Revolution : I Actually Love This Show ! Really, I Swear.

Hey guys ! FINALLY, I know, I know.. Anyway here is episode 20 for you, yaayy..

    So that one starts off with the creepy president of my ass and I have to say, I quite like that guy. He's a real psycho and at this point, that makes him the most interesting character on the show. Because at least he's unpredictable. 'Cause nowadays, Miles is cool and collected, Bass is in the opposition, Charlie's chilling, Connor is just dumb, Rachel's a bitch and Aaron is constantly pissing himself. Those are their respective roles and it's all they do. It's gets a little boring repetitive. And boring too.

   This guy though, he's kinda new and fresh, and he has issues.. But it's really not that interesting once we've gotten past the 'I just had a conversation with Steve, really nice indeed *wipes blood off of shirt* why don't you have his seat ? Yes, yes, very nice.. 

And Truman is just like.. UUUM.. CAN YOU NOT?!

Anyway, beginning of the episode, Charlie's just chilling in the woods and she finds Miles !! It's all very interesting and totally unexpected. 

They get back to camp and Miles and Rachel have a moment, because they missed each other so much while he was dying and she was being kiss-attacked all over the place..

    And Bass is being cute,  because he missed him too (while he was kiss-attacking his girlfriend) and so he offers him a drink because that is a nice thing to do ! If I was stuck in a basement for DAYS, when I'd finally get back to civilization I'd be like 'Thanks no food or water, WHERES MA' WHISKEY??!!

But Miles is being disdainful as f#ck.

    And at that point, they see about a few hundreds of birds, above them, all flying away in the same direction. And I guess they're all like 'well would you look at that! BIRDS !! So many of them woaaah..' ... NO. PEOPLE, when you see a large group of any kind of animal running  in the same direction, you don't stand and stare, you scream fire and run for your life, that's what you do ! How do they not know that?! My first reaction would've been "OMFG TSUNAAAMII!"

As it is, only Aaron's scared and only the freaking nano says they should maybe, eventually, at some point in the near future, get the f#ck out of there. Y'know, wheneva'..

But at least Aaron got it, and he's like GET OUT OF MY WAY B!TCHES

And still, they just f#cking stand there.. Even Rachel, who you would assume, as a freaking rocket scientist, should know these things.

But it's a TV show and I guess you always need to see the threat before trying to outrun it, because you know 'maybe we can fight it!'

They can't, so they run. And it's a horribly brilliant trap too. You've got the mustard gas on the ground and the snipers ready for whoever dares try to get to higher, non-poisonous air.

And creepy nazi exterminators sweeping the area for survivors 'cause everybody hates survivors. It's like you were strong enough to resist that? Well let's see how you do with a bullet in your brains.

Anyway, if you people want Charloe, you have come to the right place, enjoy it while it lasts, because, as usual, there's no more after that !

   Miles gets the brilliant idea (I'm actually not being sarcastic! The day has come..) to go hide in a huge truck/tank or whatever and the door is too heavy for Charlie (awwww) so Bass comes running to the rescue and opens it for her. And of course he's like 'ladies first.*gentleman accent*.

That was it for the Charloe, yes it's pathetic. Moving on.

They're inside the tank -looking like badasses, while the soldiers continue looking for anyone whose suffering they can "appease".

And one thorough motherf#cker just sees the tank and goes Hmmm, I wonder..

   He tries to open it, but Bass is in badass mode and blocks the door, or it was locked, I don't know. 'Cause he should've been able to open if it wasn't locked, but why's Bass rushing to block the door if it is.. I just don't know, there are so many little writing or directing flaws like that, I'm not sure of anything anymore.

BADASS CHARLIE. Who's gone back to being non-relevant to the story but looking good while she does it. But anyway, the door !

Won't open. So the guy who's REALLY f#cking thorough just shoots through the tank. I guess he's just like 'Meh, probably nothing in here, shoot it to be sure.

And I guess he doesn't see the hands instantly coming up to cover up the bullet holes but hey whatevaaa..

   Later, at night, they come out and get to their super secret location, which is like the third or fourth this season ! Somehow they never run out of abandoned places the patriots haven't thought of checking out. It's almost beautiful how opportunities continuously just present themselves, one after the other.

Anyway, Bass and Miles are talking and everyone's eavesdropping on their conversation but damn it, Rachel ! Be discreet about it, girl !

   Bass is all for stealing some of that gas, and hitting them back using their own weapons against them. Which I love, and Rachel despises. I completely understand everyone's opinion of we're not gonna kill innocent people, but stealing the gas is still an awesome idea is all I'm saying.

    BTW, I love how Rachel immediately raises her head in alarm at Miles' decision to go and get the gas, and Charlie's just chilling in the back like 'sure, man, not even going on that mission anyway, what do I f#cking care..

So off they go, but before that, Rachel and Miles needed to be manipulative assholes for a bit.

   So Rachel breaks up with Miles because she can't compete with Bass, blah blah bla.. It's smart, I'll hand it to them, but you just don't mess around with Bass's feelings !

He's already a recovering moody psychopath, don't toy with him like that, it's just mean ! And reckless. Assholes. Except for Miles. Because, adorableness.

And of course after that, Bass feels like the coast has been cleared for him to make his move, what a naive little f#cker, that was dumb on his part.

He's adorable with his 'sorry 'bout Rachel, sweet girl she is" Riiiiight thank you Bass. And Miles is just like 'SO, Monroe Republic, what's the plan?

And the plan is basically: pick it up exactly where we left off, but differently.

    No one is really right here. Granted, especially not Bass. He's still a psychotic dictator but he really really doesn't want to be one, and that should matter. And Miles is right about the course of action they need to take, but he's being an ass about it. So there's good and bad in both of them, GOOD LORD THAT IS CHEESY!

   Anyway Bass is trying to be honest, and to make Miles understand that whatever he'll do he'd like to have him there when he does it. And Miles is like 'I don't care. Always so very productive those two..

Anyway, action sequence ahead.

The other two are making camp, looking dumb and clueless. (Best task distribution ever)

    And when things get a little heated, Connor pulls a f#cking ninja move out of f#cking nowhere. What is that, how'd he do dat?!! He has no skills, I thought that was the whole point of him, and now all of a sudden he's like "who you calling bitch, BITCH?!"

You think you can take me?! I'm the baddest mothafucka around mothafucka'

And then he gets a little psychotic. Burning stick and all.

   By the way that's gotta be soooo hot, it's literally an inch from his face and it's like 400 degrees !! And that's not a guess, I freaking googled it, this is legit information. #psychoConnor

But it was all a ruse and long story short, they get the gas.

Looking like badasses all the while.


But then they get back with all the gas, proud as hell, when Miles suggests whiskey outside.

And of course everyone's like 'HELL YEAH WHISKEY", Bass even gives him a friendly tap on the shoulder on his way out, how sad is that ?

Because then Miles goes 'MWAHAHAHA! PSYCH!! Stupid bastards..

So Bass is revolted, obviously.

And Miles is like 'Still don't care..

Then Bass calls Rachel a dumb bitch which, well, as you can imagine, I loved it.

Not sure that Charlie is completely against it either.

   But anyway, it doesn't even matter, because Rachel's the smartest b!tch in town, and she completely f#cked him over. So well done Miles and Rachel, sucking the fun out of everything since always.

   They just wanted to show the gas to Truman's girl -so she can finally have a reason to join them, before destroying all of it. So they're not gonna get to use it on people. Which, good new for all the innocents, but, bummer, you know. They would've had so much fun with those, it's not my fault, it's exactly like using a fire extinguisher, EVERYBODY dreams of it. Sure it'd be bad to kill all the nice and useful Willoughby people, but.. Fire extinguishers!!!

   Plus isn't that how war works ? Get attacked, respond. It's not like they asked for it, they were attacked, and now they have this way of riposting and it just so happens that spraying sh!t is FUN!

Miles disagrees. Because he's a good guy now. Although his timing freaking sucks ass.

Bass is pissed. Legitimately so ! You don't promise a man he's gonna get to spray sh!t when he's not. That's not cool bro.

    Miles and Rachel have a moment. It's cute. I actually like Rachel, yes, do believe it. It's hard for me to like Elizabeth Mitchell in anything because I first saw her on Lost as Juliet, and well, I hated Juliet. And I can't quite get that out of the way, mostly because Rachel is so much like Juliet. But I only hated Juliet because I knew she was to end up with Sawyer, which never did it for me. If it wasn't for that I would've liked her ! But anyway, I like Rachel as a person and a woman, because she's relatively strong, but I don't like her as a b!tch. Which she's making a point on being, to Bass. And, again, if it wasn't for that I wouldn't have a problem with her !

   Anyway, after his argument with Miles, Bass decides to leave with his son, which of course I think is the best, most brilliant idea someone's had on this show. It even tops the splitting up debacle phase we just had. I love everything about it. Clearly.

   Oh and Connor is back to being incompetent. Neville finds Monroe because I guess he was looking for him..? Apparently.?. Because something happened with him and the patriots after he found out about Jason, I don't remember what and I don't care.

And he's not there to be a pain in the ass (yet) but to join forces with them.

   It's really sad that this show was canceled. But what's even sadder, is that it kinda deserved it. Let me explain myself. The plot is amazing and freaking fascinating, and so are the characters. There actually aren't many shows that have both those things. Revolution did. However, other shows make up for whatever they lack in those departments with good writing (and directing, but if I had good writing, the directing as it is would be just fine with me). Revolution doesn't do enough with it's characters. I've said this before about character combinations in particular. They do a little bit of everything and so they move on from the good stuff way too f#cking fast. Everybody's been complaining about not enough Miles and Charlie this season. Or Charlie and anyone this season ! And then of course there's Charloe.. *heaviest sigh in the history of sighs* And there are others, but the point is they do good stuff but then they stop. Of the many good story ideas they've had, they didn't use a single one as much as they should have. I'm really rambling now, so basically, it's a good show but it's not good enough. And even if it gets picked up again (btw if they want that to happen, they're gonna have to actually say so and work for it) I doubt that those flaws will magically disappear. Anyway, sorry to leave you on a somber note like that, but here it is.. By the way, I am really trying to squeeze writing in as much as I can, but I don't know if I've said this before, I have a lot going on right now, and so I can't promise that the next one will come sooner, but I'm definitely trying to get it done this week ! ANYWAY, you all have a beautiful weekend, I will see you in the next one !


  1. YAY for another Revolution post, but BOO because once you do the next couple, there'll never be any again!
    I totally agree with what you said at the end. Revolution had so much potential, and apart from the Charloe awesomeness at the beginning of the season, never quite lived up to the possibilities. I said a lot of the same stuff on my own blog after the finale episode. ((
    On the slim chance it does get a second chance on a new network (which as of this moment is not happening anyway) then the writers need to get more focused, but also be a bit more organic in letting the character dynamics steer some of the story for them. If they'd given Miles and Charlie, and CHARLOE more screen time, then possibly the second half of this season wouldn't have bombed out so sadly, and we might have gotten that 3rd season so many people are now desperate for. We all know the levels of awesomeness Kripke can produce, Supernatural being the obvious example, so I just don't understand what went wrong with Revolution!

    1. Just read your post and OMG thank you, you've said it all better than I could ever have ! Although I think Supernatural does have similar problems, I personally believe that season 3 was the best, and it was the shortest one (because of the writer's strike) so maybe the most.. condensed? They didn't have time to let themselves get lost in scattered storylines all over the place, it was good stuff and it was to the point. Now, all to often, the two brothers are all by themselves when I'd like to see Cass, or Crowley, or any bitchy angel/demon out there, here with them ! But we don't get enough of that, or at least I don't.. Basically my conclusion is that Kripke has a slight obsession with his bro relationships at the expanse of all his other great partnerships. Anyway, thank you for sticking with me so long and holy wowza YOU can write !

  2. Thanks! I', glad you liked it... and writing is kind of my job ;) However, sometimes when I'm talking about my fav TV shows, I feel like I'm rambling! I love your posts because you tell it like it is, and quite often I get a laugh out of it, plus you add so many pretty picture :D
    And don't get me wrong, I think Supernatural definitely has its problems, and I've talked about them a lot on my blog, including their inability to keep any other permanent characters (in fact, I just posted about the season 9 finale yesterday) but the whole Supernatural thing obviously worked a bit better in terms of character dynamics, as well as the drive and direction of the plot than Revolution did.

  3. A couple years late but I love these, thank you for writing them. I mostly agree with everything you say. Bass is the smartest and everyone should always listen to him.

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