The Secret circle : I'm losing hope ...

If I haven't already because quite frankly, I stopped thinking this show had any chance of competing with The Vampire Diaries around Nick's death, but still I found it to be entertaining, it became one of the funniest shows I knew. Sadly, I didn't laugh at all in the las three episodes (actually I haven't even really watched the last one), the ridicule is still there and believe me it is at its top, but it just doesn't do it for me anymore ...

Shall we begin ? First of all, Adam. Yeah let's get it out of the way. He's just won't stop getting happier and happier, seriously so much happiness in one guy ... Sooner or later it gets to you.

Happy face in episode 17
Starin' down before the throwin' down. He's a delight.

  Luckily there's Jake to keep me from crying over the obvious lack of (hot) guys in this show. But he's too busy staring at Adam to assess his superiority to actually be of any use, besides he was dying in that episode so ... yeah.

 That little fight in episode 17 was actually kind of funny to watch bu that whole throw-Jake-in-the-air-to-protect-your-stupid-boyfriend thing managed to wipe that giggly smile off my face in a few seconds (which, I realize, is actually quite long for a smile to disappear). And that dramatic moment afterwards like "Oh my go he killed what's-his-face" and "Are you okay honey-bunny ?" I mean, come on ! The guy that's supposedly your friend, and who by the way, is dying thanks to you, is lying on the floor after flying a few feet away, again, thanks to you, but I don't see you asking if he's okay ! No of course not, who cares right ? Tssss ...

 Yes that moment pissed me off. I'm gonna say they deserved what happened next :

I'll bet you didn't see THAT coming did you now ?

But of course I shouldn't make fun of this tragic love story. But that doesn't mean I'm gonna stop. You know how usually you automatically feel sympathy for someone crying ? Well, not here. I'm sorry she looks like a crazy person.

How do you like my poker face ?

Okay I'm done with the stupid sorta' triangle. All in all episode 18 was pretty much the same, with a big showdown in a graveyard at the end, the usual ... As always they played it perfectly.

All right, now with the useless new characters. First, the obnoxious needy girlfriend. Well, what can I say ? She's a psycho it's sad, but hey there's worse ...

And the rich-actually-poor sailer ... I find those stories boring and out of place, they have nothing to bring to the show they're just here to fill, so that it gets to 40 minutes.

Also, I may have blacked out during episode 18, but I didn't get the end. I mean, okay Cassie's father dug up a skeleton, he probably killed the poor fella and he is, once again, withholding information. Sure. But what exactly is the implication ? I think it's got something to do with the demons, but then again I may have passed out watching that episode.

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