True Blood : The Authority

So far, I am disappointingly underwhelmed by this new season but there were a couple of nice things in this episode. Unfortunately most of the episode was generic power struggle and as fun as I usually find that, I want action for the love of god !

At least in a way the story's progressing because we met two characters that, as far as I know, will be important this season. First, Salome. After being hauled in, both Bill and Eric met her and then she tortured Eric for a bit.

I have to say I do not like her, at least for now. Apparently there should be a new triangle this season. Like the Bill/Sookie/Eric business but with Salome instead of Sookie. Well if that's gonna happen, I don't see it anytime soon 'cause ... well, weird ! But come on, at least that would be something new ! 

Ah that's a character I might like ! Roman. Kudos for choosing Christopher Meloni, he is a good Roman, he gives off this impression of strength and, well, authority. He looks like a high school principal. 

The last scene was really the only one worth watching ; luckily it was the only one that lasted 10 minutes. 

So they have their little Vampire Authority ritual or ceremony or whatever, you know just the usual, prayers, blood, etcetera ...  

Actually the Authority seems like a well built and thought-out entity, they obviously have a rich back story and that is one of the only things I am looking forward to this season. According to them, God is a vampire, he created Lilith who was the mother of vampires. And only then did he create the human race, starting with Adam and Eve. In this story humans were created for sustenance. And the vampires were created in God's image.  

The council is pretty weird. You got a southern borderline redneck lady, a sort of priest guy who used to be on supernatural, a calm and serious black guy (probably one of the nicest on the council). Then you got Salome, the one who's gonna fuck the prisoners and Roman, the leader. Oh and this creepy little dude

They have this little debate, and the final decision is the true death for both Eric and Bill. But luckily they have something to bargain with.

Even if Roman is none too pleased to learn that Russel is still alive, at least he spares the boys. Not that there was any real suspense here but for the purposes of this story, let's say there was.

Ladies and gentlemen here is the first shot of Russel Edgington since season 3. Enjoy !

 In my opinion, things aren't moving fast enough this season. Russel still looks like he's decomposing, I'm guessing it's gonna take a couple more episodes before he's really back. And from what I know, Bill and Eric are gonna stay at the Authority headquarters for a little while longer. I give up on the first few episodes but if things aren't moving any faster after, say, episode 5, I'll write a letter to Alan Ball, or harass him or something ! Please, I want action !

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