The Secret Circle a.k.a. That Huge Constant Cliché

I'm growing more and more annoyed with this show. When I first heard of it this summer, I thought "Hey that could be nice !", I thought it would be like the Vampire Diaries, since it's the same producer I was expecting an equal degree of awesomeness but so far it's been nothing but utter disappointment. I still have hope for something better so this is episode 14 and I'm still watching ... And I'm sorry to say this episode is yet another mix of pimple-teenager-show-clichés.

So let's get started with the first one :
This is never gonna happen again ... Oh okay one last time, come on kiss me ! 

Jake and Faye sleeping together was the only interesting thing that happened last week and it wasn't even that interesting. The next morning thing was just plain boring, every single thing in that scene was expected ... and feared.

Cassie found herself being in trouble once more. Shocking ! I guess that "Hooded thing", as I-don't-remember-who brilliantly called it, was supposed to be scary. Wish it would've worked on her. I mean seriously who runs after the ghost of a witch dressed as a crazy cannibal cult leader from a college frat, screaming "Heyy !" over and over again ?! Please, who ? Plus thanks to her, we got to see this :

Now that is hot

I don't remember him ever looking as ridiculous as he did right there. And that's saying a lot. But it fitted the absurdity of the scene so that it wasn't even the first thing you'd notice. I wonder why this show feels the need to put bad actors in situations where their incompetence becomes so obvious.

Since we started talking about Adam, let's continue. First, the hair. Change that. Please, for the love of God, change it ! And also that stupid, stranded puppy look he has without even trying, change that too.

Can't I be cool just once in my life ? Why can't I be more like the other kids ..

And, hey, here's our second cliché !
Guy repeats the humiliatingly stupid thing he said to the girl he loves, with disgust and is amazed at what an idiot he is. Wow that's original. Way to go off book and make this an exciting, innovating and refreshing show !

Nah you're f#cking with me aren't ya ?

Speaking of poor acting skills ... Here we have the best of the best ! To play Jake, they picked a guy who not only can pull off solely one emotion, which is of course the nothing-special-going-on emotion, but who makes every other human reaction and facial expression seem absurd and gives the character a freaky neurotic look.

I am your father. Don't be afraid !

3rd cliché in THIS episode : Bad lighting from below to make the moment more intense and creepy.
Luckily, you can tell right away that they WANT him to look like he's telling the truth, but it looks more like he's just repeating a text he's learned. Oh wait that's exactly what he's doing ..

I can't help but wonder doesn't he have a home ?

And for an wonderful episode, a wonderful ending, with a gooey, mushy, oh so surprising kiss and a dreadful twist : my god, a hand ! We'll all be looking forward to knowing whether or not they'll survive this. To be continued ...

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