Revolution : In Memory Of Jason Neville, Because Apparently Connor Didn't Die..

Well. We have to talk about it. So here it goes.

   It started out great. There was a people in charge meeting and Charlie was in it ! At some point it even seemed like there was some Charloe eye sex going on there but no. She's looking at eager mercenary dude (standing next to FAVORITE MERC OF ALL TIME WHO HAS YET TO SPEAK KRIPKE GET YOU SHIT TOGETHER).

But Bass is looking to his right. And Charlie's standing in that line of sight. Make of that what you will.

   Honestly the lack of Charloe silent communication doesn't even matter as long as Charlie is a legit for real main character who gets included in the decision process.

So they're talking, scheming and disagreeing when finally Jason comes in holding (incompetent) Connor at gun point.

I have a few issues with this scene.

Bass is being cute and protective so that was good.

And Jason's just like I wanna help. And he's so freaking adorable, it makes me sad just looking at him.

So my main trouble is : what the hell do you all have against him ?! WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR PROBLEM WHY YOU GOTTA BE SO AGRESSIVE ?!

   He clearly stated he only needed Connor in order to get within speaking distance of them. The 'sorry bro' is implied. You got him back safe and sound, STOP BEING ASSHOLES.

   I love that Charlie finally SPEAKS UP when in a situation like this where they gotta decide if they're gonna trust someone or not, and it's good that she's the one being distrustful and pragmatic.. If she had been all like 'yay Jason let's trust him he ok trust me guys' it would've felt like she was being the naive little girl she used to be. So it's good that she's learned from her past experiences and mistakes..

But look at that face.......

He's being nice and helpful and apologetic and altogether super adorable and she's just like NOPE F#CK YOU.

Poor little thing, don't cry. *whispers* they don't appreciate you like I do shhh you gon' be fine my beautiful brainwashed baby.

Luckily (not) Bass is pro-Jason and in the end Miles sides with him.

   Side note : would it be too much to ask for better lighting ? Seriously, it's getting ridiculous, 90% of this show's events happen at night, AND WE CAN'T SEE SH!T !!

So they're all off to Austin to save the Texas government. Miles, Bass, Charlie, Jason and Connor. BEST TEAM EVER.

Miles, Bass, you guys need to stop being so silly and adorable. It's too much I'm drowning in the cuteness.

Ladies and gentlemen, there was Charloe. You ready for it ? Bass gets off the little boat (btw he was sitting right in front of Charlie).

Charlie gets off as well. Ooh. Charlie moving. Lemme look at your beautiful leg gracefully swinging out and over. We see you BASS, naughty motherf#cker.

   AND THEN, she relays him in taking care of the boat and signifies her intent to him by WHAT? Touching his arm. And of course we can barely see it because this is, as of yet, the worst lighting we've ever had to suffer through. It's right up there with that time Charlie hit Bass with a pipe.

Then he's like 'ok Charlie's got it maaan she's good..' And so his mind goes on and on as they disembark.

And that's it. We've had better, but let's face it, we're not above anything anymore. Jason stop looking so cute it makes me cry.

   Mat Vairo has GOT to stop sounding so much like David Lyons. It's freaking me out. Like wow. They really did a good job casting him. But he's being annoying. He annoys me. And I am so relieved that Charlie seems super irritated too. Good girl.

Charlie and Miles walking in the front like badass mothafuckaaaas.

    So they get to this hotel where the cadets from Willoughby were sent to. And Charlie is being so useful and NOT invisible, I can't, it's soo good, PLEASE keep it going.

About Monroe's Jason appreciation little moment. 'Cause he's coming in handy in avoiding getting themselves blown to bits.

   He's looking at Charlie. He's so totally looking at her she's the only person standing to his right ! So. What I'm getting is 'Hehe see CHARLIE?! (you may read Charlotte) IN YO FACE" Yup. That's totally it.

And naturally the camera switches to her face to show her reaction. He was. Talking. To. HER.

   I like how after 3 seconds of snooping around Miles just finds the one piece of super secret document that happens to have the name of the target on it. #obviouskripke

    I'm really liking the fact that whenever Charlie says something, Bass answers. Like her questions and opinions are valid and they deserve answering, now, from him, not Miles. I know I'm just grasping at straws. DESPERATELY. And it's pathetic and sad. But that's the beauty of Charloe.

This is just eye candy.

    Anyway, Blanchard, former Texas President, is gonna get killed. So they gotta warn him but of course Miles and Monroe are on less than delicate terms with like, the whole of Texas. And Charlie's like 'well f#cking played guyz nice..' And since apparently everything good that Charlie does is coming from Tracy Spiridakos and not the writers, I'm gonna go on a limb here and thank you Tracy.

So the adults go save the guy while the kids stay home and watch the new kid.

    And he's so f#cking awesome and honest and so many other things, he tackles a patriot dude and saves all of their lives. And Connor and Charlie are just yelling and being disapproving. Unappreciative bastards. Except you Charlie. You cool.

So they start interrogating him. And Jason's in charge apparently. Because he's awesome.

And that guy is just ugh.. I'm actually glad he's dead. Wait, is he dead ? He should be.

   The guy's being a condescending ass. And the reason everything he says hurts so much is because it's true. Jason's been the show's patsy since the beginning. No one ever trusts him or wants to work with him except his dad, and that's only because he knows the boy is his to maim and boss around. He is kinda dumb (although not a complete idiot) and pliable (although not weak). But he doesn't deserve any of it. He was made into this by his dad. People suck. Charlie feels me.

Poor Jason. It's like they had to milk him for all the angst and pain he had left before they killed him off. Kripke you suck too.

Jason gets pissed, rightfully so, and suddenly feels like bashing the guy's head in. So he asks for his handcuffs to be taken off.

 He's so hurt and frustrated it actually breaks my heart. WHY YOU GOTTA TORTURE PEOPLE LIKE THAT KRIPKE?!

   And, thank the lord baby Jesus, Charlie is a freaking angel of beautiful kindness and love and so, she takes them off. Because she trusts him and because screw you Connor !

   It was a beautiful moment and I was happy happy and then OH F#CK THE RED PLAID SHIRT OF DOOM. Why did they give us all the spoilers seriously ? It was enough to figure it all out and that means it was too much.

HEHE you gon get yo face smashed in.

   Anyway, when all that was happening, Bass and Miles were on their little mission and oh man I love the two of them on missions !! Miles is like "ugh goddamn high window I'm too old for this shit."

While Bass gracefully swoops in and walk dances after Miles like a beautiful gazelle. Wearing a leather jacket.

   I absolutely love every single Miles/Monroe interaction from this point on. This is the guy's bedroom. Miles takes a peek. And OOPS, old fat guy getting spanked by a twenty something pleasure worker.

He's like wtf?

And of course, he looks to Bass for moral support and focus and just to share his wtf feeling with someone BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT FRIENDS ARE FOR.

   I like that no matter what, they work so freaking well together. You can't object to that. So sure they have issues but in the end they're really much more efficient when working together. So Miles will never get rid of Monroe. Because he can't. YEPP, screw you Rachel.

This is the best.

   They're morons. It's like the cool kids just walked in on the fat guy everyone wants to be friends with because he's rich, and since he's blindfolded they're like 'yeah spank him, mwehehe'.


STOP BEING SO GODDAMN ADORABLE ! They're just having so much fun !! Look at that face ! So much happiness it's too cute just, come on. 

    You know when you see like a really cute puppy being excessively happy and you feel like your heart is exploding ?! Billy, you're that puppy. Don't do the laugh smile. You're too adorable when you do that. IT'S UNBEARABLE.

But anyway, fun's over, cause they need to talk war and assassinations.

   And Bass is a little too understanding of Texan guy's yearning for action and power. "Here's to getting back in that chair" ?! UMMM, how 'bout NO BASS ? You just be cute and happy and not ruling a country, ok ?

    However I do like Miles having that person that is all for him doing what he thinks is necessary. Because with Rachel trying to get him to join the righteous sons of b!tches club, he hasn't exactly been at his best lately.

   Bass is not enamored with Rachel (THANK GOD FOR SMALL FAVORS) so he can see the difference between doing the right thing and being too goody-goody to actually get things where they need to go.

And is it just me or is that Miles's 'you're right, but I refuse to acknowledge it in any way' face ?

Why yes I believe it is.

   But, Bass ? Just take it down a notch ok ? You're right and I appreciate you and your true value but try not sounding like a jealous psycho ok great that'd be just perfect.

    Since only one thing can go right per episode someone had to die. And it can't be the current leader of Texas so it's gotta be old pervert guy. Awww I liked him.. He gets stabbed by one of his girls, and Miles is trying to help and stop the bleeding but in the mean time he's like 'gross'..

And somehow, the guards heard him getting stabbed because why the hell not?

What us ? We're just a couple of innocent young la..*-SEBASTIAN MONROE!

And cue the amazingly skilled team of death in all of its glory. Communicating silently and all that sh!t (OH MY CHARLOE FEELS)

Urgh goddamnit Bass 

DEM SKILLZ. Beautiful ! *aggressive clapping*

    They get back to the kids to find that they've gathered all the information they needed. Jason figures they still don't trust him and Miles is like 'SON, it's OK, you've proven yourself, you part of the gang now." Excuse me while I go find the pieces of my broken heart and soul.

I'm not sure I feel like commenting on this.

Charlie sees Jason's hands shaking as he loads his gun so she walks up to him and just smothers him with trust and support.

No I can't comment on that, it's just too sweet and urgh. I mean LOOK AT HER FACE.

MOVING ON. So. It's here. The public speech. 10 minutes away from the end of the episode. We all know what's coming.. On a totally unrelated note, here's Charlie's reaction to Miles directive to shoot the Willoughby kids on sight.

   Here's Bass's. I don't know what to read into it, but I find it very satisfying that they'd show both of their reactions to it and that it's more or less the same.

At some point Bass is made by a Texan because, of course.

He looking at me ?
YOOOUUUUU *starts moving in*
No way to screencap the headbutt. But it was there and it was glorious. I like the blond girl in the back. She's like 'Hmmm this looks suspicious'

There you go hehe
Ok just be casual, it's cool
B!tches don't suspect a thing mwahahhaha

And that b!tch Shirley something (who I'm hoping is going to die at some point in the near future, preferably at Charlie's hands/GUN) reads Jason's number. And tells him to kill Carver.

And you know it's finally here. There's no denying it anymore.

The tension, man, it's horrible ! You know he's gonna die, or at least they're gonna fight but it's super quiet.

And he has the face of an angel.

But he has a sniper rifle.

And he cray.

   He just keeps banging her on the shelves and man that's gotta hurt. But she's still holding her own, sorta, and I think we can all stand up and give this girl a round of applause because she doesn't have nearly as much muscle strength or training as he does and yet she's not going down easy.

And she's smart. So. Knife. Thigh.

She lunges for the gun but ends up crawling on the floor, which gives Jason time to overpower her again. Because the bastards want to drag it out.

   Eventually she gets the gun. HOW DID THE POSSIBILITY OF CHARLIE HANDLING HERSELF LIKE A BIG GIRL NOT EVEN CROSS MY MIND?! I blame this on the writers. I blame everything on the writers.

They had a nice story, if slightly frustrating. He was supposed to use her to get to Miles but he found himself wanting to protect her. Corny but sweet.

   She found out he wasn't to be trusted. Her feelings were hurt I guess. But eventually she just said what the hell and decided to trust him again. Only to wrongfully accuse him of betraying that trust again. Which hurt his feelings.

    But it wasn't that bad, it was gonna be ok, they were already headed in the right path BUT they got separated and ended up on different sides. And that was the end of it. They didn't break up, they were (excuse the cliche) torn apart. And with all the crazy sh!t going on they didn't even get a chance to talk, apologize, forgive each other.

   I'm sorry i'm being so cheesy but I feel like it was a sweet story and it was in fact so sweet I used to find it irritating and boring. But in the end it was simple and cute and they probably both would have been really happy.

   I blame Tracy. It's so excruciatingly painful to watch Charlie being so scared and sad but ready to do whatever she has to. Anyway, let's get it over with, she tells him to step back he keeps moving forward and she shoots him and it's horrible and sad and why Kripke, WHY?!

I would just like to take a moment to say that Rachel is a stupid b!tch and that if you were rooting for Miles to shoot the kid back in Why We Fight, you were f#cking right and you deserve better than righteous Rachel. Because that kid ended up almost killing the PRESIDENT OF TEXAS. Well f#cking done Rachel, gotta hand it to ya,  grrreat move, real smart, don't change a thing.

The gunshot creates a panic, stupid kid that should be dead already gets his gun, but Miles shoots him FINALLY. So, again, wow Rachel, it was really useful.

But nobody cares let's get back to the painful stuff.

It's ok my baby you did good. *could've shot him in the leg or arm but hey sh!t happens*

Apparently the love and affection that Charlie exhibits here (and that Jason f#cking deserves !) was all Tracy Spiridakos going against the writer's first choice.

    Jason I'm so bummed that you're the one that died. Called that sh!t by the way.. I'm not sure how I feel about Connor anymore. In the past couple episodes all he has done was exasperate me. And in this episode he was completely and utterly irrelevant. He got like 3 lines, they were annoying, and he didn't do sh!t. Jason was sad and cute like an angel and USEFUL and a BADASS and he died. Do I hate Connor now? ...Too soon to tell.



   And the little mom kiss.. This breaks me. I am actually depressed now. Like really. I'm gonna re-read all that and hit publish, and move on, but I'll still be depressed.

   And it just shows how powerful a moment it was and what great actors they are but I don't like it. I'm sad. JD Pardo, thank you for gracing our TV screens with your beautiful angel face for the past couple years. You will be missed.

   I really want to take my frustration out on Connor for some reason like it's his fault for not dying ! The sad life of a whipping boy.. So Connor was useless and I take back everything I said about crying more for Connor's death than Jason's. I'm sorry guys, I don't know how many people are gonna be against me on this but I wish it would've been Connor.. And he better stay away from Charlie. If he so much as tries to be nice or comforting or if Jason's death is used in any way as a connection between the two, he's my whipping boy for good.

   Anyway, I cannot wait for ep 19 and I REALLY hope there'll be Charloe, the real stuff not the disgrace that was this episode's Charloe. Charlie's life is gonna be in danger so there is a real potential for it *is what I keep saying to myself as I rock gently in a corner..* To leave you on a happy thought, there's only 4 episodes left and we'll know if we're getting more in a matter of weeks. That's not happy at all I'm sorry, I meant NO MORE HIATUSES (after this one) ! But think of the Neville-Matheson face off of vengeance !


  1. Goll I love your comments. So frickin' funny and cute. Did you notice at one point Charlie says to Connor the only person she trusts less than Jason is Connor. If she means that then whoa some real between the lines healing, bonding has happened between Charlie and Bass. I mean really I don't see how she can trust Monroe (who was crazy dictator, family murderer, mom jailer more than Connor who hasn't done anything wrong yet. The only way this makes sense is if those Charloe moments we interpret are real. Like him saving her again and again, him coming back, him seeming to respect her opinion and skills really does resound with her and has built a beautiful Charloe bridge (along with the fact that she adores Miles and Bass and Miles have an adorable moving love that also affects Charlie's view of Bass).

    1. I see the whole thing of Charlie trusting Connor less than Bass thing related to her trust issues...

      Connor: I know you think my dads a bastard.
      Charlie: Are you like him?
      Connor: no
      (Or something like that. )

      Connor lied to her. He said he wasn't like his dad... yet he was planning to bring back Republic right behind her back. Charlie hates people lying to her... something which Bass has never done. He's blunt and to the point. And Charlie - though she won't admit it - respects that. She trusts him not to lie or bury the truth from her.

      So, yeah, Connor lied. *Bad Connor*.

  2. I just found your little blog here and MAN, this is pretty freaking awesome!! You make me laugh for sure!

  3. Love your blog. Hope you will recap 2.19...Charloe nation needs you! ;)

  4. I always love reading your recaps they are so funny and I love the fact that you are a charloe fan. Please continue!

  5. I loved Jason from the beginning, and him dying, that was it. I was done. He was the only character I got so excited to watch. His character was perfect! I CAN'T BELIEVE HE'S DEAD, AHHH :( I still believe in you JARLIE, you guys will always be right for each other!


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