The Vampire Diaries Finale : Tyler And Caroline

I just really want to talk about this, and then I'm done with the Vampire Diaries finale ! Mostly because there won't be anything I haven't talked about.

So Tyler and Caroline were supposed to leave town because of Alaric's take over of the council. But Caroline wouldn't leave without at least trying to help the others so they decided to meet up 2 hours later and then leave town.

Only problem is, in those two hours, Klaus died. Klaus supposedly originated everyone's bloodline but the only thing that is certain is that he turned Tyler. There's no lying about that. If Klaus dies, Tyler dies it's unavoidable.

I don't think I have ever cried this much watching the Vampire Diaries, but if I have it was because of a scene with Candice Accola. No doubt about that.

It was such a sweet and sad scene. Tyler tries to be reassuring and tells her she has a beautiful future ahead of her, that she's gonna be okay. What makes them so adorable is that in this moment they both know (/think) they're going to die, but both of them focus on the other, feel bad for the other. I've been rooting for them since the moment Tyler started asking her questions about what was going on with him after he triggered his werewolf side. And in the end they were together, facing death (possibly) together and only afraid for the other.

The Vampire Diaries loves having a character know they're gonna die and that there's not a damn thing they can do about it. It makes room for sweetly horrible moments. He knows for sure he's going to die, the only question remaining is : Is she ?

But when he's bend over and she's not it becomes clear she's gonna be okay and he's gonna die. 

So what does he do ? He makes her go away by threatening her so that she doesn't have to watch him die. Sigh.

And you'd think that's it. Enters Bonnie. She did some kind of spell or I don't know what. I know it saved everyone but it still pisses me off 'cause it's her. Why is she still here ? I seem to recall her dying at some point, why the hell is she still here ? I mean come on ! They can kill Alaric, Klaus AND Tyler but not her ? Not just her ?

So our good Michael Trevino's still standing except he's now Klaus. That way Tyler dies but the rest of them don't. Hurrah. 

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