Supernatural : Family Reunion

Last week in Supernatural, Bobby finally came back - really, with the boys seeing him and all ! I have been waiting for this moment since he died, now it finally happened and it sucked ...
So there was this chick, a friend of Bobby's, she needed help on some case or something so she called Sam and Dean but for some reason she couldn't wait for them so she went to the haunted house alone and of course she was killed by an angry ghost.

So when the boys came to the house they were like "Dude she's not picking up, maybe something happened to her !" Gee, you think ?

But, since Bobby is a ghost, he was able to get the story before them. First, he had a little heart to heart with his bestie, then he actually started asking questions to one of the hundred other ghosts trapped in the house. And thanks to that guy, he learned how to manifest himself within one episode ! 

And so came the long-awaited "Huh, you're still here !" moment. Except it sucked. First it was kinda' good, they were getting emotional and all but then Dean had to ruin everything and be all serious. 

For Dean, Bobby should've gone with the reaper to heaven where he could've been happy, and finally get some rest and have some fun after all this fighting. But Bobby decided to stay to "finish the work" and also because he couldn't quite bring himself to leave his boys just yet, and that was actually a very sweet moment way back in episode 10.

So now it's all conflicted emotions, they don't know what to do but apparently, for the two brothers, this cannot be a definitive solution. But they'll probably find a way to send him to heaven, I mean they're not gonna just off him, right ?

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