Revolution : Please, Don't Screw It Up

    I'm seriously suffering from Revolution deprivation and I know you are too so I thought I'd rehash everything that could go wrong in the upcoming episodes ! Yay ! So, here goes my worst (irrational and not) fears for Revolution :

  • That the real action, and fighting and basically just the war we've been promised doesn't start until the last episode, which is (you're gonna hate me for making you realize this: ) only 7 episodes away.

  • That Miles and Rachel take up the entire ship time Revolution has to offer. I guess there must be people who ship it, I personally have nothing against it, but do we really need to make such a big deal out of it ? We know it's gonna happen, we've known since always, it's a non-issue really, in my head it's already done. 

  • That they'll never all, every single one of them, be in the same f#cking place at the same f#ucking time ! Aaron, if you mess this up you're dead to me ! #NevillesOnTheWay!!!

  • That Jason and Charlie being near each other will be irrelevant to the Charloe story. Jealousy, when well-executed is a great emotion for a male character to be feeling. Just saying..

  • That Jason and Charlie being near each other will be a little too relevant to the Charloe story. Don't go stealing that girl !

  • Psychotic Bass is a psycho. Everybody loves Bass, those who don't already, will, at some point, it's inevitable just stop fighting it, join us, let it happen .. Okay, enough on the creepiness. What I seriously don't want is for him to revert back to the lonely, paranoid little dictator ! Just be cool, bro..

  • That Bass and Charlie will develop a Miles/Charlie relationship.. Just FYI, I don't condone incest. So don't go there, don't even hint at it and we won't have a problem. Actually, just don't do anything that goes against Charloe as a general rule !

  • That Charlie stays the second class character they've made her into. She's getting less and less lines. Sure she can be like, a quiet strength or something, I could get on board with that but here, it's just sad, she does not get more than 2 or 3 lines per episode. Please change that, she is supposed to be one of the main character if not the main character (like in season 1 for instance, just putting it out there).

Give me lines.. Please ?

  • Connor and Charlie sittin' in a tree... NO! Absolutely not, I refuse, this will not happen, impossible, nay, DENIED!

  • I think my worst fear of all is that they actually do Connor/Charlie (what would that even be ?? Connie ? Channor ??) and that I'd like it. Because Connor would not be another Jason, so it could actually be interesting but then, I mean, what about Bass ?! Just don't even present me with the possibility and it'll all be all right.

   I think that about sums it up ! Most of my fears are actually about Charlie and what they're gonna do with her character.. So! Tell me if I missed anything, which, let's face it, there's a fair chance I did. I also wanted to thank you for the Charloe support, I really love when you people comment on what I have to say, so feel free to do whatever it is you do! *There might be a hint hidden in there somewhere.. ^^


The Vampire Diaries : F#ck That Show, Seriously ..

   Okay so I have mixed feelings about this one. It was pretty good you know, made me cry and all .. That ending though .. I'm just not sure how I feel about that.

   So, Katherine's not dead, good. I honestly wasn't that worried about her actually dying but you know, let's give credit where credit is due. The thing is, Katherine stole Elena's body in order to survive. So she's alive and looks like herself (also good), but that was really nasty, it's like the bitchiest she's ever been. It' clearly not the worst thing she's ever done, I mean, bitch has killed people. Lots of them. But taking Elena's body is still taking it pretty far, especially after she got forgiveness from almost everyone that mattered. Stefan is the only one that really mattered but still !

   I still personally believe she's redeemable. Actually I don't even care whether or not she's redeemable as long as she's happy about herself ! .. I think my moral compass might be way off..

   So, Damon and Elena, yeah, okay, nothing there.. I'm not even bummed that there wasn't a lot of Delena, I just don't care, it's like, I knew the no-talking-to-each-other-under-any-circumstances was coming, and it came, and I just don't give a shit anymore. This is really sad, I just really really don't care. All the pro-Delena Stefan speeches were nice though. I don't know if it's really what he wants or if he's just being the selfless good brother and whatnot. But I don't care either, it was good, keep it that way.

    Damon and Elena fighting for each other, yeah why not ? Go ahead, don't take your time too much and then we'll talk.

Why hello there.

   I'm not gonna lie I was happy to see Klaus back in TVD, finally ! But I'm sorry, once again, I've missed the point of it. Why the hell did he come back ? What was the point of just being in the area ?! That did not make any sense, I get that the Caroline/Klaus thing needed to happen (so majorly underwhelmed by that btw) so that it could just be done and over with, but it didn't make sense. For like half the episode I was hoping he was there to somehow save Katherine.. for some reason. But no, he just wanted to be around when she died, because apparently, Damon called him. I'm not even gonna dwell on that, I just don't care : this show is getting worse and until it gets better, there's no point in pointing out absolutely everything that's wrong with it.

   Klaus and Caroline, as I've said, it needed to happen. I've never been that much into their story line but it was nice to have that going you know, and I feel like the conclusion to that was quickly taken care of so that we could just move on, and honestly I'm kind of disappointed. But it's still a good thing done and we did need to move onto the next one ! Like I said, mixed feelings all around.

   So, Elijah wasn't really back. My feelings are not mixed on this. This was the worst torture of all, it was so f#cking cruel. Okay, so there's this supposed triangle in the Originals, -actually I don't even know what it is anymore.. it could be a triangle ! Elijah and Hayley have this thing going on, and seriously it's not even interesting, it sure as hell ain't intriguing, it's just bad. Anyway, Elijah seriously could not move his ass over to Mystic Falls to say goodbye to the dying woman he's loved for 5 centuries ??! Really ?! That's just mean. You're playing with my feelings Julie Plec, and I don't like it.

   However, I have a thing for Stefan/Katherine, which was almost nonexistent in this episode. The little we got was actually pretty good but, I mean, that's it ?! She is gonna be hated now, she stole poor little Elena's body, okay, bitchy (we've established that), but would they really rather she died ?! She's fun. I think she's actually the only fun character now (Damon hasn't really been that fun, being a martyr and all, and well, the other fun dude was Klaus). Would they really rather have Elena live at the cost of being stuck forever in a dull, boring, pointless world ? Yeah, okay, right, good call..

   So, yeah, Katherine's a bitch. I really don't know what's gonna happen. Clearly, Elena's not gonna die, but they're gonna have to find a way to save her and all. I really don't know, I hope Katherine doesn't revert back to having absolutely no allies. Every time the Vampire diaries tries to do some big twist, it's always unexpected and essentially good but I feel like what follows can't possibly match up to the expectations. Plus, Katherine did something that's really not that easy to forgive and they have let so much slide already. And now she does that.. I mean Elena is dead, she did kill her.


That being said, we know she's not gonna die so theoretically she's okay. But yeah even if she doesn't die, right now she's still dead, so okay, she did kill her but hey, you know, it happens to all of us ! Just go with it

    It was so obvious that she was scheming when she thanked Elena for her forgiveness. I mean seriously, she was on her death bed, after living for 500 years.. On that scale Elena is insignificant really, her forgiveness is clearly not a priority here. And Elena's all like "Yeah you're welcome it's what I do, I'm awesome" well maybe if you weren't so full of yourself you'd still be alive. Think about that when you inevitably come back from the dead.

Oh you forgive me ? How nice, really, it's sweet, yeah you too, really 'preciate it *blows kisses*..DIIIIE!

   All in all, i'm disappointed, I don't even feel like talking about it anymore.. Moving on. Oh, and Tyler's back. And Caroline just slept with Klaus. Serves 'em right, both of them, it's gonna be crap for them I'm happy about that. Tyler has lost any and all interest he might have held before when he left and Caroline became a bitch. I'm so freaking loyal to this show seriously.. Award please ??


Revolution : Stop It With The Story Development, Just Give Us Charloe Already !

   Okay, Revolution (read "Kripke"), we need to sit down and have a talk. But first let's look at pictures of David Lyons. Some more.

   Actually you know what, let's get to the talking. First of all, props for Connor. I was afraid he was gonna screw things up, but I think he's well on his way to becoming a likeable dickbag. He's a cynical bastard who only cares about ruling the universe, with the help of his daddy. And, man, I dig it. He's like a baby Bass !

   Let's not go too much in the psycho zone though. I get that they need something to bond over but I really hope we're gonna get over this whole masters-of-the-world phase soon. I mean we all know the ultimate plan for them is to become full-on good guys (that are still dickbags because it's just a good look on them), right ? RIIIIIGHT ?!

   Okay so, the patriots are killing people (with slightly chemically altered oranges, remember ?) which means our three little friends here have to fix it. They figure if the patriots are keeping antidotes they've gotta be there (I have no idea where "there" is, just some easily accessible supply room) and of course they're not. Did not see that coming. Sure, why would they get it right on the first try ?? The episode is still thirty more minutes long, what would they do for all that time ?? Celebrate ?! Nah, that's not Kripke's style. It has to be really difficult with a lot of pain and tryharding or it's just not worth watching.

   For me, liking a character when they're with Miles and Bass is like, passing the test. I hate Rachel with Miles and Bass and, well, I hate her on her own. I love Charlie with the two of them (missing it so much, by the way), and I sort of love Charlie on her own. Except there is practically no Charlie on her own anymore. Hey, remember when the show was basically about her and Mile ?! Yeah, it's okay, no one does. It's like saying remember when people used to looove Obama ?? Oh, how things do change.

Interlude : Dude, be a model. Seriously.

   Anyway, plan B : kidnap Patriot dickface, inoculate him with typhus so he'll talk and by the way, grrrreat plan. In the end, it probably could have worked better but hey, it happens, still good, I like it.

Psycho killer reaction to seeing the guy being handed his death sentence :

  What does it say about me (and most of you, I'm sure) that this was pretty much my (OUR) reaction exactly ? Like "ha ha you're so much more fun when you're dying !"

   I'm sure Connor is thinking the exact same thing. Who wouldn't ? For all the crazy, you still can't deny this little group of people is fun ! All the plotting, maiming, threatening and the mass amounts of killing, yeah it's getting to you too.

Interlude : Someone once said David Lyons would have chemistry with a chair. That person was not wrong.

   And now for the only truly interesting bit of the episode (before we can go back to patiently waiting for 5 days (because we're amazing people (and need our fix)))))))))) : the ultimate part of the plan. And yes, it's the part where they screw up.

    Connor is supposed to get into the dude's office and "not screw it up" to get the antidote because it couldn't be in a remote abandoned warehouse, noooooooooo, instead Captain stupid f#ck (don't like him much, no) kept it warm and handy in a little safe behind his desk. How convenient. So, cliffhanger. I'm so frustrated over this I'm not even gonna talk about it, but well done Connor, no really I'm impressed, nice going dude! *death glare and sarcastic clapping* No but seriously, I still like you ;)

   Final interlude : Damn, that jacket's working for you, everything you've got going on really, very Dean Winchester, it's nice ! #redundantKripke. I like how after about 10 episodes without anyone ever changing clothes they just decided they were gonna give Bass a cool leather jacket, like 'it's time guys, he's earned it'. So Bass suddenly just found the hottest piece of clothing ever made, tried it on and was like 'mmmh yeah, damn ooouh, I look gooood.." At least that's how I'm picturing it.

   So. Clearly, there was something missing in this episode. Yet again. I'm not good with frustration okay, I had estimated the return of Charloe at episode 11, goddammit. But it's okay now we know for sure it's gonna be in the next one. That's all right, it's not like waiting has ever ruined anyone's sanity or whatever.. But you know what, screw it, whatever, let's not dwell on the wrongs of the past, let's look forward to the../ASFGJK&#GIVE ME WHAT I WANT ! On that note, everyone have a great weekend !


Supernatural : Dean Winchester

   This is a "just 'cause" kind of thing. Dean Winchester being like, one of the best characters of all times and all, it's kind of overdue. Here you go.

Long live Jensen Ackles !


Revolution : The Three Amigos .. Who ?!

   My fellow revolutionaries and fervent Charloe devotees, I'm afraid I wasn't satisfied by last week's episode (and return) of Revolution. There is one simple and very easily fixable reason for that. Charloe. There was practically none. At the beginning of the episode, for like, the first ten minutes or so I had this huge goofy smile on my face, everything was perfect. Charloe was there and they even went on a rescue mission just the two of them, so f#cking sweet ..

   But then they decided they would split up (because that always works in the movies) and I was like no, not yet please, I haven't had enough ! But no, they were like, screw you we got a new character we gotta bring into the fold. So they made Monroe go on an adventure with Miles and his sulky girlfriend.

But even though there was only about 20 seconds of Charloe, something did happen that was worth noticing.

   The shoulder bumping. My oh my, the shoulder bumping. But it's not so much the bumping as the delicate feather-like caress that was this bump. First of all, there was plenty of room. She totally could have gone around him without ever having to touch him but I guess she figured 'might as well get something out of it' wink wink. I'm with you girl, I would've done the same. Second, he looked a little too still for it to be natural. And that's about it. Actually that is definitely it, there's nothing else Charloe related.

   I'm not gonna talk about the whole Connor thing because apart from Bass and Miles being adorable every time they interact with each other, and Bass going back into dictator mode, and Connor being an ass and a traitor, and Rachel being a pain, and Bass getting kidnapped there's really not that much to tell.

  Okay, fine, we'll talk about everything that doesn't involve Rachel.


So Bass' first meeting with his son was kind of awkward.. To say the least.

  So, Miles, Rachel and Monroe had to go to Mexico because that's where Connor is. So they went, knocked on a couple doors and then they hit the local tequila spot. And as luck would have it, Monroe's son is the big bad in town. Well, at least until we know the real big bad, the honorable position falls to Connor.

"Is this not the whitest Mexican in Mexico ?"
"Bass !"
"What ?"
"... That's him."

   So Bass is moved by the sight of his son but he's still a little underwhelmed by his progeny's accomplishments and ambitions. "Whoa thirt.. thirty men, really ? .. How do you command so many ?" When Bass is around I feel like all I really need to do is quote the dialog. It really does speak for itself.

Sorry, I'm gonna have to mention Rachel after all.

   That particular exchange made me realize a few things. First, Rachel is a bit deranged. Correction : she still is. In a cult fanatic kind of way like "you're a bad person, so your son is a bad person, that's basic genetics" like WHAAAT?! So his blood is bad, it's crazy blood is that what you're saying ? You don't think it has anything to do with the traumatizing life experiences he's lived through ?! You know ? All the parents, and siblings, and wife and kid he lost ? No, according to Rachel, Monroe's blood was just a bad batch and it's in Connor so that makes Connor a criminal. Okey dokey, thanks Rach'. 

   The second thing I realized was why Monroe said to Charlie she was like her mother earlier this season. Because Charlie also had that deranged edge to her when she was still team kill Monroe, saying awful things in this calm almost creepy voice. But she's not stupid or a psychopath so she only said things that, although unproven, were likely to be true. Like Monroe being cold and a manipulator and all. I mean let's face it, sure there is more to him (a lot more) but he is cold and a manipulator. So yeah it may not seem like it but I'm trying to make a point here : team Charlie, and more importantly team Charloe !

   Anyway, Monroe decided to sneak out of their little bonfire party and went after his son. And then, holy shit, General Monroe is back. Not for long I assume, but you know he had to relapse at some point, after all, he is only human. So basically, he wants to rebuild the Monroe Republic with his spawn and ultimately probably rule the world or something, I don't know. But, oops, his son is a dick and Monroe is gonna meet the real big bad. And Miles and Rachel are gonna rescue him, take Connor with them, and we'll have our little group with only the Nevilles missing. Speaking of those conniving bastards, I'm really starting to like their story line and I don't want it to end even if it means they join with the Monroe/Matheson alliance. They need to do their thing, take over the country and all, I'm rooting for that !

   So I get that this episode was necessary but Kripke, man do you realize how long I've waited for this ? Sure they were obvious similarities between Monroe and Charlie who's slowly (or not) turning into him, and Monroe did mention her when debating with Rachel, which I loved, of course, which is embarrassing .. But anyway, not enough ! Want more ! The only reason I decided to write about this episode after all was that I just read the synopsis for the next 3 episodes, and basically, /SPOILER/ everyone should be back in Willoughby by the end of episode 11, episode 12 doesn't look like it's gonna be big on Charloe but episode 13 however, looks awesome : essentially, risky mission with Charloe and Connor. Obvioulsy I can't wait for that episode and it's in exactly 17 days.. But hey, at least we got something to look forward to. That being said I'm really looking forward to seeing the Mexican action in a few days ! Until then, farewell my friends. Also, Charlie killed 2 Patriots for oranges. Well done, Grandpa Gene !