True Blood : Russell Edgington, My Hero ...

True Blood is coming back in less than a couple months now and even though season 4 was mostly a disappointment, I have a feeling season 5 will be better, more like season 3. That is why I would like to talk about one of season 3's greatest characters. Yeah, him.

Russell Edgington.

Okay here's a little recap. Russell Edgington is a 3000-year-old power-hungry vampire, who was the king of Mississippi. He kidnapped Bill, who then pledged fealty to him to protect Sookie or something.

Also, he's always had werewolves on his side, he provides them with vampire blood in exchange for their loyalty.

Also, he's awesome.

Thanks to Franklin (The crazy vampire who kidnapped Tara, tried to kill her and, unfortunately, failed) he found out the secret file Bill has been keeping on Sookie because she's special.
Here's his reaction when he saw her using her microwave-fingers thing. He was pretty happy.

He was also a big part of Eric's storyline for this season. Russell has been interfering in humans' affairs for quite a while, and doing that, he killed Eric's family, well his wolves did, but still Eric's pissed about that and he pretends to admire and respect Russell so that he can betray him and make him pay for what he did.

But first he needed Russell's help freeing Pam from the Magister. So he came and made an eloquent and entertaining speech about the Authority.

He was good.

The Magister was all "I swear fealty, now and always, to the one true vampire authority" so Russell tortured him so that he'd marry him to the queen of Louisiana and then he cut off his head.

So, back to the Eric business. When he didn't need Russell anymore, he decided to kill his one true love, Talbot. That was an opportunity for us to see a fragile and sweet side of him. And then he went completely crazy.

Anyway, Eric tricked him into going out in the sunlight but then he changed his mind and decided to bury him in cement instead so that he would be trapped and unable to move (because of the silver chains). This way he's not a threat but he's still alive which means he has nothing but his grief and anger to keep him company. Luckily that didn't work. I think it's safe to say we'll see a lot more of Russel Edgington.

One last thing and then I'm done. The time Russell killed a news anchor on national television, just for fun.

I think this was my favourite Russell Edgington moment of all time. First he kills the guy, sits in his chair and then proceeds to explain why vampires are not humans' equals.

That was an amazing scene, Denis O'Hare is a great actor and he is just perfect for this part. It's the first time Russell's craziness becomes a real problem, and even if he wasn't there in season 4, all the vampires had to work in order to fix what he did. Good job dude, you really screwed them on that one. Also, that last line "Now time for the weather, Tiffany ?" Jesus, that was the coup de grâce. It's definitely an awesome scene and even though it was surprising, it really fitted the character.

 All this to say, Russell Edgington, I've missed you so much, I'm so glad you're back !

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