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I love Jon Snow. He's possibly the sweetest character on Game of Thrones. And he's pretty sweet on the eyes too.

 So he was North of the Wall with Qhorin and they came across a group of Eskimos, so they decided to kill them all. Except for the one Snow was after, that turned out to be a girl.

He was so adorably naive in that moment because he couldn't kill a woman as easily as a man, regardless of which side of the Wall he's on. She had the advantage from the start but the others still left the two of them alone giving her the opportunity to overpower him.

To give credit where credit is due, he did try to decapitate her. He looked like he was having the life sucked out of him, but he tried, with her yelling at him to get on with it.

Still he didn't want to do it, he couldn't bring himself to kill a girl. And a young one. Perhaps approximately his own age ? 

The only thing that makes me doubt she's gonna be the one to ... you know, make him a man, is that in this shot she looked a lot like Arya. And of course if she just reminded him of his sister ... Well, gross.

Anyway he brought the sword down, like 3 feet away from her face and she was all like "Huh ?"

And he was all "Oops !"

Then she kicked him in the leg and ran away. But of course he found her, threatened her, couldn't bring himself to do it, bla bla bla ...

Anyway, when they couldn't find the others they decided to spend the night side by side 'cause that's just what you do ! To be continued ..

Then there's the older brother. I gotta say I have absolutely no interest in his life at all. He can be King of the North or one of Little Finger's whores, doesn't make a difference to me. However, I couldn't help but notice that that's two brothers with a subtle, sort of, maybe-one-day relationship.

I already forgot her name but he called her a Lady, and told her it was obvious she was of noble birth and I guess for some reason she was flattered. Boring. At least their last exchange had something to it ! She wasn't acting like she was sooooo happy to be talking to him.

Then his mama came along and sort of killed the mood. I love how she arrived like "Okay kiddos ! Moment over, move !"

And to add to the subtlety of this kinda-maybe crush, she got all serious and reminded him he was already promised to another. Just sayin'.

I get that at some point they have to have these kinds of story lines. But do they have to be that obvious ? That's something to think about. Or maybe I'm just being difficult. 'Till next time !

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