Hart of Dixie : Oh It's Coming Baby, Just You Wait..

   All right, I'll admit, the lack of Wade and Zoe content got to me, it was hard ya know and I just gave up, man.. But here I am ! I made it, slowly fast-forwarded my way through all of it, one episode at a time and today, I saw this. 'Wanna know what this is ? This is a precious little thing called reward.

   So, since Wade and Zoe broke up, it's been hard. Season 3 picked up like a year later and Zoe's got a new boyfriend, Joel. She still had a few scenes with Wade, and at some point he used to actually tell her that she was still in love with him. To her face. Multiple times. But then he became friends with Joel, and later started dating Zoe's cousin. So that was the end of that.

   Now, it so happens that I like Joel. He's your classic all around decent guy and I actually think he's perfect for Zoe. You can't deny that they really work, they're very similar but she's more impulsive where he's calm and likes to actually think before he acts or speaks. And I'll just say it, they're actually kind of cute together.

   But anyway, in the last episode, Wade's dad showed up at Zoe's birthday party, positively drunk, to meet his son's new girlfriend.

   It's always been obvious that Earl was a fervent supporter of Zoe and Wade together, and he only just found out about the tragedy that left millions devastated a few hours before, when he ran into Zoe. He thought they were still together, had been together for about 2 years now and were buying a house.

   And it was hard for him to accept. It was hard for all of us.. So he gives Zoe a piece of his mind. If you were still his girlfriend. *slow clap* Spoken like a true believer. With everything he's already done for -Zade I guess it's called, kind of sounds like a cheesy cool but not cool guy's name.. But anyway! With everything this man has done for our cause (because nobody ships George and Zoe anymore #willyoujustgiveupalreadythishasgoneonlongenoughgoddammit -getting side tracked again, I have the attention span of a 3-months-old golden retriever) he deserves a goddamn award, it's so freaking adorable that he's so bummed about it. Favorite character.

   So Wade comes to take care of it and his dad is all like "well come on let's do this" and they're all like "yeaaaaah maybe naaaaat..?."

   And then he gets sulky and grumpy all 'I don't care! I don't even wanna meet the bitch I hate her already!"

   And then BAM. Voice of God. Or the audience, whatever..

   He says it all, that they shouldn't have broken up, that they were perfect for each other and they could have had ruled the world together and have sassy little babies and.. all right I'll stop, he didn't say it in so many words but let's be honest here, he agrees.

   This reminds me of why I love Hart of Dixie, it's cheesy and expected but it's all good. It's the kind of expected where if I was there I'd be like 'Mmmh well, this is interesting *wink* what an interesting turn of events !"

   And thanks to the delicious awkwardness that floats all around them, at some point they desperately look at each other like 'I need eye contact with a person that feels what I'm going through right now!

   And at some point, it gets sad for me. They did make a horrible mistake by letting each other go (Earl's exact words btw) and I know they're gonna get back together but their breakup was still really sad and painful on both sides, it's just a really sad thing to think about. Yeah, I get a little emotional with this show I think maybe it's 'cause it's such a happy show so when they're sad it's like, really sad, I don't know anyway it was a sad moment for me okay !

Also, they're totally touching hands. Yeah it's a little blurry don't be a baby about it !

   So he says thanks in a super meaningful way with super meaningful eyes and that's the end of that !

   I want them together. I know they'll get back together eventually. I want it fast but I don't really. I want this to be well done and to come naturally. I actually feel bad for Joel, I don't care about Vivian but Joel.. Plus, he's friends with Wade, ugh man it's gonna be so awkward. And sad, of course yes, sad. But Wade and Zoe -fine, Zade is on its way back, if we take this as the writer's way of telling us so, and I do believe we do !

   Anyway, that's it.. I have nothing else. Until march.. I'll never understand why they need to make their breaks so long, it's like they feel if it's only 2 weeks, we'll mind or they gotta make it worth it or something, like 'okay fine we're taking a break but then we're taking a real long ass break ! Also, I watched Star-Crossed, have a few thoughts about that. Revolution next week, words cannot describe what I feel. And Teen Wolf is awesome even though I'm too lazy to write about it ! And now that's really it, have an awesome day !

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  1. HA! I just posted about Hart of Dixie today as well... It really is unfortunate that Joel is such a likeable guy, because I have a feeling that soon he's going to come to a bad end... the writers will probably kill him off or something! I know there was only so much they could do with the whole Zoe/Wade back and forth thing, which is why they've split them up and put them with different people for this season, but eventually they will get back together, and before that happens, I'm sure things are going to get very messy.
    Great post as always :)
    PS, am also loving Teen Wolf, the last episode was awesome, and I can't wait until Scott finally gets with Kira. I also watched Star-Crossed, thought it was interesting but am waiting to see a few more episodes before I make a judgement... what I'm REALLY hanging out for is The 100, whenever that's due to start. It looks really awesome... hopefully it lives up to the previews.


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