Revolution : Missing You (More Charlie and Monroe)

Man, this hiatus is killing me. 3 more little weeks. We can make it, it's not that long, really.. *dying inside.

I'd like to start with that hair.. The most accurate description I've come across was "Charlie hair porn". Yep, that about sums it up.

 So, I am a tiny bit obsessed with that Charlie/Monroe connection.

I'm Batman. No, you're better ^^

When I say "a tiny bit" what I really mean is it's pathological. I try not to rewatch the very few Charloe moments we have been blessed with too much but I think I know most of them by heart already .. I'm getting a little worried about my sanity. The simplest look and I'm all giddy like "omfg did you see that ?! THE LOOOOOK!! Did you see it ???!!" I think I need to calm down a bit. Plus we still don't really know if they're gonna make this ship canon. You know what I think ? I believe. I have faith in Eric Kripke, plus he said himself they've noticed the chemistry. 

As it so happens in the mid-season finale, all the couples are paired up together : Miles and Rachel, Aaron and his girl (didn't make a big impression), CHARLIE AND MONROE. You don't split them up in such a specific and suggestive way if you're not trying to do something.  

So Charlie and our beloved Bass go searching through the -is it the school ?? Who cares ? Abandoned looking hallways, which is the best place ever for a search party under pressure. Of course trouble was bound to find them at some point.

That sync.

Charlie chose the worst hiding spot ever and Monroe's across from her.

So much eye contact.*squee* Must.. screen.. cap !! 

I absolutely love that she saw the exit sign first and he's just following her gaze.

And the head-tilting, OMG the head-tilting ..

And the son of a bitch just leaves her there, like "well, sucks to be you." Luckily, she finds a good hiding spot.

Unfortunately, she comes out of it a little too soon. 

But ... He comes back. He f#cking comes back. I can't help but imagine what went through his head. He was leaving, he didn't even want to be there in the first place, he was probably like "screw them, wha'ever I'll do wha' I want !" but then he either remembered Miles would never tell him where his son was or he thought what if they get her ? He felt guilty and just couldn't leave her alone.

Let's be realistic here, he could've told Miles they'd gotten separated somehow and ... well, he made it and she didn't. Wouldn't really sit well but it could work ! So in conclusion, the throat slitting was all for her. Awwwww.

But we want to see them working together now that we've had the adorable childish little exchange about the exit. So, more patriots headed their way. Which is weird since there's shooting where Miles and Rachel are, you'd think they'd be headed that way, but our good Kripke agrees with me, he wants to see them kill people, and look at each other and be badass together.

And boy, do they work well together. I choose to see that as a hint that Kripke also believes they're made for each other. Yeah that must be it.


I really dig all the eye contact and killing people and combined awesomeness. Like, get a room already !

And then Aaron tells the nano tech to kill everybody, so the guys they were shooting at burst into flames. Which is really just another excuse for more eye contact.

See what I mean ? I have a problem, all this silent communication, I just can't take it, it's too much for my romantic action loving little mind. I'm a little worried that Monroe's son joining in is gonna make the age difference too weird and ruin everything .. But then again maybe he'll die and Charlie will be there to comfort Bass. That'd be awesome. I pray to whoever's listening, please make that happen and I'll never ask for anything ever again. You don't need anything else when you got Charloe.


The Vampire Diaries : Well, WTF ?

    Okay, this episode, man, I don't even know how to put it into words. It was good, not as good as it used to be, sure naturally, but better than some of the stuff they've put us through. But it's like every single thing that happened was the worst thing that could've happened. And you can feel it's gonna happen. There's one moment where you're like 'okay, bad but fixable' but you know they're gonna go with the worst possible outcome.

   Like Damon breaking up with Elena. What the hell was that ? Come. On. Damon, I mean Damon just left Elena. Oh really ? Because that's unheard of *cough*fouth time!!*cough!

    Seriously, they have pulled that shit a million times over. Damon's not good enough for Elena because he is oh so selfish, so he leaves her. Sure he always has a good reason. His brother's always better than him, better for her. Or he doesn't want her to have to defend him for all the terrible things he's done because he's a terrible terrible person. And, oh right, he can't be with her because it might not be real for reasons of the supernatural sort. You know, the regular stuff.

   We get it, she's gonna end up with Stefan. Every single time Damon and Elena move forward, something happens that makes Damon realize he's done bad things. So he checks out. And the rest of the time Elena is Team Stefan.

   That being said, I do still hope that somehow Elena and Stefan won't end up together. Let's be honest here for a second, shall we ? Stefan and Katherine together ? Yes, please. That's chemistry right there, it is so much more interesting than Stefan and Elena. Or even Damon and Katherine. Well Damon and anyone really. I don't see him ending up with someone other than Elena and calling it a happy ending. Damon's happy ending is Elena choosing him over his brother. Anything else will be emo Damon. And although that used to be nice, it's not really doing for me anymore.

    Anyway, that is absolutely not the point. Katherine and Stefan. Finally, it's happened. But Katherine is still a bad person and former big bad, remember ? Back when the show was awesome ? And well, Stefan is still Stefan, living brooding moral compass and all the way good person. So it's not like he's gonna forgive her right away I mean that wouldn't be fun. But anyway, it's on a nice little path, heading in the right direction, please TVD, do not disappoint.

Besides, excuse me, but that look ??? He doesn't look at Elena that way. No sir, he does not.

   Please, please don't ruin it. Like by killing Katherine off. Or putting her in someone else's body, don't you dare do that. Actually I think I'd rather she died than look like someone else. And no trying to kill Elena, please for the love of everything that is holy, we all know it's never gonna happen, just let it go. How about she just magically heals ? Or dies and comes back immortal ?! Yeah do that.

   So, Katherine took the cure a while back and became a human. All was right with the world. Except, she's aging super fast and she can't ingest vampire blood. By the way we would've done just fine with the simple Katherine's not good at being a human plot. That was great. But Katherine dying ? Except for making her way to redemption a lot quicker, it really sucks. If she dies.. well I can't say I'm gonna stop watching, because after 5 years of this, my brain is wired to never give up on the Vampire Diaries, but man, I'll be pissed !

   I might be repeating myself but I want Stefan and Katherine to end up together. Again, the relationship is much much more interesting than say, Stefan and Elena's. I really like Katherine. Lately, her scenes have been the only ones actually worth watching in my opinion. And even in season 2, they made it so we loved to hate her. She's just badass like that. I'd very much like it if she had a happy ending too. And her happy ending is Stefan.


I know that's a lot of screen caps but man, that moment ! I know they're played by the same person but Katherine is waaaaaay better than Elena, more, I don't know.. moving I guess ? When Elena's sad, now I just don't care, okay I see you're sad and yeah, bummer but it's not sad for me. However seeing Katherine's face when Stefan says he's sorry about her dying, I'm like "WHAaAaHaAAHyY ?! Pleeeeease let her be happy" *ugly sobbing*

   This is gonna sound so fangirly but remember in the second season when there was a flashback explaining how Katherine didn't die in 1864 (we all know that date by heart now don't deny it) ? Damon and Stefan had gotten shot trying to rescue her and after she got free, she kneeled over his transitioning-to-vampire-dead body and promised they'd be together again. Super cheesy, be prepared, but in the episode before when they "were together all night" wink wink, it made me think of that moment when she's remembering, all dreamy and such. And I was like "awwwww she kept her promise".

   Damon and Katherine are actually the only two characters I care about and want to be happy. I've been shipping Delena for years now -kind of sounds super committed when you phrase it like that like, people, years we have been fighting for this, years I tell you ! Anyway I've always wanted Damon to get Elena. Because I want him to get the girl ! Elena is a pain but she has the merit of being his freaking soul mate. It's almost cheesy how he's all like she's the girl. Same for Katherine. Almost 4 seasons she's been pining for Stefan ! Come on, let her have him, girl deserves it.

   So I don't want her to die. I don't want Damon and Elena to break up, I don't want Stefan to be the one rescuing Elena, I don't want Elena not to go after Damon, I don't want the writers to always choose the worst of the two possible endings. Stefan actually did okay in that department. Okay, you're not gonna forgive her instantly but, hand-holding. But the other stuff sucked.

   On the plus side, we did not see or hear of Bonnie, Caroline OR Jeremy once in the entire episode. That was a much needed and appreciated break.