Hannibal : You Crazy Son Of A B!tch

   Ok, I cannot get over how good that was.

   It was SO GOOD. It was perfect from beginning to end. Not only was the development of the main story awesome but even the bee thing was great, completely useless in the end, but it wasn't boring and I was satisfied with the conclusion. This episode was perfect in its entirety.

   Let's talk about Will first.

    That first scene with Abigail was actually cute. Well it started out cute, put a big smile on my face, because they're that adorable.

   And then it got creepy. Like everything else ever on Hannibal.

   I like Will like this. We actually get to see him acting and reacting as a person who's not having a constant panic attack. Now that he's definitely onto Hannibal, it's really interesting. And it's nice that one person knows what to do in order to not get killed when around Hannibal.

    And finally he's remembering ! This is so awesome. If I had Will here with me and I could make him watch one scene of Hannibal it would be this one. I think the guy who thought he was the Chesapeake Ripper came closest to being Hannibal's equal. And so in that scene Hannibal had to match the creepiness.

Which is why to be able to see it again, and get Will's reaction.. It's just too awesome, I can't.

    And oh my God the suicide scene. What the hell dude ?! Somehow I'm not getting used to Hannibal being a psycho killer, it just won't register with my brain. Every time I'm like 'Hannibal whaddaya doin', come on!" The dude flips a coin to decide whether or not he's gonna take the time and effort to save her life. Against her will. Because he doesn't give a f#ck either way. If she dies, poor Jack, if she lives, poor her. And Hannibal is curious about both outcomes.

I was not expecting the physical violence. ON Hannibal.

   We've never seen him in this kind of situation, with someone straight up hatin' on him like that. Physically. I really wonder how that makes him feel. Is it like 'YOU WILL F#CKING PAY YOU DIRTY PEASANT HOW DARE YOU *spits*" or not?? Plus, he was apologizing so, rude.

    And how does he NOT REACT AT ALL?! That's creepy. He couldn't have been expecting it. Was he so shocked he just locked up in an attempt to save face ?

    You can't be mean to Hannibal because I'm gonna automatically assume he's going to kill you. I know Jack is gonna die. Beverly's gonna die dead already. He's killed one of his patients, was gonna kill his shrink.. NO ONE IS SAFE!

   Beverly, why'd you have to go and get yourself killed like that ? You had it. Plus you made a stain, oh my god, he's gonna make you suffer.

Will :So whaddaya up to? **Beverly : Gonna break into Hannibal's appartment! **Will : .......

   And what is she seeing ? No way of knowing 'cause we see so little of badass Hannibal.. we have no idea what he does on his free time. Well we have a small idea but we don't know !

    That move at the end.. Like duude. Why do I keep being impressed by Hannibal's skills ? He's a badass. F#cking best character ever. He's so unpredictable because he is such a different person than the front he presents to everyone.

    And I kinda like the badass side, not necessarily better, but it enables me to appreciate him more around normal people.

Why, are you accusing me?? I don't understand I'm such a nice person, *eheh..

    Because it's like no one knows he's here, listening to every word, they know the nice elegant psychiatrist who's consulting for them is here but they don't know he's here. Every scene he's in, everything he does or says, everything that gets said around him, is interesting just because he's involved. It's the Hannibal creeps, it freaking radiates, touches everything, it's beautiful really.

   About that conversation. I don't get it. I do not understand Chilton, I f#cking love him but I have no idea what he's doing, who he's betting on or what the hell his end game is.

   And why does everything has to be so damn suggestive all the time ?! It's creepy and fun, sure, but seriously what is wrong with you ??

   And is Hannibal bored ? Or is this relief ? Contempt ? And why does not knowing put me on edge so damn much ?! This is messing with my mental stability.. We're gonna end it here, people.

    Well, this was the best episode yet. And now there's gonna be like a serial killer battle ? If that is what you're presenting me with.. f#ck yeah. But the new guy's not as bad as Hannibal and by "bad" I mean "good at what he does". Hannibal maims and tortures and mutilates. That guy just shoots people. Also, Hannibal's not desperate for attention in the way that he is. And I think that's a superior quality here. Survival of the fittest !

   I just noticed something and it deserves to be written down if only because of the time it took me to realize this : no Alana Bloom. AT ALL. I liked her in the beginning and it only went downhill from there. I don't dislike her, but.. I just now noticed she wasn't in the episode and I'm ok with that. Looking back, I'm like 'yep, that was a good choice." Also, how did NO ONE notice the difference between this :

And this :

   This is a f#cking gash and you're telling me no one either saw it or thought it was weird ? And aren't they supposed to do, like, an autopsy ? Which would help discover things such as a missing kidney ? But I don't care, it's awesome, this show is pure undiluted awesomeness.

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