Supernatural Finale : Guess That Means Sammy's The Fittest

Well, that's the end of season 7. I can't believe I've been watching this show for 4 years now. Season 5 should have been the last but the CW decided to keep it going a little longer. We're 2 seasons later and apparently not only is there gonna be a season 8 but also a 9th !

I have to admit I'm glad but I'm a little scared too. I mean it's been 7 years, this is a good show but like I said it was supposed to end after season 5. I was happy back then too, I didn't want it to end quite just yet. And yet season 6 was a major disappointment. Season 7 was better, Dick has been one of the best bad guys ever, but still, the way I see it Supernatural is on thin ice. From what I heard, the producer is going to be replaced by a writer who worked on the earlier seasons. I'm hoping it'll show in the story.

As many other great things, season 5 introduced Crowley. Oh, Crowley. The king of hell with a British accent and an attitude. Mark Sheppard is absolutely perfect for the part and Crowley is an extremely well-written character this show can never afford to lose.

Misha Collins is about just as important but it's mostly because his character is so central. He's like the central pillar of this thing. He just feels safe. When really he's not but he's reliable and so much power in someone so naive makes him strangely endearing.

He was gone for a while this season and recently came back. Except he's broken, meaning he's in his own world, he has little sense of reality and has become much more impressionable. And it's been great to watch.

He spends most of his time talking about cat penises, monkeys or playing twister, making sandwiches and offering honey as an apology for enslaving the king of hell. He's made me realize how big a part humor plays in the show.

Anyway, the big bad of season 7 was Dick Roman. Kind of the king of Leviathans. He was a pleasure to watch, maybe not as much as Lucifer was, but close. But he's dead now. Sigh.

Only problem is, when they killed him, Cass' and Dean were sucked into Purgatory. Worse than hell, Purgatory is where all the monsters "come to prey upon each other for all eternity", it's where Dick is from. It's where is mommy was from. And all of her other children.

After Cass' briefly explains this to Dean he vanishes and Dean is left alone in some dark woods, surrounded by the rest of Dick's family. And, end of the season. Well good luck on this one.

This leaves poor Sammy all alone in the real world. Dick's dead, they saved the world (again) but his big brother is gone, so's Cass' and Crowley took "what's-his-face" the prophet (I want to call him Glenn for some reason ...) on his way out. Survival of the fittest my ass ! Sam's not the fittest, Sam sucks. All he ever does is feel guilty, cry a little, then be soulless for a while, then feel guilty again, cry some more and talk to Satan. And that's the only one left ?

I do want to see season 8 but it's not like I can't wait a few month, I honestly think I could wait a year. Although, objectively, this was a nice finale with a good cliffhanger, I don't really care. I mean I want to know what's gonna happen but I just don't care enough to guess and imagine what it will be like. Well at least I'm pleased with the idea of yet another season, that's a start. See you in a few months Supernatural, have a nice summer.

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