This Post Is NOT About Revolution

   Hey guys, it's been a little while. First of all, my comments don't work, for some reason every time I hit publish, the page just resets and is like 'eheh, wanna re-write all that??" and no, sorry, I do not want to re-write all that. 4 times. Anyway, it's been like this for like a month now and I don't know how to fix it. Any thoughts you might have on the subject, you may feel comfortable sharing.

   So, Anonymous asked this :

Hi, when are going to write about episode 2x16? It was a great charloe episode

   And the answer is : SOON. I don't know when, but it'll come, sooner or later. It's inevitable, I wanna talk about it, I NEED IT!! I have kinda been neglecting my reviewing/bitching/fantasizing activities lately, in favor of more boring, real stuff like studies and questioning my life choices.. But I do miss the bitching. A lot. So don't worry, I'll be getting back to that in the near future. As well as giving credit where credit is due => Dat hair, and eyes, and face..

Plus, I have a whole 2 week hiatus to force me into obsessive re-watching. Thank God for revoltingly small favors..

   I have not yet watched episode 17, I know, I know, sorry I just got home OKAY?! Obviously I can't wait, but I have to, I'm gonna sleep and then I might do a Tumblr live re-watching thing later today, I dunno. I like that dude. First, he's beautiful, second, I love his constant wtf? face and he doesn't seem to like Monroe. For some reason, those are all good things.

   I don't know when I'm gonna get to writing about this so, on a completely different note, long live Hannibal. 

   I cannot help but love this guy ! I'm always going "oh come on you little f#cker" but it's affectionate, like "awww you psychotic little sack of shit, you've done it again.."

    Anyway that's it for today. I'll also watch the 100 premiere, obviously, and Hart of Dixie's coming back tomorrow ! See ?? There is some good in this world after all !

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  1. Can't wait! I want to hear what you have to say, especially about all the charloe hating stupid comments on tmblr.
    Anyway, watch ep. 17. its awesome


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