Supernatural : "Death Ends A Life, Not A Relationship" (Robert Benchley)

This might be my favorite episode of the season. It's the episode where Bobby dies. Don't get me wrong I loved Bobby and I hated that he died but the episode was just amazing. Plus, I love tortured Dean !

So at the end of the previous episode, Bobby was shot in the head by the big bad Roman. And now he's in a coma. So his reaper comes to fetch him but of course, he refuses.

He's reliving past memories so at some point after talking to his wife for a bit he comes across Rufus. And Rufus tells him that if he wants to wake up he has to go into his darkest memories and only there can he find a door back to the waking world. Awake world ? Awaken ? Anyway !

So Bobby and Rufus go looking for dark memories ! And the first one is about his wife. The one he killed because she was possessed by a demon. And he remembers a fight that happened 3 days before she was possessed. 

She's upset because he doesn't want to have kids and she does, we'll later find out that the reason he doesn't want kids is because he's scared he's gonna turn into his father.

Poor Bobby just stands there and take it it's really hart-breaking but when he goes out the door he doesn't wake up so they have to dig deeper.

So a little while after we finally get the whole scene of his worst memory. And it's about his dad. The infamous.

He's a drunk and an asshole. Basically he beats his wife and his kid, so at first Bobby is sort of overwhelmed and he just stares at the scene. Himself as a little boy dropping a glass of milk and the reaction of his father.

But then Bobby speaks up when his father tells him he's a bad kid. And then sparks fly out.

Adult Bobby stands up for himself, he tells his father everything he's always hated him for and it's amazing. My personal favorite : "Kids ain't supposed to be grateful ! They're supposed to eat your food and break your heart, you selfish dick !" 

And then he tells him he's the reason he never had kids of his own. He father's like "You break everything you touch" and then Bobby talks about Sam and Dean, two boys he adopted and says they grew up heroes. So f#ckin sad.

Luckily little boy Bobby show up and shoots the old man. And his sweet, thoughtful and caring mother basically tells him he's gonna go to hell for doing that. You're welcome bitch.

And so finally, after reliving his worst memory, Bobby wakes up and has time to give Sam and Dean the information he got on the Leviathans. But then he dies.

This false hope thing is really horrible, just look at Dean. 

Yeah ! You're alive !

Hey, you still there ?

And then Bobby. Oh Bobby. The reaper comes again, tells him the bullet in his brain destroyed every memory he'd ever had but this one : movie night with the boys. It's depressing enough but when he says "Glad I saved the best for last" I can literally feel my heart break into a thousand little pieces.

And it's not much of a suspense. The reaper gives Bobby a choice. Come or stay. As we know, Bobby decided to stay as a ghost to help the boys finish the job. Well Jim Beaver thank you for these 7  years of Supernatural. Farewell my friend, you'll be missed.

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