derek's footsteps. And also he helped him restrain the 2 others since Scott was nowhere to be seen. As usual. 

But then of course stupid Lydia went ahead with her plan of screwing up everything they've worked for in season 1. Yay great idea ! I thought she was supposed to be smart ! Just because the big bad from season 1 (no I do not remember his name, I'll look it up later) threatened to kill everyone at her party even though he's buried, as in underground and, most importantly, DEAD ! They've been developing her character lately and basically all they've showed us is how clever (and tortured) she is. Couldn't she use that cute little head of hers to think for just a second and see it was an empty threat ?

I guess she couldn't. I hate this shot, a nervous and beaten Derek, what has this world come to ?

So the big bad is back ! At least I'm not worrying about the lack of storylines ..

Also, the death of Alison's mother made me cry. Yes I'm a girl and I cry. Uuughh. No but seriously it was a horribly sad and tragic moment, and I feel a little more sympathy toward Alison's dad, whom I don't think of as "that guy from the Secret Circle" anymore. I want to see the next episode so badly ! The kamina thing is pretty much over for me but I want to see Derek and ... the guy from season 1.

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