Revolution : Dat Promo Tho

   All right people, we're halfway through. I'm generally bored out of my mind and so very tired of waiting.. Which is just the worst combination ever. So I think it's time we really study and examine every bit of that promo.

Austin City Limits. It started out, like any other Revolution promo, with the "BIG MYSTERY" reference.

   UUMMMMM.. Is it the nanites ? Like, as a generally mysterious and creepy entity ?? Or is it what they did with Priscilla ? Because that's not a mystery, that's a side story. MAJOR difference. Major, because I don't care about it. Not one bit. Who in the history of the past few months has ever cared about Priscilla ??! I'm sorry Priscilla fans, don't be offended. I like Aaron. If he likes her than good for him, I want him to end up with her, but I don't have to like her too ! So my expectations are high on this big mystery, they said we were gonna be blown away, I WANT TO BE BLOWN AWAY. And sorry Priscilla, you just don't do it for me, girl..

You're not her, are you ?

   Then we see that Jason is "done taking orders." Oh, little baby, that is adorable. I don't think it's the first time you've said that, and I don't think it'll be the last (if you're still alive by the end of the episode which, let's face it, not a sure thing).

   But go ahead walk out on your dad, AGAIN, that worked out so well the last few time ! Oh and Tom ? Never in the HISTORY of mankind, has saying "don't you walk away from me" in an angry tone, EVER worked, on ANYONE, okay?! OK.

   So I guess we're getting more incompetent Connor.. Yay ? Where have all his skills gone ? 'Cause I very distinctly remember a certain badass former dictator complimenting on those skills, so where the hell did that go ?!

   That scene looks good is all I'm gonna say. My expectations are already pretty freaking high, and I don't want to start picturing how awesome it could be only to see how they're gonna ruin it. That's faith, b!tches.


   "I wanna help you," you say, huh ?? Well, Jason, WELL F#CKING DONE, we would all like to congratulate you on switching sides for no apparent reason for the FOURTEEN MILLIONTH TIME, way to go !! So young, so much like your father.. What a beautiful story about betrayal and serving one's best interest. I'm crying.

   So basically it was a good Revo Promo, complete with backstabbing, enemies become allies and big mysteries and then they got all dramatic and OH HOLY F#CKING SHIT on us :


   Well that promo is doing a pretty f#cking good job of preparing me for it. But nothing prepared me for the promo.. But anyway, my take on all of this is : Texas Government speech, Miles and Bass in the crowd, something goes wrong. But please, let's focus on the Charlie getting strangled business.

   I personally have predicted that Connor dies and Tom Neville is the one strangling Charlie. I'd like to make a few minor modifications. Fortunately, we live in a world where not only do we get a promo (and a sneak peek if we're lucky, which we're not) but we also get promotional photos.

   That previous one is beautiful but irrelevant. THIS ONE's interesting because, please notice that Jason is wearing a red-ish plaid shirt. OK ? We can ALL see the shirt, right ? Ok, let's move on then.

Please notice the pattern and color on this man's shirt right here, strangling our girl.

 YEP. EXACTLY. I think we can all agree this is not just in my head. 

   I think I've said before that Charlie wouldn't cry that much for Jason. And I still believe that to be true. UNLESS SHE HAD TO F#CKING KILL HIM!!!! I hate to end up siding with the majority but.. The evidence, dude.. Connor is still technically a totally valid possibility. Jason obviously goes Terminator on them, he could kill Connor, and.. well that would be more interesting than I can put into words for so many reasons. It would re-start a Jason/Charlie dynamic, create an interesting Jason/Everyone dynamic, Charlie would have to defend him to Monroe (#charloe), all of that could make Jason's character interesting again.. So it would totally make sense AND Jason does have seniority.

Basically, my new predictions :

  • Jason's the one strangling Charlie.  

  1. Charlie has to kill him because he just won't calm down. And we cry. A little.
  2. Jason kills Connor because he cray. And we cry. A whole fucking lot, sorry Jason.

   If 2 of these turn out to be true, I want an award of some sort. I demand it ! By the way, my comments still don't work but even though I can't answer I do appreciate it, so thank you !


  1. Wow! Your'e right
    I haven't noticed the Jason shirt before. If he's the one chocking Charlie than either she kills him or Monroe does. (Hopefully a charloe moment when he saves her life again) A girl can hope!

  2. Ok. Mind blowing Heart breaking episode. No charloe though which is sad but still can't wait to see your review.


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