The Vampire Diares : Why So Sad ...

Ah, this episode was pretty hard on the nerves. Vampire Diaries, why do you do this to us ?

Probably because Evil Alaric looks good. So let's take it step by step and see what happened. As always, there was a dance, but Elena didn't enjoy it for long because she was sort of kidnapped by Esther, who spelled the school so that all vampires were trapped. Sadly the only one who could free everyone was Bonnie. So, as usual, it took a while.

During that time, Esther brought Elena to where her son killed her. Alaric was there, he had time to drink some of Elena's blood, be staked by Esther, all this, of course, after a long explanation of Esther's evil plan, which is to make Alaric the ultimate hunter by turning him into an Original.

Meanwhile, at the school, Tyler and Caroline had a very interesting conversation. Basically Tyler suggested that if he died it wasn't really a big deal if it meant Klaus was dead.

But then he got all jealous and Caroline reassured him, kissing him, telling him she loves him and all. That's fine by me, the only problem is they didn't quite finish talking about what's important, I mean who cares about Klaus being all over your girlfriend, you're gonna die ! Maybe it's worth talking about, I'm just sayin'.

Back to the Esther situation. Klaus finally figured out where his mama was, and he sent the humans to get her. Yeah smart. They almost shot each other but, hey, good idea man !

However, I'd like to point out that Roerig and McQueen played the physical aspect of the spell really well. With the shaking and all ... Nice.

But then, Good Alaric woke up and stabbed the Original Witch in the back. Then, the waterworks.

Poor Elena was all "It's my fault", isn't it always ? It's like every time someone she loves die, it's because of her. At some point, it gets old.

I'm not sure what I think of this scene. It was cute. Sure. You know what, let's leave it at that.

It was a sweet moment where Alaric got to see all the people that care for him, and he looked good.

I don't even have words for that scene with Damon. I just want to say that that first shot right here broke my heart.

Just looking at that picture is depressing.

And pretty much all of those.

That's what you do Vampire Diaries you break my heart.

And then you give me just a little something to keep me going 'till the next episode. You little rascals !

Considering the finale's supposed to be 10 times this, I'm a little worried, along with pimply-teenager-excited ! Just please don't kill Alaric.

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