Revolution : Missing You (More Charlie and Monroe)

Man, this hiatus is killing me. 3 more little weeks. We can make it, it's not that long, really.. *dying inside.

I'd like to start with that hair.. The most accurate description I've come across was "Charlie hair porn". Yep, that about sums it up.

 So, I am a tiny bit obsessed with that Charlie/Monroe connection.

I'm Batman. No, you're better ^^

When I say "a tiny bit" what I really mean is it's pathological. I try not to rewatch the very few Charloe moments we have been blessed with too much but I think I know most of them by heart already .. I'm getting a little worried about my sanity. The simplest look and I'm all giddy like "omfg did you see that ?! THE LOOOOOK!! Did you see it ???!!" I think I need to calm down a bit. Plus we still don't really know if they're gonna make this ship canon. You know what I think ? I believe. I have faith in Eric Kripke, plus he said himself they've noticed the chemistry. 

As it so happens in the mid-season finale, all the couples are paired up together : Miles and Rachel, Aaron and his girl (didn't make a big impression), CHARLIE AND MONROE. You don't split them up in such a specific and suggestive way if you're not trying to do something.  

So Charlie and our beloved Bass go searching through the -is it the school ?? Who cares ? Abandoned looking hallways, which is the best place ever for a search party under pressure. Of course trouble was bound to find them at some point.

That sync.

Charlie chose the worst hiding spot ever and Monroe's across from her.

So much eye contact.*squee* Must.. screen.. cap !! 

I absolutely love that she saw the exit sign first and he's just following her gaze.

And the head-tilting, OMG the head-tilting ..

And the son of a bitch just leaves her there, like "well, sucks to be you." Luckily, she finds a good hiding spot.

Unfortunately, she comes out of it a little too soon. 

But ... He comes back. He f#cking comes back. I can't help but imagine what went through his head. He was leaving, he didn't even want to be there in the first place, he was probably like "screw them, wha'ever I'll do wha' I want !" but then he either remembered Miles would never tell him where his son was or he thought what if they get her ? He felt guilty and just couldn't leave her alone.

Let's be realistic here, he could've told Miles they'd gotten separated somehow and ... well, he made it and she didn't. Wouldn't really sit well but it could work ! So in conclusion, the throat slitting was all for her. Awwwww.

But we want to see them working together now that we've had the adorable childish little exchange about the exit. So, more patriots headed their way. Which is weird since there's shooting where Miles and Rachel are, you'd think they'd be headed that way, but our good Kripke agrees with me, he wants to see them kill people, and look at each other and be badass together.

And boy, do they work well together. I choose to see that as a hint that Kripke also believes they're made for each other. Yeah that must be it.


I really dig all the eye contact and killing people and combined awesomeness. Like, get a room already !

And then Aaron tells the nano tech to kill everybody, so the guys they were shooting at burst into flames. Which is really just another excuse for more eye contact.

See what I mean ? I have a problem, all this silent communication, I just can't take it, it's too much for my romantic action loving little mind. I'm a little worried that Monroe's son joining in is gonna make the age difference too weird and ruin everything .. But then again maybe he'll die and Charlie will be there to comfort Bass. That'd be awesome. I pray to whoever's listening, please make that happen and I'll never ask for anything ever again. You don't need anything else when you got Charloe.


  1. Like you said: GET A ROOM ALDERY!....

  2. this iso funny! I feel the same. I worry about the son. But they really have screwed themselves, I mean he's like mid 30's, she is 23, its not that weird. People love Olicity on arrow and it's a full on ship, and its the same age difference. Also bass having a 20 something son? really what was 14 when he had this kid? They say he was off at boot camp, which makes no sense -- be 18 in boot camp-- and he's just not that old.

    1. I have to admit I'm kind of shipping Olicity too even though they're REALLY taking their time about it, and it's true the age difference is about the same (in theory) but there's just not the same creepy feel to it : Charlie really does look young and naive while Monroe oozes sex and experience, they're kind of like a kid and porn star .. Plus, given the time line I think Monroe's supposed to be in his 40's maybe even closer to 50 sooo yeah creepy.. but David Lyons is obviously younger than that which is why it wouldn't necessarily LOOK creepy.. Anyway, creepy or not, personally I'll be happy either way so long as it happens ! SOON !!

  3. OMG I'm so glad I found this post, its awesome and I got a laugh out of it... only because I am also a diehard Charloe fan and am going nuts over all the eye-frech-kissing these two are always doing. I LOVE IT! Totally don't think its creepy... okay, maybe its a little creepy, but not so much the age difference, more that whole he killed half her family thing... but I believe that Kripke and the characters can work past it! Connor better not get in the middle and mess anything up... grrr! LOL :)

    1. First, thank you! Second, I guess you're right about the brutal family murdering being creepier than the age difference which is actually not even creepy so much as it's awkward, especially with Connor joining the gang ! I'm actually worrying about him less and less, and just looking at the promotional pictures for episode 13 is enough to ease my mind when I do, you should try it ;) Right now my only real worry is we won't get any Charloe until next week.. We have waited long enough !

  4. I love their chemistry and got a kick out of your posts but I am worried, It's almost April and Monroe is acting all psychotic dictatorish again. I don't think they can ever be together if there is not some redemption and forgiveness. I would really love that for both of them now. She seems so broken without her hope even if she is still badass and he was so compelling when you factor in his humanity so I thought he was possibly truly repentant about all his crazy time and how it so many innocents died but it looks like they are just painting him power hungry again. sigh disappointing... I wish they would show him caring about Charlie. I wish we could see some funny human moments between him and his son where Charlie can smile and soften towards him and he can see that and it encourages him have hope of redemption and forgiveness. David Lyons said in an interview that he hopes that Bass is still capable of love but only as much as the other person is able to forgive and live him back. I think he can't even approach Charlie with any warmth or charm until she unbends a bit from her hatred and strong belief in his evilness.


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