Hart of Dixie : Zoe And Wade For The Win !

A few days ago was officially the beginning of summer so I've decided to start catching up on all the shows I haven't talked about, starting with the first season of the new cw hit show, Hart of Dixie.
Hart of Dixie is about a young doctor, who inherits her biological father's practice in Bluebell, AL. And of course there's a stupid love triangle where stupid Georges Tucker and magnificent Wade Kinsella fight to win Dr Zoe Hart's favors. The Zoe/Georges thing is placid and boring, it is really and objectively useless. But The Zoe/Wade thing, on the other hand ...

It started out as nothing, just a make out session with the guy she considered to be an "electricity stealing buffoon from next door". Yes, 'cause they're also neighbors. This couple turns me into a girly, sensitive, romantic freak.  

For a while it's just kissing and innuendos and a little more kissing, there's absolutely nothing serious about it and they're not exactly friends at that time but you can feel it coming.

Until the friendship hits it's just a classic cliché good girl/bad boy thing, teasing and yelling and laughing and a whole bunch of "Awww" moments. Good times ...

That's the nice thing about this possible future relationship, it's electric, there's something there, it's a cliché but it works. Wade challenges her, he pushes her and whether she'll admit it or not, she loves it. 

But after a few episodes of meaningless fun you start to learn a little more about the characters, we got to see this heroic side of Wade with his dad and now with Zoe when she's freaking out about a ghost. He thinks she's completely crazy but he sees she's freaking out so he stays with her. Awww !

And of course the sexual tension stays there a little bit longer before feelings ensue.

There's this almost thing during a heat wave, but it starts raining just as they're about to kiss each other and for Zoe that means no free pass.

Zoe has always been very reasonable, she doesn't give into her impulses, not when she's not ready to deal with the consequences. Wade rattled her cage, in that episode she almost slept with him knowing she did not want to face the consequences. Almost. Sigh.

Then things get a little depressing because Wade realizes he likes Zoe and it probably won't lead anywhere. And that's the beginning of a new era in the Zoe/Wade relationship, the hurt-puppy-looks era.

 Zoe starts to move on from Georges except in doing so, she starts to be interested in other guys. Other guys meaning not Wade. Although there are still some sparks it's not the same as in the very beginning of the season.

And then Wade starts acting all "I don't care about her". And that's the beginning of yet another era. The one where they start to pull away from each other. That era is full of fighting and resentment but the end is the achievement of all the developing they've both done throughout the season. Fireworks.

Anyway we have a few other eras left to talk about and an entire summer to do it !

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