The Vampire Diares : Why So Sad ...

Ah, this episode was pretty hard on the nerves. Vampire Diaries, why do you do this to us ?

Probably because Evil Alaric looks good. So let's take it step by step and see what happened. As always, there was a dance, but Elena didn't enjoy it for long because she was sort of kidnapped by Esther, who spelled the school so that all vampires were trapped. Sadly the only one who could free everyone was Bonnie. So, as usual, it took a while.

During that time, Esther brought Elena to where her son killed her. Alaric was there, he had time to drink some of Elena's blood, be staked by Esther, all this, of course, after a long explanation of Esther's evil plan, which is to make Alaric the ultimate hunter by turning him into an Original.

Meanwhile, at the school, Tyler and Caroline had a very interesting conversation. Basically Tyler suggested that if he died it wasn't really a big deal if it meant Klaus was dead.

But then he got all jealous and Caroline reassured him, kissing him, telling him she loves him and all. That's fine by me, the only problem is they didn't quite finish talking about what's important, I mean who cares about Klaus being all over your girlfriend, you're gonna die ! Maybe it's worth talking about, I'm just sayin'.

Back to the Esther situation. Klaus finally figured out where his mama was, and he sent the humans to get her. Yeah smart. They almost shot each other but, hey, good idea man !

However, I'd like to point out that Roerig and McQueen played the physical aspect of the spell really well. With the shaking and all ... Nice.

But then, Good Alaric woke up and stabbed the Original Witch in the back. Then, the waterworks.

Poor Elena was all "It's my fault", isn't it always ? It's like every time someone she loves die, it's because of her. At some point, it gets old.

I'm not sure what I think of this scene. It was cute. Sure. You know what, let's leave it at that.

It was a sweet moment where Alaric got to see all the people that care for him, and he looked good.

I don't even have words for that scene with Damon. I just want to say that that first shot right here broke my heart.

Just looking at that picture is depressing.

And pretty much all of those.

That's what you do Vampire Diaries you break my heart.

And then you give me just a little something to keep me going 'till the next episode. You little rascals !

Considering the finale's supposed to be 10 times this, I'm a little worried, along with pimply-teenager-excited ! Just please don't kill Alaric.


True Blood : Russell Edgington, My Hero ...

True Blood is coming back in less than a couple months now and even though season 4 was mostly a disappointment, I have a feeling season 5 will be better, more like season 3. That is why I would like to talk about one of season 3's greatest characters. Yeah, him.

Russell Edgington.

Okay here's a little recap. Russell Edgington is a 3000-year-old power-hungry vampire, who was the king of Mississippi. He kidnapped Bill, who then pledged fealty to him to protect Sookie or something.

Also, he's always had werewolves on his side, he provides them with vampire blood in exchange for their loyalty.

Also, he's awesome.

Thanks to Franklin (The crazy vampire who kidnapped Tara, tried to kill her and, unfortunately, failed) he found out the secret file Bill has been keeping on Sookie because she's special.
Here's his reaction when he saw her using her microwave-fingers thing. He was pretty happy.

He was also a big part of Eric's storyline for this season. Russell has been interfering in humans' affairs for quite a while, and doing that, he killed Eric's family, well his wolves did, but still Eric's pissed about that and he pretends to admire and respect Russell so that he can betray him and make him pay for what he did.

But first he needed Russell's help freeing Pam from the Magister. So he came and made an eloquent and entertaining speech about the Authority.

He was good.

The Magister was all "I swear fealty, now and always, to the one true vampire authority" so Russell tortured him so that he'd marry him to the queen of Louisiana and then he cut off his head.

So, back to the Eric business. When he didn't need Russell anymore, he decided to kill his one true love, Talbot. That was an opportunity for us to see a fragile and sweet side of him. And then he went completely crazy.

Anyway, Eric tricked him into going out in the sunlight but then he changed his mind and decided to bury him in cement instead so that he would be trapped and unable to move (because of the silver chains). This way he's not a threat but he's still alive which means he has nothing but his grief and anger to keep him company. Luckily that didn't work. I think it's safe to say we'll see a lot more of Russel Edgington.

One last thing and then I'm done. The time Russell killed a news anchor on national television, just for fun.

I think this was my favourite Russell Edgington moment of all time. First he kills the guy, sits in his chair and then proceeds to explain why vampires are not humans' equals.

That was an amazing scene, Denis O'Hare is a great actor and he is just perfect for this part. It's the first time Russell's craziness becomes a real problem, and even if he wasn't there in season 4, all the vampires had to work in order to fix what he did. Good job dude, you really screwed them on that one. Also, that last line "Now time for the weather, Tiffany ?" Jesus, that was the coup de grâce. It's definitely an awesome scene and even though it was surprising, it really fitted the character.

 All this to say, Russell Edgington, I've missed you so much, I'm so glad you're back !

Supernatural : Family Reunion

Last week in Supernatural, Bobby finally came back - really, with the boys seeing him and all ! I have been waiting for this moment since he died, now it finally happened and it sucked ...
So there was this chick, a friend of Bobby's, she needed help on some case or something so she called Sam and Dean but for some reason she couldn't wait for them so she went to the haunted house alone and of course she was killed by an angry ghost.

So when the boys came to the house they were like "Dude she's not picking up, maybe something happened to her !" Gee, you think ?

But, since Bobby is a ghost, he was able to get the story before them. First, he had a little heart to heart with his bestie, then he actually started asking questions to one of the hundred other ghosts trapped in the house. And thanks to that guy, he learned how to manifest himself within one episode ! 

And so came the long-awaited "Huh, you're still here !" moment. Except it sucked. First it was kinda' good, they were getting emotional and all but then Dean had to ruin everything and be all serious. 

For Dean, Bobby should've gone with the reaper to heaven where he could've been happy, and finally get some rest and have some fun after all this fighting. But Bobby decided to stay to "finish the work" and also because he couldn't quite bring himself to leave his boys just yet, and that was actually a very sweet moment way back in episode 10.

So now it's all conflicted emotions, they don't know what to do but apparently, for the two brothers, this cannot be a definitive solution. But they'll probably find a way to send him to heaven, I mean they're not gonna just off him, right ?


The Secret circle : I'm losing hope ...

If I haven't already because quite frankly, I stopped thinking this show had any chance of competing with The Vampire Diaries around Nick's death, but still I found it to be entertaining, it became one of the funniest shows I knew. Sadly, I didn't laugh at all in the las three episodes (actually I haven't even really watched the last one), the ridicule is still there and believe me it is at its top, but it just doesn't do it for me anymore ...

Shall we begin ? First of all, Adam. Yeah let's get it out of the way. He's just won't stop getting happier and happier, seriously so much happiness in one guy ... Sooner or later it gets to you.

Happy face in episode 17
Starin' down before the throwin' down. He's a delight.

  Luckily there's Jake to keep me from crying over the obvious lack of (hot) guys in this show. But he's too busy staring at Adam to assess his superiority to actually be of any use, besides he was dying in that episode so ... yeah.

 That little fight in episode 17 was actually kind of funny to watch bu that whole throw-Jake-in-the-air-to-protect-your-stupid-boyfriend thing managed to wipe that giggly smile off my face in a few seconds (which, I realize, is actually quite long for a smile to disappear). And that dramatic moment afterwards like "Oh my go he killed what's-his-face" and "Are you okay honey-bunny ?" I mean, come on ! The guy that's supposedly your friend, and who by the way, is dying thanks to you, is lying on the floor after flying a few feet away, again, thanks to you, but I don't see you asking if he's okay ! No of course not, who cares right ? Tssss ...

 Yes that moment pissed me off. I'm gonna say they deserved what happened next :

I'll bet you didn't see THAT coming did you now ?

But of course I shouldn't make fun of this tragic love story. But that doesn't mean I'm gonna stop. You know how usually you automatically feel sympathy for someone crying ? Well, not here. I'm sorry she looks like a crazy person.

How do you like my poker face ?

Okay I'm done with the stupid sorta' triangle. All in all episode 18 was pretty much the same, with a big showdown in a graveyard at the end, the usual ... As always they played it perfectly.

All right, now with the useless new characters. First, the obnoxious needy girlfriend. Well, what can I say ? She's a psycho it's sad, but hey there's worse ...

And the rich-actually-poor sailer ... I find those stories boring and out of place, they have nothing to bring to the show they're just here to fill, so that it gets to 40 minutes.

Also, I may have blacked out during episode 18, but I didn't get the end. I mean, okay Cassie's father dug up a skeleton, he probably killed the poor fella and he is, once again, withholding information. Sure. But what exactly is the implication ? I think it's got something to do with the demons, but then again I may have passed out watching that episode.