Teen Wolf : Epic Return

   Man oh man, a great return for Teen Wolf which is in complete contradiction with what I remember from the first half of the season. Sure it was nice but it wasn't really that good, or at least not as good at this!! This was awesome I gotta say, would've been even better if it wasn't for one major issue : no Derek. Well actually, only a little Derek. We, Derek lovers were blessed with the last 30 seconds of the episode. And only that. Honorable slot as it is, I expect a little more than that. Actually I think no Derek at all would've been better than the excruciatingly small and frustrating amount of Derek we've had. And it's a cliffhanger. Yep, they are actually being held hostage and we don't know what the f#ck is going on ! Like it wasn't bad enough already. I really wonder who's holding them hostage because if my memory serves right -and I'm pretty sure it does, it's in the Argents' basement/room of pain.

   And of course it's the big bad's fault. I'll never say enough how happy I am that he's not dead. I can't remember his name but damn it I love that guy. Plus, he and Derek locked up together is one of the best combinations ! But enough about them! (Since there's literally no more material for that, at all)

   Stiles, Scott and Alison are having hallucinations and sleep issues, Freddy Krueger style. Fred is f#cking with your mind before he slashes you up style. It was so f#cking creepy. Well done. But it led to a lot of Alison scenes and that's never good. I love how she comes out of the elevator into a real life deserted hospital, lights freaking flickering and all and she's just like 'Hmmm the door to the morgue just inexplicably opened, WONDER WHAT'S IN THERE! Seriously ? Girl, what is wrong with you, haven't you watched Grave Encounters ?! When you step out of your home elevator and into a hospital, something has clearly gone very wrong. And she's like mildly intrigued. I'm pretty sure any relatively normal person would freak the f#ck out, I wouldn't get out of the elevator, just fetal position my way through it.

And when it's over, then she has the decency to look a little freaked out !

   By the way, Alison and Isaac, what the hell ?! Did something happen ? And what ?? Because I remember the very subtle *cough*NOT*cough* hints that there was gonna be something but when did things get so official ?? Scott knows about it, first news. Alison is having wet dreams about Isaac. Did not see that one coming. I was like 'whose dream is this?!' but no, it really was Alison's. But anyway, I probably just forgot some major plot twist. 'Happens. That's what you get for making me wait all that time !

   Stiles's thing is the creepiest of all in my opinion. You know it, it's the Krugs. I think it was an appropriate way to start the episode, puts you on high alert right from the start. Stiles wakes up in a locker, at school, goes out and into a classroom and what do you know there's a big fat hewn tree trunk in there. It's the super tree trunk with powers from the beginning of the season, I know it has a ridiculous sounding name but I can't remember it. And no I'm not gonna stoop to look it up.

Then he wakes up, and Lydia's in his bed by the way, very interesting we'll get back to that.. someday. And she's all like 'go back to sleep' but the door is open. That door, man. The whole door thing was actually pretty scary. Well, I was scared..

   But the worst was really when he thought he'd woken up, or at least we did. "..not sure this is even real" and BAM, wakes up screaming. Teen Wolf, you're not going easy on me man. And I like it !

Also there's the riddle thing. Stiles walks to class, everyone seems normal, going about their business. Some girl is sitting where he usually sits, so he tells her so and she answers in sign language. Of course he has the reaction anyone would have when facing a person with seating privileges : grudging acceptance.

   BUT THEN, the creeps. It is so freaking quiet man, I would have a panic attack if something like that happened to me. Stiles realizes that his fellow classmates are not their usual noisy selves.

Enters the creepy sign language. Again.

But luckily Stiles wakes up, proof that whistling like a maniac to get your students' attention is effective, take note. And oh mother of creepiness, he wasn't asleep. I mean come on that's way better than Scott being scared of his own shadow. Clearly this couldn't have been done, or not as well, by anyone other than Dylan O'Brien. I'm clapping for you bro.

   I love the group talking, really teen show and yes that's my guilty pleasure. So I'm a girl, sue me.

   So some girl "couldn't help but "overhear" what they were saying", riiiiiiiiight. I'm only mentioning it because the way they've introduced her makes me think she's gonna be important to the story. Or die a brutal death. Hey, maybe both ! Her theory on all the creepiness is a Buddhist thing. And it's wrong. Well, you tried..

   Turns out, when they died to give power to the tree of doom or whatever they opened a door in their mind. And that door is still "ajar". Oh, and the riddle ? When is a door not a door ? That's the perfect illustration of why I love Teen Wolf, they couldn't just have the doctor know the answer just because he knew (like always) no, they had to have Stiles's mind tell him. With a riddle. Best way to find out ever, not at all creepy, I love it. Honestly, the creepiness of having an abstract door open and welcoming inside their mind, that they need to close as soon as possible, or the Freddy Krueger fun time is gonna go on because of all the shit that can enter them *dramatic shivering*, was enough. But enough is never enough for Teen Wolf, no Teen Wolf actually aims to please.

   I'm really liking where this is headed. Great episode, even greater return, actually because it feels like a season premiere. And it looks like the next half of the season is gonna feel like a new season too. Or maybe not, let's be honest, with Teen Wolf, there's no guessing. Bravo for that by the way. One tiny little thing though, if you don't get me more Derek, I'm coming after you.

                    With love,

A happy albeit a little unsatisfied customer.

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