Game of Thrones : Joffrey Is Officially A Psychopath

First of all, I'd like to say that Game of Thrones is one of the greatest shows I've seen in a while, I only started watching recently and damn, it's blowing my mind.

But today's topic is Joffrey. Man that kid has some issues ! He's all dominant and controlling all the time, like he wants to prove himself or something. Dude, you're seriously creepy ! Those scenes in the throne room are memorable. There was that guy who wrote a funny song who got his tongue cut out, good times ...

 But here, he decided to give his queen a little public humiliation before lunch even though she couldn't possibly be responsible for her brother taking over a small village. Sansa is a pain, but I can't bring myself to dislike her anymore, her stoicism and calm declaring her love for Joffrey and facing the situation she's in, have moved me.

Which brings me to my favourite character ever. Tyron Lannister. Boy, do I like you ! He's funny, cynical but he's also very just, in a way that somehow makes him modern. He comes to rescue poor Sansa from torture, all "What the hell is going on here ?" and, of course, he wins.

Back to the creep-tastic little bastard. Compared to what he did in his room, the thing with Sansa was just a warm-up. That kid just gets off on torture, both psychological and physical. And that poor hooker ! I don't know if we've even heard her name before, but I feel sorry for her, she started off as a Theon's fancy girl and ended up in Little Finger's business where she's had to watch babies slaughtered and, well, deal with Joffrey.

 Speak of the devil ... Hey you !

He is one of the smartest characters on the show. Always aware of every little naughty secret of every one in the seven kingdoms, and, as it appears, faithful to no one and nothing but Lady Catelyn Stark. Yes, he did betray her husband but I don't think he's ever done anything else to hurt her directly. It was kind of a sweet moment when he gave her the remains of Ned, the moments he's with her are the only ones I see him as fragile.

All in all, the show is great, with well-elaborated characters. I guess that's why they can afford to let go some of them so easily and oh so disturbingly frequently. Hands down.

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