Revolution : Stop It With The Story Development, Just Give Us Charloe Already !

   Okay, Revolution (read "Kripke"), we need to sit down and have a talk. But first let's look at pictures of David Lyons. Some more.

   Actually you know what, let's get to the talking. First of all, props for Connor. I was afraid he was gonna screw things up, but I think he's well on his way to becoming a likeable dickbag. He's a cynical bastard who only cares about ruling the universe, with the help of his daddy. And, man, I dig it. He's like a baby Bass !

   Let's not go too much in the psycho zone though. I get that they need something to bond over but I really hope we're gonna get over this whole masters-of-the-world phase soon. I mean we all know the ultimate plan for them is to become full-on good guys (that are still dickbags because it's just a good look on them), right ? RIIIIIGHT ?!

   Okay so, the patriots are killing people (with slightly chemically altered oranges, remember ?) which means our three little friends here have to fix it. They figure if the patriots are keeping antidotes they've gotta be there (I have no idea where "there" is, just some easily accessible supply room) and of course they're not. Did not see that coming. Sure, why would they get it right on the first try ?? The episode is still thirty more minutes long, what would they do for all that time ?? Celebrate ?! Nah, that's not Kripke's style. It has to be really difficult with a lot of pain and tryharding or it's just not worth watching.

   For me, liking a character when they're with Miles and Bass is like, passing the test. I hate Rachel with Miles and Bass and, well, I hate her on her own. I love Charlie with the two of them (missing it so much, by the way), and I sort of love Charlie on her own. Except there is practically no Charlie on her own anymore. Hey, remember when the show was basically about her and Mile ?! Yeah, it's okay, no one does. It's like saying remember when people used to looove Obama ?? Oh, how things do change.

Interlude : Dude, be a model. Seriously.

   Anyway, plan B : kidnap Patriot dickface, inoculate him with typhus so he'll talk and by the way, grrrreat plan. In the end, it probably could have worked better but hey, it happens, still good, I like it.

Psycho killer reaction to seeing the guy being handed his death sentence :

  What does it say about me (and most of you, I'm sure) that this was pretty much my (OUR) reaction exactly ? Like "ha ha you're so much more fun when you're dying !"

   I'm sure Connor is thinking the exact same thing. Who wouldn't ? For all the crazy, you still can't deny this little group of people is fun ! All the plotting, maiming, threatening and the mass amounts of killing, yeah it's getting to you too.

Interlude : Someone once said David Lyons would have chemistry with a chair. That person was not wrong.

   And now for the only truly interesting bit of the episode (before we can go back to patiently waiting for 5 days (because we're amazing people (and need our fix)))))))))) : the ultimate part of the plan. And yes, it's the part where they screw up.

    Connor is supposed to get into the dude's office and "not screw it up" to get the antidote because it couldn't be in a remote abandoned warehouse, noooooooooo, instead Captain stupid f#ck (don't like him much, no) kept it warm and handy in a little safe behind his desk. How convenient. So, cliffhanger. I'm so frustrated over this I'm not even gonna talk about it, but well done Connor, no really I'm impressed, nice going dude! *death glare and sarcastic clapping* No but seriously, I still like you ;)

   Final interlude : Damn, that jacket's working for you, everything you've got going on really, very Dean Winchester, it's nice ! #redundantKripke. I like how after about 10 episodes without anyone ever changing clothes they just decided they were gonna give Bass a cool leather jacket, like 'it's time guys, he's earned it'. So Bass suddenly just found the hottest piece of clothing ever made, tried it on and was like 'mmmh yeah, damn ooouh, I look gooood.." At least that's how I'm picturing it.

   So. Clearly, there was something missing in this episode. Yet again. I'm not good with frustration okay, I had estimated the return of Charloe at episode 11, goddammit. But it's okay now we know for sure it's gonna be in the next one. That's all right, it's not like waiting has ever ruined anyone's sanity or whatever.. But you know what, screw it, whatever, let's not dwell on the wrongs of the past, let's look forward to the../ASFGJK&#GIVE ME WHAT I WANT ! On that note, everyone have a great weekend !


  1. Virgínia, i am all the way with you..... I am getting pretty frustrated by all this situation and we are here w/out Chaloeness....
    Btw, I really enjoy your posts....
    Take good care of yourself and be a nice girl.... We'll, if you must...

  2. I absolutely love these posts you've put up... Totally love Charloe and also Dean Winchester and Teen Wolf... and I've been entertaining myself with your reviews for... omg, had it been an hour?!? Anyway, YES give us more Charloe... and as awesome as mini-bass (aka Connor) is, the writers better not get any ideas of teaming him and Charlie together!

  3. where can we buy this leather jacket?

    Thanks all!


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