I'm Still Here, Don't You Worry !

   Hey guys, so I've been away, I know, I've been having computer problems.. BIG PROBLEMS. The kind where I can't actually use my 6 yr old computer for more than 20 minutes at a time.

   So until I can get the money for a new one, writing long posts with 80 pictures in them is kind of an issue for me. Don't worry I'll find another one to use/borrow for all of eternity. So you're getting a Revolution post soon ! And it will be on episode 20, I can tell you that already. I will probably/maybe also review ep 19, I have no words for that Bass/Rachel thing but it will come. Right now all I can tell you is : it's bad. It is bad, and wrong and it shouldn't be here for us to discuss, NO. Honestly, it ruined everything, I didn't even watch episode 20 until 2 days ago. But luckily that one was pure undiluted awesomeness.

   On another note, I'm back to loving TVD. Hannibal is awesome, it never EVER disappoints which is statistically very impressive. The Vergers are awesome, Will is awesome, Freddy Lounds isn't dead, Alana finally got her head out of her ass, you can just feel the Silence of the Lambs era coming, it's great I cannot say it enough : this show is pure perfection, it's a work of art, and the story is developing perfectly and at an extremely satisfying pace. And The 100 is terrible but it's my guilty pleasure. Even though it REALLY is bad.

   Ok, I'm having a really hard time not rambling about sh!t so I'm gonna have to cut this short. Sorry, 'gotta publish before my computer crashes, that lazy selfish bastard.. Love you all, don't give up on me, I'll be back soon !  OH!! And, by the way, I HAVE NOT GIVEN UP ON CHARLOE AND NEITHER SHOULD YOU ! I repeat : CHARLOE IS GOLDEN.


  1. Seriously Charloe nation needs you!!! Hoping you get a new computer soon.

  2. Big problems on your computer? That must've been a painful experience. I hope it's still repairable so you don't have to spend much, as compared to if you’d have to buy a new one. But if not, I hope you can find a good one that suit your needs and budget. Also, hopefully you were able to make a recent backup of your files, so you only lost your most recent ones.

    Cordia Remsen @ RBSMN


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