True Blood : A Glimmer of Hope

    I'm skipping the Revolution finale review for now, I'm away and I don't really have time for long ass posts. Also, since I'm away, I'm watching everything a few days late, and I just finished catching up on the last True Blood episode. So let's talk about that.

   This episode had something that's been missing for a looong while now... Eric and Sookie. What's the ship name for that ? Ekie ? Sooric ?! I'm gonna go with Stackman because it's baddass. **EDIT: Turns out it's Sooric.. I guess it's my fault for not starting Stackman, 6 years ago..

   I started watching True Blood when season 3 was airing and I always thought season 2 and 3 were the best. Season 1 was excruciating to watch, but luckily there was one good character named Lafayette. Nelsan Ellis kept me from saying to hell with this sh!t right away. Then came Eric and Pam. And thank God for those two. To this day, they're the only ones (with the exception of Lafayette of course) I'm actually glad to see appear on the screen. 

Actually, I used to skip most of everything that wasn't Eric related. Now I watch the whole thing and it's hard, man.

    True Blood has always been this very peculiar combination of cheesy and creepy, in my opinion. What I'm really trying to say is that it didn't recently just get bad. It is what it's always been. Only, the story lines don't make up for it as much as they might have used to. But anyway, I could never bring myself to stop watching because of that one ship. I wanted to see it happen. Ladies and Gentlemen, Stackman.

    And it happened, eventually. And it was weird but sorta cute. With a side of creepy. Then we had season 5, and season 6, and nothing. Nothing. 2 years I waited for this. TWO f#cking years, and finally here it is.

   Eric gets back to Bon Temps, and it just so happens that we were in need of badass vampires over there. So they get to Bill's house and whaddaya know, Sookie's super happy to see him. Awwwwww..

   It was really nice that this was a Stackman oriented episode, because we have suffered the Bill/Sookie thing for SE-VEN years now (just 5 for me but STILL) and in the episode before that, it was seemingly stronger than ever, but Eric Northman is back b!tches. 

    So they have this little heart to heart (very season 3, IMAO) and even though she's been trying to stay strong and sh!t the entire episode, now Eric's here and he might die too. 

   So her front gives a little and she's not pretending that she's the strongest b!tch in town anymore. He reprimands her choice of boyfriend, then comforts her, it's all very quiet and familiar. Then when she starts to cry just a little (no ugly sobbing or anything) he tells her what he's been up to and -here comes the cheesy- it's adorable that after more than a year of not seeing each other they're so comfortable with each other. 

    Earlier in the episode, Sookie had to mind rape Holly and force her to remember where the infected vampires were keeping the missing humans, and poor Holly broke down after that. Andy, her husband didn't quite know what to do and Sookie simply told him "We like to be held." Just throwing that out there.

   It's a sweet moment. They thought they'd never see each other again and it's nice that they had space to peacefully revel in the fact that after all 7 seasons of non-sense they're both still here, and they've built a strong personal history that belongs only to them.

    But duty calls and they have to go rescue Sookie's friends and co-townies. Eric's sick and dying, so Pam goes in with Bill while the rest of their little operation waits outside.

And of course Eric and Sookie feel a little left out.

  So they hatch their own little diversion plan.

    They get in because Sookie smells like the sun, and flowers and sex in a bottle. And it was a great idea to have them do something like that, it reminds me of the whole fellowship of the sun mess in season 2. *sighh*

And it works perfectly, except, humans are all stupid intolerant rednecks on this show, so they come and ruin it.

    They throw molotovs and shoot vampires and luckily, some of them die. Anyway, while everyone's outside fighting, Sookie's trying to keep Arlene alive long enough to get some healthy vampire blood in her, Bill comes in at some point to do just that, but he says f#ck it 'cause Jessica's in trouble. Which is completely fine, btw !

So Sookie asks poor crippled Eric to get help and he does, 'cause he's a sweetheart.

And then comes the long lingering look of love and gratitude.

    And for some reason, Eric always looks super sad when he does something nice for her. Maybe it's a whole I love her but I can't have her thing, in which case, get over it and just get with her. It'll all be better afterwards, trust me.

    I haven't seen the preview for tonight's episode and I don't even want to know, maybe the whole Sookie/Eric thing is back in the game, maybe they're just gonna be like 'NO. Bill's her true love, stop fighting it. I don't know. Also, Alcide's dead. Did not see that coming. But I guess it was always gonna end like that for him, it was the only way to legitimately remove him from the list of suitors. It's like, you can't have him, he's dead ! You can have Eric or Bill, now CHOOSE. So I guess we'll see.. My hopes are way up now, so tonight's ep will either be awesomely cheesy or it'll definitely seal what my opinion of True Blood has become.


  1. Stackman... HA! That is a much more awesome shipper name than Sooric or whatever it is. Great post, and a fan after my own heart! I actually posted about True Blood myself after last week's episode and the Sookie/Eric reunion.
    I think season 4 was the best out of the series, because of the Eric/Sookie relationship. I know some people didn't like how Eric wasn't exactly himself, which was kind of a cop out in getting Eric and Sookie together, but I always thought it actually worked really well. I can't wait to see where things go for the rest of the season, and I'm hoping for some serious Eric/Sookie action... Bill is welcome to stand in the background looking pissy and sulking. I'll be annoyed if she does the whole "I love you bot so I can't be with either of you" thing again, but its slightly better that her picking Eric. Of course, there's a very good possibility they'll all be dead by the end of the season... Okay, I'm rambling, will stop now. :)

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