The Vampire Diaries Finale : Elena's Choice

My oh my, I guess that was the best Vampire Diaries finale so far ! Okay people we've got a lot of ground to cover here, I think I'll cover it all in separate posts.

First of all thank you for finally bringing back Daniel Gillies ! Elijah's was nowhere to be seen for the past few episodes and as much as I find his character disturbing, I want him there. Anyway, our good friend Elijah came to the Gilbert house with a proposal.

But of course, only one of the Salvatore brothers was actually there. Because when they found out Elena was in the hospital they decided that one should stay and drive Klaus's body in a secluded place and the other was free to go back.

And guess who got the I'm-so-glad-you're-back hug from Elena ?

So during their brief debate on whether to trust Elijah or not, Damon couldn't do a thing because he was a hundred miles away. And Stefan had the brilliant idea to let Elena decide, 'cause you know, that usually turns out so well. I'm sorry, I'm all about Delena and maybe I'm not being fair but Damon was at a disadvantage in this whole episode ! He was a hundred miles away for god's sake !

So, of course, Stefan was all alone with Elena, just like old times. Giving him room to have my least favorite moment of the entire episode. I knew it was gonna happen. I knew they weren't going to have Elena make here choice without having kissed Stefan at least once in season 3 and I get that ! But still.

So when Klaus died, Damon was far away and Stefan was somewhere in the woods (for some reason) but I'm guessing not far from where he thought Elena was. And of course he didn't forget to mention that to Damon. Sure, just rub it in you sadistic psychopath.

But what he didn't know was that he was just as far from her as his brother was. Thanks to Matt and Jeremy's brilliant plan. (Maybe I'll talk about it later, maybe I won't who cares about them anyway)

Heartbreaking moment ahead, everyone.

So, since Matt kidnapped Elena and took her out of town, they're actually geographically right between Damon and Stefan. Which are both going to die within the hour. Hence the choice.

And of course Damon gets left behind. He gets a crappy goodbye and an even crappier explanation over the phone. Why ? Please just explain to me why Stefan would deserve a goodbye she wouldn't have arrived in time to give, more than Damon !

He's all alone, he knows he's going to die, and he's desperate for her to give him something. But she clearly tells him that if it were down to the two of them she'd want to say goodbye to him.

In her defense, we all knew it was gonna be Stefan. As they say, it's always gonna be Stefan.

Now I would just love to talk about the consequences of her choice. She ended up in the bottom of a river and died. Matt may be dead too. Now, granted, nobody really cares if Matt lives or die but still that might be yet someone else she got killed.

As if he hadn't had enough, Damon had to fight his former best friend who now wants to exterminate all vampires.

Oh Evil Alaric, I was so afraid this moment would come. Now that it has, I feel empty inside. Yeah, that bad.

They were fighting, minding their own business when Alaric started dying.And Damon was like "Dude, WTF ?"

Alaric was more of a secondary character but he represented stability. When he turned evil, it was like everybody's foundations started shaking. Now he's gone. Because of her. Sure it wasn't exactly him but that's yet another person she's killed.

And Damon is there, his friend just died in his arms, he knows it means she's dead too. But he knows nothing. He just doesn't understand, how could he ? He talked to her like five minutes before and now what she's just dead ? He could've killed himself right there for all we know ! Jesus couldn't she just have gone to him and avoid all of this ?


Luckily he's not ready to die just yet so he gets back to Mystic Falls first. He arrives at the hospital all panicked and lost. Poor thing. But luckily (or not) Meredith tells him she gave Elena vampire blood when she was admitted earlier in the night.

Elena is a vampire. I have to say I cannot wait to see how that's gonna play out. I honestly believe it will have to affect her decision regarding the brothers. She chose Stefan because he was right for her, but the definition of "her" is about to be entirely redone. Becoming a vampire completely changed Caroline, she was with Matt, she loved Matt but when Tyler came along that changed too. Even Katherine seemed nice, even sweet and fragile, when she was human but vampires deal with emotions differently. I believe that her choice is not a definitive one because she won't be the same person as the one that made it.

Just to finish, on a Delena (what's wrong with just saying Damon-Elena ?) note. If I was just a little less mature, I'd make this exhibit A of why Damon rocks and Stefan sucks.

But I'll just say she was totally flirting with him.

And most important of all, they were both intrigued by each other. Damon first thought she was Katherine, at that time he was still obsessed with her, and that scene has to be interpreted accordingly. But after the original shock, he was actually intrigued by her, by what she said.

And of course, she was intrigued too, first because he oozes sex but also because of what he said. "A mysterious stranger with all the answers" that says it all.

This brings the big question : What if ? What if he hadn't erased her memory ? What if when she saw him in the Salvatore house that "first" time she had recognized him ? The very foundation of their relationship would have been changed. Because in that scene he's not talking to her the way he did in season 1, he talks to her as if he knows her which is how he talked to her after their relationship went from "friends" to "it's complicated".

But he did it. And she'll probably never know. Just like she'll never know that one night he came to see her, told her he loved her but he didn't deserve her. But goddamn it, what if ?

Edit : I'm so sorry, I just realized she's gonna know, since she"s gonna be a vampire ! She's gonna remember everything :)

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